A Christmas Together with You

Alright so our next movie this week was “A Christmas Together with You.” I like Niall so I thought this movie might be a treat to watch. However, it should come as no surprise to you all that it is A LOT to not only find the time to watch these movies but to watch them in a way that allows me to like RECAP the entire dang thing. Here is the other dilemma, they are really long. I am sure they are too long. So I am trying an experiment here. How much can I remember about this movie without typing it all as I go? Can I go back to watching these movies while I decorate for Christmas or bake or whatever like in the good old days? Let’s find out.

The movie begins with our leading lady, Megan, chatting with her coworkers at a restaurant. Her wedding was supposed to be the following day but they ended their engagement six months ago! She is FINE THOUGH. Guys, she’s FINE. She takes a little work break to chat with her favorite customer, Frank. He is reading a book and is using an old picture of himself and his high school girlfriend as a bookmark. Frank tells her the whole story (his version, anyway) of their relationship and how they’ve lost touch.

Megan, no doubt spiraling on the eve of her would-be wedding, falls asleep trying to find this woman. In what would likely take a few minutes in this day and age, she finds an address in a town hours away. I don’t know how many hours, okay?

So, the following day, I realize I have tremendously underestimated the friendship of these two characters as I hear Megan pitch a road trip to find Frank’s lost love. He is, understandably weirded out and rejects her offer. Megan tries her best to hide her disappointment, as she’s basically put all of her pent up wedding feels into reconnecting Frank and his lost love Claire. A different waitress reminds Frank that today was Megan’s wedding day and while she is TOTALLY FINE she is actually NOT. So, Frank runs out to catch her decides to humor her with her fun road trip idea.

So, this crazy pair hit the road. They stop at the craziest truck stop I’ve ever seen. I actually rewound at this point because I thought I had missed them getting car trouble or SOMETHING because it truly didn’t make any sense. But they do stop at a truck stop. Steve, our leading man, is on the phone and doesn’t realize his VERY GOOD BOY has hopped up on Megan with his muddy paws. Instead of Megan letting the dog know that regardless, he is a GOOD boy and its no trouble because the mud will just wipe right off, she gets annoyed at Steve’s inability to manage him. Steve can’t bother to get off the phone the entire time which, in fairness would be pretty annoying.

Meanwhile, our boy Steve arrives at his parents’ hotel for the holidays. I think he is going to help them get the hotel back into fighting shape, or something like that. And he’s promised them a whole two weeks!

They arrive in Pinesville without making any hotel arrangements. I don’t remember how they decide on one, but upon entering a hotel lobby, a very familiar looking GOOD BOY greets them like long lost friends. Megan is like, doesn’t this dog look like the dog that jumped on me? And then she’s like, well I HOPE HIS OWNER HAS BETTER MANNERS and then ol Steve shows up and is like no, yeah it’s just me. And then offers a pretty satisfactory explanation of his rudeness, in my opinion. But NOBODY reassures Max the dog that he is a GOOD BOY. BTW, the dog’s name is a character name. So this dog had to pretend like his name was Max when it was really Dax. Why not let the dog use his own name? It’s not like “Max” was anything significant, right? That’s silly.

Anyway, Steve walks Frank and Megan over to the check in counter to find them some rooms. They are completely booked unfortunately. However, fortune is on their side when a grouchy old lady comes down and complains that they’ve been without HEAT in their room for like, TWO DAYS? And we are all supposed to be like, can we believe this lady? And well, YES I CAN. No heat? In a room I’m presumably paying hundreds of dollars for? I just. Like, really? Anyway Steve sees this as an opportunity and gives this woman a full refund. Conveniently this opens up a single room for our pals Megan and Frank. Guys, I don’t care how close they are. I am not sharing a hotel room with one of my restaurant patrons. Moreover, I’m not sharing a BATHROOM with this person, okay? It’s not happening. But they happily follow Steve to their room and Megan quickly offers to sleep on the couch.

So, the next day, they decide to head to Claire’s house, based on the address Megan found initially. The house is completely empty so Frank is ready to just pack it all in and head home. And he’s not even the one on the couch! Back at the hotel, they meet Steve’s parents, who are decorating the tree as Santa and Mrs. Claus. They tell Steve they’re not sure how much longer they are going to stay. Mrs. Claus encourages them to sign the guest book either way.

 As they nosily flip through the guestbook, they realize that Claire stayed at the hotel back in October and she left an address! They decide to check it out. The address is for a retirement home which makes Frank a little nervous. Megan continues to push him. He brings along her favorite flower, which Megan assures him is romantic, not creepy. IT MIGHT BE BOTH. Anyway, I think Frank mistakes a mute woman in a wheelchair for Claire, or maybe it is ruse to get in the building? I don’t remember. Anyway, he is kind of hanging around this wheelchair bound woman when Claire arrives. She is NOT happy to see him. He tries to invite her to coffee or out to dinner and she is a REAL HARD PASS on all of it. But inside her office, we the audience know she is conflicted.

Well, Megan is not ready to give up. She suggests that Frank just needs to work harder to win her back. Poor Frank agrees. So, the following night, they decide to go caroling to Claire’s house. Poor Frank sings their favorite Christmas song and Claire just shuts him down hard right in front of everyone. She reminds him that he was the one who broke up with her and she would appreciate him just leaving her be. So, Megan storms off to and feels like Frank didn’t really give her the full story. Frank tells Megan that the main reason they broke up was because her dad didn’t think he was good enough for her, particularly because he planned to propose to Claire with a homemade ring.

So, Megan decides to see if she can talk Claire into meeting with Frank.

Meanwhile, Megan and Steve are really getting pretty acquainted. She’s helping him wrap piles and piles of gifts. That whole dog business is water under the bridge at this point. For some reason, she also gets involved in some kind of holiday themed recess type game that involves passing a giant inflated ornament back and forth. When a child’s pass goes high, Steve takes the opportunity to catch Megan as she gets off balance. They are obviously eliminated from the game. Shortly thereafter, Steve gets a call from his caterer. They are two hours away from their annual Veteran’s lunch when the caterer cancels. Guys, the caterer would have had to be set up by then for this! In what world are they calling TWO HOURS before the lunch? Steve is panicked but Megan is ready to step in and help.

What I don’t realize, is that these guys are planning to serve a traditional Christmas dinner to these folks. And there is certainly not enough time for that. But they give it the old college try with a VERY CASUAL product placement for Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup. Guys, it is EGREGIOUS. And poor Steven has to act absolutely blown away when the green bean casserole comes out of the oven. Like, it’s the best thing he’s ever seen. Look, “green bean casserole” is one of my favorite holiday dishes. But let’s not pretend it’s anything more than one ancient midwesterner’s attempt to choke down a green vegetable. And now we are all reaping the benefits. Anyway, not only is Steve eternally grateful that such a dish will grace the tables of this Veteran’s lunch, the guests are all just marveling at it. CAMPBELLS SOUP ladies and gentlemen. Campbells Soup saved this lunch from certain disaster.

So anyway, Megan did ultimately get through to Claire and she agrees to have dinner with Frank. However, at the end of the dinner, she STILL doesn’t want anything to do with him because she’s afraid of getting hurt. This lady! What else can we do at this point? Well, it’s pretty clear the answer is NOTHING.

So, Megan and Frank decide to head home. They are all loaded up and fully driving before they realize that Steve’s VERY GOOD BOY Max has joined them on the trip. So, they head back to return him. If my memory serves me correctly, they return to a Christmas party in full swing. Frank reconnects with Claire and finally tells her the whole story of why he never got back in touch with her and how her dad said he wasn’t good enough for her. I assume Claire and Steve also get together but at this point I have NO memory of it. Did she decide to open a restaurant there? Are she and Frank staying? I honestly don’t remember.

So, what did you think? What big plot points did I miss?

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