Christmas in Harmony

Okay guys, we’re in to weekend two! Four more movies. Four more recaps. I was excited to see two new leads and the previews intrigued me. I will reiterate that it may get harder and harder for me to like, make fun of these movies as we go through this season. But I AM GONNA TRY. Let’s dive in.

Our leading lady, Harmony, takes phone call after phone call and then talks to her mom about some variation of her current job. Her mom talks on speaker phone in the grocery store with her outside voice. Harmony does everyone in that store a favor and tells her mom she has to go.

She walks in to the new office with some cute pastry boxes and coffee. Their company has merged with another and she is going to get a big promotion. Her boss calls her in and basically tells her she’s being made redundant as part of this big merger. Well, that is certainly a turn of events. Harmony FIGHTS BACK HARD. She’s like, this merger would NEVER have happened without me. He’s like, yeah sorry. Bye. Also why doesn’t she go ahead and leave immediately?

Harmony calls her mom and tells her she’s coming home for Christmas after all.

Harmony walks up to her front door in high heels. Who comes home in high heels? Her mom was all ready to get her at the airport in two hours. She even had prune cobbler for her in her purse ready to go! Harmony speaks for all of us when she says she’s all set as far as prune cobbler goes. Harmony’s MOM you guys. She’s like okay now that you’re here let me show you off to everyone at church. I mean, that’s on brand for every mom I know.

At the church, Harmony runs into DEACON JAMES, who is as single has her mother so are we going to see anything happen or what? Apparently “Mother Matthew’s” pies are LEGENDARY. She’s made at least 150 and it seems like there’s still demand for more. Does Mother Matthew take even a minute’s rest though? She is scheming for her daughter and for these pies NONSTOP. Deacon James (I can’t tell if his name is Deacon or if he is a deacon at the church. Anyway, he tells the ladies that their choir director injured himself skiing and now they need a replacement. Harmony tries to back away from participating in the choir because she hasn’t sung in years. So they’re like, well what if you direct instead? And there seems to be no backing out of that.

The poor crippled choir director breaks the news to the choir. Harmony walks in in high heels with TOO MANY PIES. Guys, it’s just too many pies. She’s carrying upwards of ten pies in her hands. Naturally, she runs into someone. Like literally. And they crash and there’s precious pie all over the hallway floor. We are all devastated. Harmony seems to know this person, Kyle and they both walk into the sanctuary together. Kyle thinks HE’S directing the choir, not Harmony. But MAMMA MATTHEWS has SOME OPINIONS about this. The real grown ups head into the choir director’s office to CHAT. While Mama Matthews yells at the crippled choir director, Harmony “chats” with Kyle out in the hall…except now they seem to be competing about directing. I thought Harmony didn’t really want to do it? I can’t tell if we are supposed to realize they know each other in the pie scene. But here, we discover they haven’t spoken in five years. That would explain the huffiness. Kyle starts singing in the hallway and the older folks look on from the office. Then Harmony takes a turn. Oh good. Now they’re trying to out sing each other. WE ALL WIN in this competition. So the older people plan to make them both direct.

They make the announcement to the choir and one guy is just POUNDING A COSTCO SIZE BAG of popcorn.

Back at the record studio where Harmony was fired, a BIG TIME singer who wears her sunglasses inside has a sit down with studio executives. Melo D (I mean, okay.) is wondering where the “flavor” is of the studio. Or record label. She makes fun of their clothes and basically suggests they all need a little splash of hot sauce. Mac , Harmony’s boss, hits back and says they’re all going to continue to dress the same way they always do. HE DOESN’T GET IT. Melo D says they’re all just a bunch of tech nerds and she wants Harmony back. She’s the only one that can get Melo D’s latest record to be successful. Harmony’s pal videos the whole thing.

Back in Harmony’s home town, there is an outdoor hot chocolate party or something. Harmony sees Kyle with another girl I think? And decides she needs something from her car so she walks backward right in the direction of Kyle and runs into him. Harmony short circuits over Kyle and Felicia.

Harmony’s mom’s house is decorated beautifully. The next morning, Mother Matthews wakes Harmony up with a tray of food. WHAT SERVICE! My parents used to come into my room in basically the middle of the night, tell me the list of chores they’d like for me to do when it was finally morning and then vanish like a thief. So anyway, this would have been a welcome change. Harmony’s mom suggest she forgive Kyle (FOR WHAT) and she says she doesn’t have to, she just has to work with him.

Then, her boss calls and says she can have her job back if she can finish Melo D’s album. Oh, how the turn tables.

Now it’s audition time for the solo parts. It’s slim pickings at their church. Felicia gives Kyle a BIG HUG after making it to the final round. Harmony and Kyle argue over who to cast in the lead roles (of course).

Later, Harmony calls her pal who may or may not be on the toilet? In her bathroom? She has a face mask on so she’s ready for some self care. Harmony tells her that she’s directing the church choir in her home town. Harmony admits it’s going to be fun, even with stinky old Kyle.

Later, there is another party happening? Harmony’s sister, Jennifer comes over and brings her famous cookies…from a can. Mama Matthews promises to protect her grandchildren from such a travesty. Jennifer whips out a bottle of wine from her Mary Poppin’s bag and informs the girls that her husband is taking the kids while they have a girl night. So then the girls proceed to get hammered and have some seriously overdo girl talk. Mama Matthews admits that Deacon James can “fill out a Christmas sweater.” I died. Then Harmony’s sister whips out a home video of Harmony singing to her parents. They remember their dad. In the video, Harmony is singing really…poorly. Like so poorly I think she’s trying to sing like a little kid. But then Kyle shows up and sings normally so I don’t know what that’s about. That kind of puts a damper on the whole vibe of the evening. And, Mama Matthews has really tied one on at this point. Harmony’s sister asks her what’s UP with Kyle. Harmony says she waited for him at the airport seven years ago. But was he supposed to be coming or going?

The next day, Mama Matthews and Deacon James help out at a clothing drive at the rescue. They help an adorable mom and child get some outfits for a job interview.

Later, Kyle and Harmony have the choir practice outside of the mission. They sound…much bigger than their current numbers. They may have decided to move the whole performance outside? I didn’t catch why they were outside. Okay yes they are going to have the performance outside. Have I mentioned that the performance is going to be outside?

Later, Melo D talks to Harmony on the phone. Melody tells Harmony that she’s not hard to please, she just needs ALOT and none of it is contradictory so it should be a breeze! Then Kyle shows up at the Matthews residence and Mama Matthews is obviously not chill AT ALL. They start making what else, but PIE. Mama Matthews starts playing music. Did I mention, NO CHILL? Then Kyle reenacts “Ghost” showing Harmony how to roll out a pie crust. SUBTLE, KYLE. They abandon the whole pie endeavor and I assume don’t even clean up and Kyle takes her to a club of some kind. Kyle gets called up on stage to perform with the band. He tries to introduce and call Harmony up to the stage. But she is NOT pleased bout that. He starts playing her favorite song and she gets up to leave instead. She is mad. He encourages her to stay and assures her she doesn’t have to sing. But why doesn’t she want to sing, I wonder? He invites her to dance. Then he sings to her as they dance. Oh and she sings back. This is cute even though I’d personally be dying inside.

Deacon James and Mama Mathews are concerned while they chat at the rescue mission. An employee approaches them and lets them know that there is the possibility that the mission will be bought and turned into a RETAIL SPACE. Because the building is just leased. To save it, they need to raise…$5000. They’ve never raised that much before, and at the same time, that is a ridiculously low amount of money needed to save the rescue mission. Couldn’t a few people just spread that out on a couple credit cards?

Later, there is some choir practice and another hot chocolate party. Jennifer, plays an excellent wingman. If you can call it that. She basically squeezes in between Felicia and Kyle on a small chair. Kyle finds Harmony humming along to her snow globe. She tells him she’s not a singer anymore. WHY HARMONY?

Deacon and Mama Matthews tell them the bad news about the mission. Harmony gets a good idea. She just calls up Melo D. She plays her a recording of the choir and Melody is IN to perform at this Christmas concert. But what will she sing? Kyle is going to write AN ORIGINAL SONG for Melo D. Obviously Harmony has to help.

They get to work at some future time. As they work on the song, Kyle wonders if Harmony really wants her old job back. She’s such a good singer so like is she living her dream? Then Harmony suggests they go look for a tree. What DAY IS IT? Isn’t Christmas like, days away? I don’t know. Despite having a “bachelor pad” with towels on the windows, he has a bunch of beautiful ornaments that all go together. And now has some garland around his door, because even bachelor pads are decorated to the max in Hallmark movies. Then they just hum along to the piano together. Kyle holds some mistletoe over their head, but she doesn’t take the bait. They leave again to get more inspiration. HOW MUCH MORE INSPIRATION DO THEY NEED? And when are they going to do some dang work?

At Inspiration Point, they reminisce about the past. Kyle tells her she was his dream. She asks why he didn’t come to the airport? But he doesn’t tell her. WHAT AIRPORT? WHEN? Then Harmony gets some inspo and knows what to write.

Later, the choir practices with Melo D over the phone. They really play up the crackly phone quality. Then we have a montage of choir practice. And by now, they’ve totally revamped the outdoor space for the concert. Then Harmony gets a call. Melo D cannot make it to the concert. There is a snowpocalypse, so she’s trapped.

Later, Felicia tries to practice a part that is too high for her. This is Melo D’s solo. Kyle suggests Harmony try and sing it. She has a VERY high voice. Guys it’s obviously night and day. Felicia is like why would I even try it? Harmony is like what? Me? No. Kyle is like Harmony you have to sing. Harmony is like I’m not a singer! Says who? Basically everyone, apparently. She got ALOT of rejection in NYC. Kyle gives her some tough love. I mean, like just because she doesn’t have a record deal doesn’t mean she can’t sing at her church Christmas concert. Tons of people just do that. Anyway, she finally comes to her senses.

Deacon and Mama Matthews chat about ticket sales and more. Mama Matthews works up the courage to ask Deacon out on a date! Okay this is too cute for words.

Uh oh. Some woman walks into the room and says she saw Felicia doing the “mistletoe tango” with “Mr. Noah.” And Harmony thinks it’s Kyle. But it’s his brother! So then Mama Matthews said that Kyle and Harmony needed to talk. They tell her what happened. Way back when, Kyle went to Harmony’s house to go to the airport with her to both follow their dream in NYC. Basically her dad was like, Kyle you can’t go because you will hold Harmony back. And that special snow globe was actually from Kyle. But then her dad died and this just all stayed unresolved since then. So then for some reason, Harmony has a mental breakdown about her own personal problems and doesn’t want to do the solo. Kyle tells her he LOVES her but she doesn’t believe him. I believe there is some light heresy mixed in as well. At the very least, some taking the Bible out of context. Then he gives her some TOUGH LOVE again.

Okay so now it’s time for the big concert. Harmony and her mom are wearing the prettiest dresses. Melo D is actually on her way too! Kyle still wants Harmony to sing. He tells her that she’s afraid to shine. I LOVE Harmony’s dress. I wish I had an excuse to wear something like that. And now the concert starts! As the choir sings, I realize that one guy has traded his bag of popcorn for a tambourine. Meanwhile, Melo D races to get to the concert in time. Harmony tries to announce that Melo D won’t be there and wants to skip that song. Kyle starts playing anyway and the choir jumps in. So now Harmony has to just sing it! Everyone obviously LOVES it. I LOVE IT. And Harmony gets into it. Right as the song gets over, Mel D arrives. They decide to have her do Carol of the Bells and she’s a good sport about it. And Harmony is just all about singing now and just hops in and harmonizes. And then the song just ends abruptly. I actually didn’t think anyone knew the words to Carol of the Bells.

Surprise, surprise, the concert raised the funds needed! Then Harmony’s boss calls and asks to get the choir to New Year’s Eve to record the single. He offers her whatever job she wants and she’s like, girl bye. I’ve got new dreams. Melo D thinks Harmony should be a solo artist and promises to support her. Melo D is starting her own label! GET IT GIRLS. Or wait, Harmony is starting her own label with money from Melo D and Melo D is going to join it too. Also, Kyle has decided to move to New York too. And then Kyle says he’s not missing his chance. They KISS and every dang extra in the building starts singing “Hallelujah.”

So, I loved this movie. They are all just so dang good this year you guys! What did you think?

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