A Christmas Treasure

If you haven’t noticed, this week I am posting a little bit out of order. You will get to hear me on a couple podcasts this week so I’m trying to coordinate my posting schedule with all of that. But whew, you guys, at the end of week 3 and the beginning of week 4, I am already WORN OUT. There is too much going on and there are too many movies! A lot of you have told me you’re having a hard time keeping up as well. And you know, it’s just not enough time to do these all “right,” you know? I have so many more jokes and I just don’t have time to get them all down. Anyway, I hope we can all remember to truly ENJOY what for me, genuinely does feel like the most wonderful time of the year! Okay, let’s dive into Christmas Treasure.

Our leading lady, Lou is a reporter at the Pine Grove Register, a local newspaper run by her family. She is currently working on a HOT local story at the Tree Lot. She tells the Tree Lot owner that she’s moving to New York to write her novel. What better place to inspire someone who needs to do nothing but write than New York, where she will be working round the clock just to pay for basic expenses? The hot news story she’s working on is celebrating this lot selling its 50,000th tree. The winning couple gets $5000 and a free tree. Dang business must be booming. Lou interviews the happy couple.

Meanwhile, our male lead, Kyle arrives at his aunt Marcie’s BEAUTIFULLY decorated  house. This woman made CHOCOLATE? Fruit cake? Is there such a thing? He’s going to help her out at the restaurant while he looks for a new job. I LOVE how this house is decorated.

Lou’s boss, and coincidentally, her father, Eli, shows her a picture of her great grandpa holding the 1921 time capsule. Eli asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to write the story about it?

Meanwhile Marcie and Kyle waste no time getting to work at the restaurant, ahem TAVERN. It is SO BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED. Jordin and her pals are there celebrating. One friend turns out to be her pregnant sister-in-law, Jerilyn. She tells her friends she’s ready to go out on her own. They politely keep their opinions to themselves. Kyle delivers the food and they all mistake him for just an incompetent waiter. Lou is pretty sassy about not having silverware and her friend asks for salt and pepper. Kyle is OFFENDED. Lou knows the meatloaf doesn’t need anything. Also, meatloaf is a pretty heavy LUNCH.

That night, the mayor announces opening the town time capsule. Lou and her dad open the time capsule together. He announces all the items as he picks them up.

After the ceremony Lou runs into Kyle and makes a snarky comment about him seasoning his coffee or hot chocolate. He tells her he may have asked Marcie about her. Her family basically BUILT this town, in case you didn’t know. Kyle asks Lou if she asked Marcie about him. She says no. HA.

Later, Kyle and Marcie wander around the Christmas market. She asks him to open the restaurant while she finishes up. The famous Pine Grove Tavern of 1921 Time Capsule Fame. He can’t get the door to open. Lou stops by and asks if she can help him. She stands and waits and tells him the door is kind of tricky. He finally allows her to try it. She gets it right away. I’m sure he just loosened it for her. Aunt Marcie arrives by that point. Lou helps herself into the restaurant.

Marcie tells Lou that Kyle was a head chef back in Chicago. Lou brings Marcie the music from her solo. Marcie has someone else in mind for the solo this year. Lou and Kyle talk about the awkwardness of her realizing he’s a chef.

Lou arrives at the newspaper and her brother shows her all the time capsule submissions. And won’t let her eat any cookies.

Meanwhile, Marcie and Kyle work at the restaurant. They taste test something but it’s not great. Marcie suggests that Kyle make one of his recipes.

Kyle stops by a pastry shop and runs into Lou. She encourages him to enter a gingerbread house competition? I think? All I see are a bunch of tables and children quietly decorating. (What is that like, I wonder?) Okay so that is what they’re doing. 5-6 hours later, they’re finally finished. Kyle’s Is OUTSTANDING. Lou’s looks better than mine, at least. Did they really have the same amount of time to decorate? I’m dying a little. Also, hers immediately collapses. That adds up.

Later, Lou’s mom stops by to check on her. She hasn’t done much packing and it’s too overwhelming. Then she stops by the tree lot and attempts to rescue Kyle and his tree. Then Lou realizes that Kyle hasn’t tried some magic local peppermint bark. So, she immediately takes him to get some. He agrees it’s good. I’d like to see for myself. Wherever they sit down, Kyle thinks is a good spot for a restaurant. He wonders if he should take a risk and open his own place. He talks about his past experience working for bad managers. Kyle asks why she wants to go to New York to write her book.

OMG THE CHRISTMAS TREE in that restaurant. I would eat there for every dang meal. Lou tells Kyle that Marcie inspired her to write. Then Kyle says she’s also the reason he’s a chef. Oh boy that got me. Then Kyle says the tree needs more lights. GUYS ITS ALREADY DECORATED. Don’t these idiots know the rules of tree decorating? LIGHTS FIRST.

Later, Lou helps pregnant Jerilyn practice the big solo. She is nervous about taking over Lou’s song. Um yeah, I would be if JORDIN SPARKS was the previous soloist. Lou tells Jerilyn about her grandpa’s journal. Then the girls start singing. Are they just singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas?” That’s the solo? No.

Inexplicably, Lou’s dad does MORE exterior decorating. Lou heads to the garage. In the garage, she finds some letters from her great grandpa. She tells her dad that she’s been reading the journal and he hasn’t mentioned the beacon he put in the capsule. I would call that a lantern but that’s neither here nor there. On her way out of the house, her dad gives her some good dad advice.

The next day, Kyle goes over the menu or a recipe at the restaurant. We get a little montage and Kyle is finished. Marcie voices what we’re all thinking when she asks where the rest of the food is? It is not quite right for the Christmas baking competition.

That night, the time capsule committee argue over what should be included in this year’s capsule. Later, when it is somehow midday, Lou goes to the office to finish packing up her things. She sees the lantern again that we’re all supposed to call a “beacon.” It’s back to night again when Lou stops by the restaurant. Kyle is still there but Marcie left. She asks Kyle to make her a sandwich and he’s like, girl no I’ll make something better. She’s like I would prefer not to wait an hour but okay. Anyway, he settles on lobster. I honestly have no idea how long that takes. Lou loves it so I guess it’s all worth it. Oh this is that little lobster empanada? What is it? So anyway he probably just threw that bad boy in the microwave. Lou thinks it’s too fancy for Marcie’s restaurant and Christmas in general.

Kyle notices the recipe that was included in the 1921 Time Capsule and decides to make that instead. I bet it has a bunch of weird, hard to find ingredients!

Marcie wonders if the recipe is too old fashioned. SAME MARCIE. Kyle thinks they could add a few modern twists. Neither of their attempts are working out. Have we seen that kitchen before in a different movie? Marcie decides to take a walk to clear her head. She stopped to help some kids build a snowman. I’m dying about that. Anyway, Kyle unlocked the secret to making the stew work. BUT HE WON’T TELL MARCIE.

They head to the competition. The competition is STEEP (so I hear). Lou stops by to taste Marcie and Kyle’s food. Lou loves it.

Lou and Kyle sample all the contest items and talk about whether or not they are single or where the best place is to spend Christmas. Lou says she needs to find someone who loves Christmas. Kyle says the girl for him has to have a sense of humor. Then the Mayor tells Marcie that they won the competition! WOW. I am so surprised.

Back at home, Lou works on her novel. She takes a break to read her grandpa’s journal.

The next day? At the Christmas market, Kyle runs into Marcie. They are both doing some Christmas shopping. Then Kyle gets an urgent call. Sounds like a job interview! Lou and Kyle meet at the coffee stand. They plan to meet up later.

OKAY WHY AM I JUST NOTICING THIS STREET. Oh, Lou is helping him shop for Marcie. Lou suggests he get her a broach. I like that Marcie is a classy broach wearing gal. I think they’re making a comeback. Lou sees a locket that she likes for herself. She says she’s always loved lockets. ME TOO. I always wanted one! Then Lou invites Kyle to hang out in the town square that night. He tells her he has an interview tomorrow for a big restaurant in Chicago.

Lou wears the cutest pink coat to meet up with Kyle that night. Oh I love it even more when it’s all tied up. She runs into her friend and tells her she doesn’t think Kyle is coming. Kyle DOES show up and they hang out by one of the fire pits. Lou tells Kyle about the first book she wrote when she was six and how she’s really struggling with this one.

The next day, Lou and her mom spend some quality time baking Christmas cookies. I think Luke wore that apron Lou’s mom is wearing in “Christmas Sail.” Lou’s mom suggests she keep the charm bracelet she always borrows. Lou seems more touched that she should be.

Meanwhile, Kyle interviews for that restaurant. He takes a risk and brings that prize winning carolers stew. Stew is a bold choice for a fancy restaurant interview in my opinion.

Marcie and Kyle arrive at Lou’s family’s party. Kyle tells her about the job interview. Lou thinks she’ll get the job. I’m glad Lou went with the red dress! Lou’s mom tells Kyle they’ve been having this party since Eli’s great grandpa started it? That’s actually pretty wild. Lou offers him a tour of her house. Hope they cleaned up the rest of the house! Lou shows him a sad little fire pit in the backyard. She talks about her frustration of not yet finishing her novel.

Now it’s time for Eli to make a toast. Or wait, no Lou is going to sing for them. When is Jerilyn doing her solo? And why does Jerilyn have to sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and Lou gets to sing “O Holy Night?” For this indoor party? It doesn’t make any sense.

Later, Lou reads more of her grandpa’s journal. She gets to the part where her grandpa says that “everyone he loved was here.” And all of a sudden, she can’t stop writing.

Lou just keeps writing away and narrating what she’s typing. She finally figured out why the beacon was included in the time capsule. Then she calls the restaurant to place a lunch order. She is surprised when Kyle delivers it. Isn’t that why she called? Kyle just straight up asks her on a date! She turns him down so she can pack. She is worried they are going to start something they can’t finish.

Then we get a REAL CLOSE SHOT of the lantern. Lou heads into the newspaper and seems to be missing the company Christmas party. Her brother is wearing a festive hat too.

Kyle talks to the owner of that restaurant and he has lots of ideas! Oh and he got the job

Lou opens her secret Santa gift. They got her a leather journal.

The restaurant has their own Christmas party too. BUT, he tell Marcie he turned down the job. He realized he wants to stay in Pine Grove and work with his aunt. Marcie suggests he be her partner.

Lou takes a somber little stroll down the street. Kyle finds her and they sit in the seats all set up for the big Christmas performance that’s still happening? Oh boy, they are about to kiss and then her phone buzzes. The movie is like minutes from being over so what is happening. Oh! Her sister-in-law, Jerilyn, is having her baby. Her parents are so stoked. Jerilyn is wearing the cutest Christmas jammies. They agree to put the picture of the new baby in the time capsule. He is the first Christmas Eve baby born that day. Then Lou and her parents have to rush to the Time Capsule Event.

So that’s what the chairs were for. Since Jerilyn just had the baby, Lou has to sing. She’s singing “This Christmas.” THAT’S NOT WHAT THEY REHEARSED! Why did they practice “We Wish You a Merry Christmas?” This poor band just sweating to death in their hats and coats. Kyle is in the audience. Who is Lou pointing at? Kyle? Okay now it’s time to load up the time capsule. They show the whole town what all is going into the time capsule. It’s boring. Nobody cares.

WHEN IS THIS MOVIE GOING TO BE OVER. Kyle and Lou walk and talk after the event. Kyle tells Lou he’s staying in Pine Grove. He tells her he’s willing to go visit New York a bunch to make their relationship work. Then Lou says she changed her mind too and she’s not moving. Anyone surprised? And then they KISS. Then Kyle gives her a gift. Is anyone surprised that it’s the locket she noticed the other day? No? Didn’t think so. And then they kiss again! And that’s that.

Guys I liked this movie but I was worn out while I watched it! I don’t know why but I am out of gas this week. I need some straight up Hallmark silliness next weekend to keep me going. What did you think of this one?

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