Christmas at Castle Hart

Happy December 1st, gang! Whew. You guys. Is anyone else WORN OUT from these dang movies? I will say that usually Hallmark slips in a few absolutely atrocious movies during Thanksgiving week but that hasn’t been the case so far this weekend. BUT I still have three more movies to watch so maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath. How are you guys? Are you hanging in there? Keeping up? Or giving up? Can we all agree to NOT do this next year? To just have the standard 4 movies for that weekend so we can all just do fun Christmas things with our families? Yes? Okay great. Let’s dive in to this one.

Brook and Morgan are silly gooses. They are also waitresses for an event planning business in New York. However, they get fired when their grouchy boss, Paige overhears them complaining. Back at home, they realize they are basically at the beginning of the classic Christmas film, “Dumb and Dumber.” They have no jobs, no food… AND THEIR PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF. So, they decide to finally use their dad’s money to visit his homeland of Ireland.

We also meet our leading man, Aiden. He is an Earl and has returned home, to a literal castle, after a lengthy absence. His sister, Siobhan, is not happy with him because he’s left her with all castle managing duties and she doesn’t even get a title.

I am not sure how much time passes but soon they are in Ireland being the most annoyingly obvious tourists on the planet. They giggle and shriek over every dang thing they see. Instead of using a traditional ancestry website (maybe they were scared off after watching A Christmas Family TREE) they decide to just wander the pubs to see if anyone knows their family. They quickly chat up the owner of one pub and tell them their story. Unfortunately for the girls, their dad’s birth name, “O’Reilly” is one of the most common last names in the country. She tells them that’s her last name along with half the patrons of the bar. Grouchy Aiden is sitting at the bar, who can’t help but overhear their giggling and shrieking, rudely asks if they’re here looking for a leprechaun. The bar owner suggests the girls go on a tour of the local castle.

The girls decide to do the tour but quickly find it too boring to continue. Brooke compares “Earlships” to “Spaceships” and we all wonder if maybe she should take a quick lap and reset. They decide to check out a cute outdoor Christmas market, which is where they should have been all along. While there, Brooke runs into Aiden again and tells him how boring the tour was. For some reason, he invites the girls to a private tour of the castle the following day.

The girls take him up on his offer and arrive on their ridiculous cruisers. Inside, they must be waiting a while because Brooke REALLY has to go to the bathroom. Naturally, they head UPSTAIRS to find one. They run into Aiden and Siobhan. The encounter is less awkward than I expected. Aiden gives Brooke incredibly complicated directions to the bathroom and she bolts. So, the remaining three make small talk. Brooke and Morgan have already decided to pretend they’re big event planners while on vacation so Morgan really plays it up when Aiden asks what they do. This plan is unfortunate because Aiden and Siobhan NEED an event planner for their big Christmas party. The siblings ask Morgan if they’d be willing to plan the event last minute. Morgan agrees on the spot. When Siobhan asks if they have a website the rubber really meets the road. Brooke returns to discover that her name is “Paige Monahan.” You know, the name of the woman who fired them recently? So this is going to go well. Anyway, there must not be any photos of Paige on that website because they have no additional questions for these two.

No one bothers with any tax documents or contracts or anything. Let’s just get on with the party planning! Obviously, the girls will need to stay IN the castle for this so Aiden goes with them to get their belongings. He is shocked at the current lodgings. In contrast, the girls are over the moon about their NEW set up. How are they not on edge every moment of the day at this point?

Anyway, they’ve got to get right down to business. First, they meet with the Duchess. I am not sure if this is Aiden and Siobhan’s mom or what. I missed that. Anyway, she wants a REALLY fancy party and will spare no expense. Did I mention that they’ve got nothing planned and the party is in less than two weeks? Why are people always doing that? How are they not starting the planning immediately following each year’s event? This is so dumb. But anyway, the stakes are HIGH. And Brooke has to call herself Paige going forward.

They decide to start with decorations. Obviously every rental company is totally booked. Aiden knows one place that does Christmas decorations but he doubts they’d be interested in helping since the Earl’s family stopped inviting the locals to the party. But BROOKE is very clever and is able to sweet talk this man into loaning them a Christmas Tree sculpture for the display.

So they’re all on track there. Morgan is wearing the cutest sweater and tells Brooke she got all the plates and that sort of thing. So they are just really cooking. They still need a caterer and obviously some other things.

Somehow or another, a caterer in Dublin finds out that “Paige” is planning a party and would love to work with her. That’s right. Party Planners are internationally renowned. Maybe they really are. What do I know? So, Aiden offers to drive Brooke to Dublin. Brooke suggests Aiden wait in the car. Brooke wisely introduces herself as an employee for Paige and the caterer is stoked to work at the event.

Meanwhile, a reporter is snooping around the event prep site, hoping for a chance to interview Paige. She knows her from all the reporting she does of parties. Morgan calls Brooke to warn her not to come back anytime soon. So, Brooke stalls their return from Dublin by stopping at a restaurant. That reporter is STILL there after they are done so Brooke suggests more sightseeing. Aiden takes her to a church. I remember NOTHING about why this church is significant or why Aiden wanted to show it to her. But they have a deep conversation while they’re there. I believe it is at this point where Aiden invites the girls to the Christmas Tree Lighting that evening.

Brooke worries about whether she looks nice because now she’s interested in Aiden.

The girls do also genuinely want to see if they can find their dad’s family. Morgan spends some quality time with the Duchess who seems to know everything about everyone in town. Morgan has a surprising amount of details for her. More than I expected, anyway.

While Morgan is doing that work, Brooke continues to get close to Aiden. He tries to tell her he has feelings for her but she panics because obviously she’s living a lie.

Things finally reach a boiling point when this pesky reporter finally just calls Paige at…a spa? And asks to interview her. Paige is like, wait what? Then that night, the caterer and the reporter catch Brooke in her lie. The caterer doesn’t want to risk the possibility of working with the real Paige and decides to back out of the event.

After telling the siblings the bad news, Brooke wants to come clean about the whole scheme. Morgan convinces her they need to see it through. It DOES NOT take much to convince her, obviously. So they keep plugging away. They decide to ask the pub owner where it all began to cater the event. So that’s great.

Brooke also half-heartedly tries to tell Aiden the truth a few times, including while they’re randomly baking some Irish Christmas item. It’s not great. After Aiden tells her his feelings AGAIN, she flees to her room to discover that Aiden has selected a variety of dress options for her to wear to the party.

It’s time for the party and everything is going really well. These silly geese actually pulled it off! Is anyone just a tiny bit surprised that they did it? The Duchess loves it and she loves the fun little Riverdance surprise at the end. I cant remember if they allowed the townspeople to attend? But anyway, the party is a hit and maybe now the castle will have the funds to continue operating? I’m not really sure. BUT as expected, right as Brooke is finally ready to tell Aiden the truth, the real Paige Monahan comes bursting through the door and she is MAD. She threatens the girls up and down with all kinds of things before the Duchess finally intervenes. She says what we’re all thinking-the girls actually did pull off a great party so who cares if they name dropped to get the contract? So that kind of puts everyone in their place. BUT it is too much for Aiden to bear in terms of their personal relationship, so he leaves.

However, he DOES repair his relationship with Siobhan. She tells him that in spite of everything, having Brooke and Morgan there really helped them and they were integral in their relationship healing. She encourages Aiden to give Brooke another chance. But he doesn’t have long to think about it because then Brooke shows up! They have a long chat that I don’t listen to and they KISS.

At some point in the future, the Duchess takes the whole gang to this house in the country. As it turns out, the Duchess figures out who the girls’ family is and they meet their uncle for the first time! It’s really lovely. And guess who their uncle is married to? Their pal from the bar! They all are so happy and no one unexpectedly tears up after this scene. And that’s it!

This one was not the worst Royal Hallmark movie. I liked that it was an actual position within the British monarchy and not some made up European prince visiting America for the holidays in some sort of “Prince and the Pauper” scenario. I would have liked a few more Irish Christmas vibes if I’m being honest. Also did anyone notice some familiar street shots? Just me? Anyway, guys there are still THREE MOVIES LEFT from the weekend at this point. What did you think?

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