The Checklist

If you’ve watched a few Hallmark Christmas movies, you know there are a handful of tropes that are mixed and matched. Let’s see how many items each movie can check off this list.

1. Small town person who loves the small town and hates the big city

2. Workaholic who is too busy for Christmas

3. Lead is stranded in a small town over Christmas due to weather or vehicle trouble

4. Single parent

5. Is that guy secretly Santa Claus?

6.Clumsy meet-cute

7. Christmas Pageant

8. Christmas Contest

9. Christmas Festival or Gala

10. Christmas Tree Lighting

11. Christmas Baking

12. Winter Athletics-Ice skating, skiing, sledding-one person is bad, the other is good

13. Snowball fight

14. Christmas puns

15. Tearing down a historic landmark to build condos

16. Small shop in danger of going out of business

17. Dramatic conflict about something that wouldn’t be that big of a deal in real life

18. Someone working in a nondescript corporate job instead of chasing their real dream

19. A sassy and wise best friend

20. Christmas activity montage with peppy Christmas music playing

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