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Grab some hot chocolate and a Christmas cookie

Settle in and catch up on all my recaps

A Royal Queens Christmas

ROB THOMAS. First Howie Day. Then Train. Now ROB THOMAS? What year is it? Truly, are my friends from high school running Hallmark now? Rob Thomas is shepherding us through a “A Royal Queens Christmas.” I never in my life thought I would see the day. Since when is Rob Thomas is a Hallmark fan?… Read more “A Royal Queens Christmas”

A Dickens of a Holiday

Whew! Guys, this was one of the most anticipated (by me) movies of the season. I love Charles Dickens. I love Kris Polaha and I’ve loved Brooke D’Orsay since Royal Pains. However, I usually hate Hallmark’s attempts at reenacting “A Christmas Carol.” I wasn’t sure what this was going to be, but I was HOPEFUL.… Read more “A Dickens of a Holiday”

Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday

Sister Swap Well, this is a fun little thing Hallmark is doing. Sunday’s movie was part 1 of a 2-part movie experience of a set of sisters. The sisters are played by REAL LIFE sisters, Ashley Williams and Kimberly Paisley-Williams; two queens of Hallmarkland. Let’s dive in to part 1! The movie begins with Jen… Read more “Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday”

Our Christmas Journey

Well, our third movie of the weekend is the long anticipated “Our Christmas Journey.” This movie specifically focuses on a family with a child with autism. I was actually really reluctant to watch this one because I expected it to be super emotional and I just HATE watching emotional movies. But, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries… Read more “Our Christmas Journey”


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