As Luck Would Have It

So it’s time for the most anticipated (by me) movie of Spring Fling. You know me, I try to keep my expectations low but there are some movies I just can’t help but get excited about. This was one of them. I don’t watch Downton (sorry) but I do love JoAnna Garcia Swisher in pretty much everything I’ve seen her in. So, shall we dive right in?

Lindsey is a busy business woman. She is closing deals on the streets of New York, so she is a VERY serious business person. She even has plans to go to Paris I think too. But then, in a meeting, her boss announces that he wants to expand their hotel chain to Ireland. He’s found a GREAT location. But there is this pesky historic castle right in the way of their future modern resort. So now, Lindsey can’t go to Paris! She has to go to Ireland…you know because of her red hair; I mean experience.

Meanwhile, Irish people be Irishing-hanging out in a “rustic” pub. Our leading man, Brennan, even has a hipster apron. The whole Irish gang is planning for the town’s big “matchmaking festival.”

Lindsey and her company waste no time and soon she is winding her way through the Irish countryside. I do not think she enjoys the ride. She ends up at that pesky castle and meets Brennan. He is working on stuff there I think? They chit chat. I forget what they say. I don’t think he likes her snooping around. Then Lindsey heads to a cute B&B, because of course. They think she is in town for the matchmaking festival but she is quick to tell the cute little elderly owners that she is there for business purposes. As she walks to her room, she meets three eligible ladies. They can’t wait to get matched up. They invite her to go out to eat. Lindsey must be extroverted because I don’t think I would have even made eye contact with these three fellow humans, let alone accept a dinner invitation. But that’s a pretty boring movie. Anyway, at the restaurant, traditional Irish music is playing of course. I’m sure there is such a thing as modern Irish music but we are not going to hear it. The girls fill Lindsey in on the festival. they are all working on the festival’s matchmaking questionnaire in the hopes of getting paired up. Lindsey tells the girls why she’s in town and Brennan overhears. He is outraged that she might tear down the castle for some silly hotel. Regardless he leaves the girls with complimentary glasses of whiskey.

Outside, there are several booths set up to sign up for matchmaking activities. So that’s pretty cute. This is shaping up to be the best matchmaking themed movie I’ve seen this year. Our leads meet again in the town square and Lindsey heads to the council meeting to give her presentation. Lindsey has to sit through the council’s ordinary business before it’s her turn. Naturally, Brennan does his best to stall the meeting. By the time it’s Lindsey’s turn, the entire audience has left. Lindsey jumps right in to her presentation. I find her arguments very compelling. The council says they’re not interested in selling without an agreement to keep the castle in tact. So that’s too bad. I guess it’s time to go home. They don’t like the idea of an outsider who knows NOTHING about their town to swoop in and buy the land. Lindsey did loads of research before she arrived but that means absolutely nothing. She can’t know the town until she EXPERIENCES the town.

Lindsey decides to take the head councilman up on his advice and signs up for the matchmaking festival. She is going to LEARN about this town if it’s the last thing she does! She tries to make the pitch to her boss. He has an English-ish accent. So why didn’t he make the pitch himself?

Alright so now it’s time for the first activity. Baking. The teacher scolds Lindsey for using a pastry cutter. She would rather her spend hours using a fork to mix the butter and flour and end up with a sore hand for the rest of the day. Then Brennan puts a bunch of salt in her dough while she wasn’t looking. She takes a bite and immediately tries to hide her distaste.

Brennan leads an outdoor sport while Lindsey learns to knit. Are they playing cricket? Is that cricket? Oh, Lindsey is doing that too. Cute pony tail. Lindsey is not great at knitting. How are these activities coupling anyone up? This is just a lady’s knitting circle. Lindsey is VERY competitive at cricket or whatever that is.

Later Lindsey hangs out in her adorable room with a fireplace. The B&B owner drops by with some cookies…I mean, biscuits. Obviously the B&B owners met at the festival. Apparently there is some event that evening. It must be the middle of the night! But Lindsey the extrovert decides to change her clothes and go.

Wait, Lindsey chats with the girls and they say they hope they get some classes with Lindsey that week. HOW LONG IS THIS FESTIVAL. One of the gals makes eyes with Brennan’s friend. Brennan admits he added a bunch of salt to Lindsey’s bread dough.

Okay now it’s time to do some Irish line dancing. Kill me. All alone and being forced to join into a group dance? Oh no thank you. Frankly, this whole movie is an introvert’s nightmare. Brennan and I are on the same page as he informs Lindsey that he doesn’t dance. But then he DOES dance. So, what’s up Brennan? They have a moment on the dance floor. He seems impressed she knows how to dance I think? I don’t know. They are looking at each other intensely. It’s weird if I’m being honest.

Later, Lindsey chats with the head councilman, Elroy. He is leading the kayaking tour which she was planning to do that morning. But he’s overbooked apparently. So he’s like, maybe try cooking? BYE!

Brennan’s mom? talks to him about how the festival is just not bringing in the money it used to. Maybe they should consider selling that castle that is literally collecting dust.

Brennan obviously joins the cooking class too and they chit chat while Lindsey slices carrots in the most ridiculous way imaginable. Brennan can’t take it anymore and teaches her how to slice the carrots. Then they all eat lunch together.

Later, Councilman Elroy does official matchmaking business in his office. Elroy admits to Brennan that they may have to sell the castle to stay afloat. Elroy also alludes to the fact that maybe Brennan got matched before but it didn’t work out. So obviously Brennan is never going to date anyone ever again.

Brennan finds Lindsey reading his dad’s ancient cookbook. She agrees to help him do some cleaning in the castle. She’s wearing the cutest sweater. After a few minutes of cleaning, Lindsey and Brennan sit on a window bench and chat. Lindsey gets to know Brennan a little more. She tells Brennan she is “really good at closing deals” but she actually studied architecture. I have a feeling she is going to find a way to make the castle the hotel or something. I’m not sure why no one else has thought to make use of it rather than let it sit and crumble to pieces. She’s got the loveliest sweater cape situation happening too.

Later, she catches up with her friend from work. The friend thinks she’s met some cute Irish guy. She totally has obviously. Work friends NEVER want to talk about actual work.

The next day, Lindsey is on a charter bus headed to see some cliffs with a very chatty seat mate. Brennan sits behind them chuckling. Once they arrive, Lindsey asks Brennan to tell her the history of the cliffs. He has some old Irish folklore story for them.

Brennan admits that he got matched once-even engaged, but it didn’t work out. And like I said, this naturally means he will never date again. She didn’t want to stay in Ireland. Poor chatty seatmate keeps third wheeling everyone. Then Brennan shows Lindsey his favorite spot. Wait, we don’t get to see that?

Later, Brennan works at the pub. He seems to be doing inventory. Brennan tells his dad he doesn’t want to expand his whiskey business so he can keep helping at the pub. Everything always needs to stay exactly how it’s always been!

Lindsey strolls along the street alone and eyes an Irish ring in a jewelry store window. Then she decides to stop in to Brennan’s pub. He invites her to help behind the bar. Because of course. She just makes herself right at home obviously.

After closing, Brennan talks to Lindsey about making whiskey. Lindsey samples all the different variations. She likes his first batch the best. Then Brennan’s mom calls for him to help with the dishes. What a total moment ruiner!! Moms are supposed to be wingmen in Hallmark movies!

Oh good. It wouldn’t be a matchmaking weekend without a speed dating session! Lindsey and Brennan have a nice little chit chat. I learn they were not playing cricket. They were playing…hurling? curling? Uh oh. Chatty Cathy bumps the line to catch up with Lindsey. So I think Brennan and Lindsey pretended to be matched to get out of finishing speed dating? Or “pretended” wink, wink. And then Brennan invites Lindsey to join him on a whiskey making errand. The person at the house conveniently works at the National Archives so Lindsey asks for a favor. I don’t know what she’s up to actually. I missed who she would want to search for. They head to whoever’s childhood home but it’s been torn down. Is it a relative of hers? It must be. Upon reflection, I believe it is her grandmother. Super cute mint coat too.

Then they head to the ocean. They walk and talk. Lindsey asks why he doesn’t dive head first into whiskey. He is worried it wouldn’t be as fun. She says she’d like to stay in one place long enough for a hotel to be finished and Brennan says she’d be great at that. “That” meaning…staying in one place, maybe?

Lindsey heads to see Elroy to get on the calendar for the next Saturday. He invites her to go for a walk. He tells Lindsey he thinks his wife would want to sell the castle.

Lindsey runs into Brennan at City Hall and tells him how she and Elroy have been scheming. He’s all-when were you going to tell me this? And she honestly tells him that she was afraid. THANK YOU. But also I feel like her chat with Elroy was in the morning and she’s now seeing Brennan a few hours later, so he can chill. He is still mad because he is STUCK IN THE PAST okay? He needs to get a grip. Then Brennan essentially gets called to the principal’s office. Maybe Elroy can set him straight.

Later, Lindsey stands out in front of the castle and stares vaguely.

The town council meets behind closed doors, but now Brennan is all on board with the plan to sell the castle.

Lindsey calls her boss and discovers this may all have been for nothing. He maybe just wants to scrap this headache and build a hotel in Dublin. Frankly, that makes WAY more sense but he’s now allowed Lindsey to stay in this town for what, at least two weeks? Without letting her know? Anyway, he wants to come by and decide between the two.

Then Lindsey and Brennan serve as witnesses at a wedding for a couple who met at last year’s festival! She has that same Irish ring. The couple tells Lindsey about the hotel they’re staying at and it gives Lindsey an idea. MY IDEA. Using the castle as part of the hotel. I could have saved ALL OF US 84 minutes.

Lindsey calls her boss and invites him to the party the following evening at the castle. Because now the whole town is DESPERATE to sell the caste. Funny how that worked out. They have A TON of work to like, fully restore? the castle? So best of luck to all.

Brennan stops by Lindsey’s room to invite her to dinner!! They have a lovely picnic by a waterfall. He tells her that he put a bunch of salt in her bread dough earlier. But she’s on her own for knitting. They are JUST ABOUT to kiss when Chatty Kathy interrupts to say hello. He found someone! Yay.

It’s party time! Lindsey is wearing a truly GORG dress. Brennan looks cute too. They have a funny moment where two girls think Brennan is proposing. Then Mr. Crispin arrives! Lindsey and Brennan are very pleased with themselves. But it looks like big old house inside, not a castle.

Mr. Crispin is getting so stoked about this place and the dessert in cups. Then Elroy makes a toast. Lindsey tells Brennan that she started a business plan and found a bigger distillery space for him. He is NOT PLEASED. Like, honestly WHAT IS HIS DEAL? Why is he so reluctant? Lindsey is like, okay well I guess I will just talk to you later.

Then Lindsey makes her pitch to Mr. Crispin. He is like, dang Lindsey that is a massive undertaking. We could never afford to turn this castle into a hotel. So he decides to move forward with Dublin. Okay so this has all been for nothing, I guess. Lindsey says she has to go back to New York because she doesn’t have any reason to stay. Brennan is like, no you definitely don’t have a reason to stay now, so bye.

The next morning, everyone says their goodbyes. Lindsey’s outfits have really been top notch. She gives the B&B owners a tearful hug goodbye.

Elroy and Brennan have a chat at the top of the castle. They both lean casually on the wall. Brennan is like, Lindsey doesn’t want to be with me or stay here so forget about her.

We flash forward 3 months. Lindsey is in a group chat with all her Irish friends. She takes off her ring and notices something inscribed inside. So naturally, Lindsey decides to quit her job. She gives Ellie this whole speech and Ellie is like whoa this is ALOT.

Meanwhile, Brennan actually does start expanding his whiskey business.

Then Brennan heads to the castle and sees Lindsey. She is evaluating the castle for the new company she works for! Well, well, well. They have their chat. She should have called. No he shouldn’t have let her leave like that. No she was wrong and he was also. You know how it is. Lindsey tells Brennan she is basically going to be living there full time now. Oh now I get it. Her ring is from her grandma and it was made in that town that I’m not going to try and spell. And then they KISS! Big time Yay.

Okay I really liked this one. It was SO cute. I even had too high of expectations and I liked it anyway! They had lots of twists on old classic tropes and I liked them all! I think this is my favorite movie of 2021 so far! What did you think?

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