Love Strikes Twice

Okay so we’ve all been anticipating this one because it looks cute and funny. But, this movie premiered in the “Fall Harvest” line up and there was nary a pumpkin or colored leaf to be had. I don’t understand why these fall movies have not been focused on the season like Christmas and winter movies are. I would Love some fall feels. Sheesh. Anyway, let’s dive in.

We’ve got a busy business woman working while she cooks. Maggie is a no nonsense attorney. She only has time for her cases, not her husband, not personal errands, and not cooking. Her husband Josh has to cancel a class to pick up some anniversary gift for her parents. Girl, ship it! What year is it? Why are either of you running around town picking things up the old fashioned way? She tells her boss that she is leaving early but taking work with her. Oof I would not make it in a big law firm like that. I would just crumble.

Her friend, Keri walks in with a bright pink dress on. I feel like they’re just friends, not coworkers because you would NOT wear a bright pink dress to work at a law firm. Oh she is a friend and client? Okay. Ooof. She had a boyfriend named Lester. She dumped him because of his name. That’s fair, honestly. Maggie vents a little about the pressure of making partner and investing in her marriage. I mean, yes that’s legit. Lots of lawyers end up divorced. Keri tells Maggie she ran into “Rick” downstairs in the lobby. Maggie is surprised that he remembers her and Keri is like, girl you dated all through college. Like why would she be surprised, honestly? Her college boyfriend? Of course he’d remember her. She literally bumps right into him in the lobby and he asks her for coffee. She’s too busy but he wants to meet for lunch next time he’s in town. She looks at him like he’s the one who got away. So what’s that about?

On the way to the anniversary party, Maggie and Josh bicker about work, etc… He asks her to pull over and they reminisce about the old library and what a dump their town is. Josh says Maggie felt sorry for him and that’s why they started dating. Maggie isn’t sure that’s wrong. Hmm. At home, Maggie’s mom says she didn’t feel up for planting flowers in the front yard. Seems ominous. Her dad hobbles down the stairs. Maggie’s brother, Ash pops by. He seems weird. Ugh again with the junior partner thing? Guys, it’s REALLY not a thing. There are a few different kinds of partnerships you can get as a lawyer and “junior” is not one of them.

That evening, Josh asks Maggie what is going on with them. He says her parents still like each other and Josh wonders if they ever should have gotten married. They decide to talk about it when they get back to Chicago. She wonders if she should just sleep in her old room? And then she decides to go for a walk. She sits by a fountain and decides to make a wish. She wishes for a do over. BUT FOR WHAT. She drops her phone and hits her head and then seemingly gets knocked unconscious.

She comes to in her bed…in what looks like her old room. She’s got an old flip phone. She wants to blame Ash for her stupid phone but her mom says she just bought it for her! Her dad comes in from a run and she sees that the calendar says June 2006. What!! Keri calls and Maggie tries to like furiously explain what’s going on and Keri is not having it. RICK is waiting outside in a red sports car. Wait, young Rick looks like grown up Josh. These guys are WAY too similar. Flanigans is back! The restaurant Maggie loved that went out of business. Oh wait Josh is a different guy. Rick and Josh have opposing view points about saving the library. And Josh and Rick may as well be identical twins.

Rick and Maggie head to the beach with all the other youths in 2006. Also the AUDACITY of this movie to FLASH BACK to 2006 as 15 years ago. Poor Rick keeps trying to kiss Maggie but she is not having it. Good for her. Uh oh. Her dad is about to go up on a ladder, which is I believe how he jacked up his back or whatever so she tells him to throw it out. Inside, she goes downstairs to see her weirdo brother. He’s perfect to tell about her weird situation. I love this line about her dreams usually involving Sonia Sotomayor. Ash asks her to tell him something from the future and she almost spoils Game of Thrones before he stops her. I am loving the sibling nonsense as well. Ash posits a theory that makes sense to Maggie. She IMMEDIATELY breaks his Lego contraption. I can’t tell if she does it on purpose.

Maggie tries to force herself back to the present before going to bed. It doesn’t work. The music sure does try! She chats with Rick on the phone. She seems to love it. Again, how is she surprised earlier that he remembered her? Ash asks her if she’s still a time traveler and she fills him in on her present life. Maggie vents a little and asks Ash to come with him to the library rally. She thinks if the library is saved, Josh will be happy and she can be with Rick. Like does she really want to be with Rick? I don’t get it. Ash makes a funny line about how he thought the future would be cool but it’s just her boring drama. I love it. And then she totally like pumps him up about himself in the future. That is really sweet.

Maggie runs into Josh at the rally. He seems REALLY happy to see her. I had low expectations for Ash initially but he’s actually CARRYING this movie. Josh gives a big speech about the library and libraries in general. She asks him what saving this library is all about? Because they’ve already built a new one and moved everything over. That’s a pretty good point, actually. It is purely nostalgia from his childhood. Also this is the FIRST she’s heard of this story. IN FIFTEEN YEARS. Then, the police show up. Maggie says she’s “got it.” And they immediately get arrested. That doesn’t make any sense. And frankly, this whole piece of the story adds some comedy but it would not happen this way and is so wrong across the board. I need to release it but I can’t. Also, no one was wearing that overall situation in 2006. And, her parents are funnier in 2006. They make so many jokes about her being in jail and how the dad wanted a dog and not kids. I love it. Then her parents dance together at a restaurant. They’re ALOT.

Another day in the past. Maggie has to go to court. Her parents are still cracking jokes about going to jail. Maggie thinks because she practices corporate law she knows criminal law. I am guessing these guys were charged with misdemeanors? Oh she called it an infraction. Which is LESS than a misdemeanor. It’s like, taking your case to traffic court. Which is what this whole proceeding would be like. Evidence? And they have a permit!! End of story! All she had to say was that they had a permit. That would have settled the whole thing before they got to the police station. UGH okay. That’s just not how any of this works. I just… Okay. It’s fine. Anyway in a round about way the judge dismisses the case. Then Maggie makes a case to the judge about the library. She wants to file a temporary restraining order to stop the library demolition. The judge is just tickled with Maggie. Well, she’s been practicing law for ten years so maybe she should chill. But the judge grants them a 14 day restraining order against demolition.

Rick shows up at the court house and he is like a total jerk. He gets all territorial of Maggie and apparently his dad is upset that he’s dating a “jail bird.” And the dad has requested a dinner with her that night. And then Keri asks if she can ask Josh out and Maggie says okay. Guys, I just need to get this out here. There are a handful of noticeably terrible actors in this movie but I also think they are likely doing their best with the dialogue they’ve been given. But it is pretty absurd and noticeable.

Oh dear. Rick’s dad is the worst. He gives Maggie a real “talking to” about the jail business and helping save the library. The dad shares that he is planning to invest in the new project that is replacing the library. But we found out earlier that the developers of the new building took the investors’ money and ran. Rick seems like a total pushover and just wants to keep the peace. Maggie holds her ground. Good for her! But I would die. I actually don’t understand why she likes Rick though. He mostly seems annoying and a bit of a wet sandwich.

At home, Maggie and her mom look at old photos. Maggie asks how she knew her dad was “the one.” And her mom gives LEGITIMATELY GOOD ADVICE. Like if there is just this “one” that means you don’t have to work at it. And love is a choice. Maggie decides to head to Flanigans to get banana cream pie. Girl, pick a different flavor, gross. At Flanigans, she sees Josh and Keri having just a fantastic time.

Maggie runs into Ash and he is VERY CONFIDENT. He has a date with “Veronica.” Maggie panics when she hears this and tells her mom he can’t date her because she basically destroys him and he never recovers. That adds up. She comes downstairs and JOSH is there.

Maggie is muttering to herself about helping him meet with some lawyers in Chicago about saving the library. I believe its her old firm. Yes, it is. Her boss is not yet partner and is “senior counsel” on this case. Baxter, her boss, offers Josh a stipend for his trouble and his nostalgia. Pretty fair considering their ONLY argument to save this building is his personal memories. It sounds like there are legitimate historical reasons for preserving the building but no one has actually articulated those in a setting where it matters. So, Maggie rips up the first number. He writes another number and slowly slides it down the table. It’s hilarious. Is it bad that I am kind of rooting for the developer (forgetting that he will eventually defraud the town)? They already have a NEW LIBRARY. It’s not like they’re losing a library.

Baxter grabs Maggie after the meeting. He is still trying to pay her off. Since they have not articulated any legitimate reason or claim for saving the library, I am surprised he’s going so hard. He is kind of mean to her! She suggests he look into his client more. Guess what? He does not.

Now it’s time for the trial. Maybe the next day? Because that’s how it works. Ugh. The whole court proceeding is nonsense. Except for when Maggie tries to talk about the developer’s intentions. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any proof yet. Surely his financial records are a mess? Shouldn’t she have filed a discovery motion? Is this an actual complaint to prevent the development contract with the city or just an injunction to temporarily stop demolition while they litigate the merits? Anyway, she loses the case and she’s bummed.

Rick is waiting outside the courthouse and he wants to take her to dinner. At dinner, Rick is REALLY worried about his dad’s feelings on this whole business. He is like, maybe now my dad will forgive you and let’s not mess stuff up for him. He is kind of a small little wet sandwich of a man. Ha! He thinks he’s capable of being part of a power couple? He is so weak! Oh dang he’s proposing? And she accepts? WHAT DOES SHE SEE IN THIS GUY? And he proposes at a restaurant? Like I have yet to see one thing interesting or likable. Oh and her parents haven’t even met him? He didn’t talk to them first? He waits outside all the time and never comes to the door. YOU GUYS. Like why? I feel like she would have noticed right away what a little weasel he is but she is like, yeah! Rick is the guy!

That night, she finds Josh at the library. He notices the ring and congratulates her. He gives another big speech and says he loves her! They have a deep conversation and Maggie is talking from the perspective of 15 years on about their relationship. He asks if Rick is the one and she smiles and says yeah. WHY DOES SHE LIKE HIM. He asks her about the wedding and that triggers her memory about the developer. She wonders about his financials. Didn’t I like, suggest she do that before her trial? But, she only had like one day to prepare instead of the typical 1-3 years so I shouldn’t be too hard on her. Anyway, they decide to sneak in to the country club the next day to get a peek.

The next day, the heist is on. They wear country club employee shirts and Josh freaks about wearing someone’s else’s clothes. It’s pretty hilarious. They get a key from the security guard to get into all the lockers. This is all very easy. What are these two kids up to? Oh they are inspecting all the lockers to find the developer’s (Michael) briefcase WITH ALL HIS FINANCIAL INFORMATION. Idiots. He’s going to have that with him? But, apparently not. He does in fact carry ALL his important fraudulent documents with him in his briefcase and stores it in the locker room of this country club. So yeah, this is the guy you want overseeing a major development in town. I love the heist music in the background. They grab the briefcase and take the contents to make copies. Josh is an idiot. He stops to text Maggie instead of just getting to work. Maggie gets scolded by a woman playing tennis. This woman is in the middle of her tennis match and runs over to Maggie and tells her the laundry/towel bin has been full for 20 minutes. Like lady do you really need the towel bin emptied while you’re playing? You have to stop your game to scold Maggie? Sheesh. Out on the course, Michael Williams hurts himself. Then Maggie stops to reply to Josh. Why would she text right in the same place as she got scolded? Meanwhile, Josh makes a mess of himself in the copy room and jams the printer. He…bless his heart. Maggie stalls by trying to call in a heart attack on an emergency phone line outside for Michael. She buys them a little time. Then, she almost runs into Rick et al, while Josh tries to load the briefcase back in the locker. Josh almost gets caught too but he is willing to be a real weirdo for the sake of not showing his face. They make it out of there!

That night, Maggie has a whole crew working on the data. One of the girls, Tracy, notices a discrepancy. Maggie wink wink tells her to definitely not hack into the accounts and sends her downstairs to ask Ash for help. I love when the lead plays wingman!

Alright, so they are back at court. The judge. Oof. Doing her best with her material. Anyway, Maggie’s strategy is to present the information she obtained without having to explain how she found it. She could have filed a discovery request like earlier?! I need to stop. Maggie gets “highly offended” which is her strategy to avoid explaining how she found the material. I’m releasing this whole court room business. Michael Williams seems to realize he’s been caught. And then the assertion that the documents were obtained illegally basically proves that they do belong to Michael so that backfired. So they win! After the case, Baxter pulls Maggie aside and offers a recommendation for law school and possibly a spot at his firm. She’s like, nah I’m good.

Maggie and Josh hug outside. For a long time. Ash pushes them away from each other. I love it. Then she makes Josh drive over her dad’s ladder to break it.

The next morning? It’s still 2006 and Maggie is inexplicably STILL engaged. And it is the night of her parents’ 25th anniversary party. They like to have BIG parties for their anniversaries apparently. Keri tells Maggie that Josh is in love with someone else. Oh, who could that be?

Rick the wet sandwich approaches Maggie at the party. Maggie thinks Rick is going to apologize and that his dad is going to be so happy about saving his money. But Rick says his dad is mad about being proven wrong. And Rick is like, I thought we were just going to be doing what my dad wanted? Like for everything? So Maggie dumps him. FINALLY. She finally sees how lame this guy is. Then Maggie sees Josh and runs toward him and slips on the dance floor. She wakes up at her parents’ 40TH Anniversary! Keri is dating a doctor instead of Lester. Fingers crossed for poor Keri. And Ash is married to Tracy! And they’re having a baby! And living with Palo Alto which means he must be a fancy software developer or whatever. And Maggie and Josh don’t live in Chicago. They live in their hometown. Oh that was a twist on a classic I didn’t see coming. And her dad isn’t crippled! Maggie and Josh stroll through town and see the “library” which turned into her social justice law firm. That’s a pretty big building for what can’t amount to much work in a small town. Anyway, they kiss again and that’s the end of it.

Okay so you guys this movie was absurd. ABSOLUTELY absurd. There was ALOT of classic Hallmark nonsense. But guess what? The PREMISE of this movie requires us to go along with the idea that a person can make a wish, hit their head, and go back in time. So I really do need to release it when they get other things wrong in the plot if I’m going along for the ride here. Surprisingly, this movie had a lot of humor. Like, ALOT for a Hallmark movie, which, in my opinion, TOTALLY saved the movie and made it real fun to watch. Did I ask yet why this movie was included in the “Fall Harvest” line up when it takes place in the SUMMER? Is there going to be an actual fall movie or what? Anyway, I liked this one. What did you think?

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