One Perfect Wedding

Three years in the making. Maybe more. Probably more. I didn’t look it up. But three movies all the same. And I am starting at movie 3. I considered watching the other two but I didn’t. I just didn’t have it in me, okay? I JUST HOPE I CAN FOLLOW THE PLOT. Spoiler alert-I can. Let’s get into it already!

The movie begins with our lead, Cara walking by a book store and where she sees HER BOOK. This becomes less exciting to me as I learn later that this is her second book. I imagine the story leading up to the publication of her FIRST book is much more exciting. Then she catches the end of a television interview with her newly bald fiancé. They awkwardly tell the host that their wedding has been ON HOLD. They are both SO BUSY and they travel SO MUCH. So the wedding just has not been a priority. No red flags so far!!! Ben finally says ENOUGH. And he asks her to get married at the court house the following morning. Cara agrees.

Then our favorite gal from Evergreen, Megan in this series, talks to her…sibling? Oh no it’s her boyfriend. I suppose this is outlined in the previous two movies. I CAN’T KEEP UP. Cara walks up and tells this friend the BIG NEWS-the courthouse wedding. They forgo eating so she can find the perfect outfit. I don’t know why they have to skip eating for that. Is there anything more important than eating? HARDLY EVER.

Later, Cara wonders if this is the right thing to do-her dad and perhaps other relatives will obviously not be able to make it. But this friend tells her to do what’s best for her. The friend also seems to be the photographer. As they walk to the courthouse in her massive (but adorable) heels, Cara’s dad calls and she panics. She wants to have the big wedding in Rome with her family. Because that is what marriage is about. All Ceremony and Grandeur. So if they can’t have the larger-than-life-bigger-than-any-average-big-wedding, THEY BETTER NOT HAVE ONE AT ALL.

Later, Ben facetimes Shawn, (Megan’s boyfriend and HIS BFF-keep up!!) and hashes it all out. Shawn seems to be doing some remote work and I fear all his scenes will be on this computer. Likely has NOTHING to do with COVID for sure.

That night, Cara and Ben get pizza from a food truck. Ben HORRIFYINGLY puts ground pepper on his pizza. Is this a thing?

The next morning, Cara meets with her editor. She needs an idea for a THIRD book. Geez Louise didn’t that second book JUST hit the stands? Can’t this poor girl get a MINUTE? The editor scoffs at Cara’s desire to spend more time with Ben. Silly girl. Why would you spend time with your family when the world demands MORE BOOKS about whatever subject you write about. If she’s writing Harry Potter books then I GET IT and I take back my snark.

Meanwhile, at Charmed Snowboards, which is, perhaps the silliest name for a snowboard company, Ben tries to treat his baby sister the same as everyone else. She does not deserve any special treatment though because she is not very good at her job. And guess what, her inability to pay attention to detail comes back to bite her BIG TIME. FORESHADOWING.

At home, Cara talks with a very gossip-y hotel clerk at a lodge that is special to her and Ben. I assume it is THE LODGE from the first movie. I know, I know-watch the other movies. This clerk has absolutely NO CHILL and he totally blabs that Ben (apparently a famous person) has booked a chalet at this lodge for the following weekend for a WEDDING. No one is bothered by this clerk’s eagerness to violate celebrities’ privacy. So, the cat is out of the bag but Cara is on board, eventually. She didn’t like Ben planning the whole thing behind her back. And honestly, SAME. So then she calls Megan and asks for her help PRONTO. Megan has been DYING for this moment and boy, is she READY.

Later? The next day? Megan and Cara meet up and Megan is ARMED with flora and fauna. Megan has vowed to put work aside to give Cara her dream wedding. So, okay.

At work, Ben asks his sister, Zoe to be his best man. Because suspiciously, NO ONE can make it on such short notice. But that doesn’t matter anymore!

Then, it’s time for super market sweep-wedding dress edition. Cara complains that Ben makes lots of decisions unilaterally. TOTALLY valid concern. Surprised that hasn’t totally unraveled their relationship and that Ben has yet to learn any lessons in the years they’ve been together. Megan gives some…unhelpful advice on this matter. And then both girls give a “good wow” to an…underwhelming set of dresses. Then poor, simple Zoe MESSES UP THE DRESS PURCHASE. This is lunch all over again. What did I tell you? But honestly, what WEDDING DRESS comes in all the same colors as the bridesmaid dresses? Did no one stop her and say-oh certainly you meant for the WEDDING DRESS to be some shade of white, right? Not PURPLE? I mean have a purple wedding dress but I just need to CONFIRM that’s what you want before I run your card, okay?

At Cara’s house, the girls go over the final details of wedding weekend. The dresses are going to be shipped to the venue. VERY RISKY for a whole host of reasons. Megan gives Cara a friendship bracelet. Cara is like, oh I already have my jewelry all set for the wedding but this IS SO SWEET. I’ll definitely wear this child’s bracelet sometime FOR SURE.

Then they all head to a very wintery snowy lodge. This movie is totally airing in the wrong season. They stop to take a picture at the lodge sign and we get a quick synopsis of the first movie so I’m good now. And perhaps the second as Megan says something about her relationship with Shawn having some ups and downs. I’ll admit, I’m intrigued. Did we see the ups and downs in movie 2?

It seems the hotel has been remodeled significantly. The bellman, hotel clerk…is vague when Cara asks why. Suddenly he knows how to keep his mouth shut. Then Cara and Ben chat on their respective balconies.

Then it’s time to hit the slopes. Boy, this movie has such strong “Spring Fling” feels. I love the spring colors and weather. Just FULL of spring feelings. The girls talk about Shawn and his “job” that’s taken him away. And then Cara can’t help but give Megan a mischievous look. Girl fix your face!! You’re going to ruin the impending surprise zoom proposal.

Later in the lobby, Zoe is still stressing about her conversation with Megan from like, six days ago. Then Zoe, who has super human eyesight, notices a hotel chain’s logo on a folder. What could that be about?!

Then Cara and Megan talk to that same hotel person about cheeseboards. At the very least, this employee knows the animals that produce milk that will ultimately become cheese. And that is all he knows about cheese or what might be included on a cheeseboard. Bless his heart.

Later, Zoe pops by Megan and Cara’s room to help with decorations. Megan can’t delegate a THING and she’s also decided this last minute wedding needs tons of very complicated DIY decorations. Zoe doesn’t give up and winds up gilding the edges of a handful of pine cones.

Later, Cara talks to the lodge’s pianist about an Agatha Christie book that seems to have some EERY parallels to her own life. I have now been added to the waitlist at my library for a copy.

The next day? Zoe goes outside to meet Megan on the patio to show her the gilded pinecones. Possibly the WORST location to show them to Megan but no matter. They all fit in a small gift bag so that should be plenty. Zoe offers to drive back to the bridal salon to get the dresses.

While trying to set up spa appointments, Cara observes Ben talking to someone. She can tell by his POSTURE that he is “keeping something under wraps.” OKAY.

Then Cara’s dad arrives. Cara and Ben reminisce about dancing together. Then it is time for wine and cheese night. Megan’s mom, the officiant, arrives. Then Megan’s mom and Cara’s dad reminisce about how fast these darn kids grow up. Are these two going to get together? My fingers are crossed.

Cara and the pianist talk more about mysteries.

Then Ben corners that same guy…wait is that the hotel employee? Boy he is just a workhorse at this lodge. Is he the only employee? Anyway, Ben squeezes him for info about that fancy hotel logo. With virtually no pressing, the employee blabs that the big hotel chain wants to buy the lodge. GASP. Not a big hotel chain!! They’ll do horrible things like…invest money into upgrades and maybe expand so more people can go there. NO!

The next day, the gang hits the slopes again. Ben tells Cara how he went to a ski camp for underprivileged kids when he was young. And now he donates snowboards and stuff to the camp. He is also cagey about his whereabouts in the last day or so.

Cara talks to the pianist again in the library. Is her name Goldie? I think that’s right. She tells her about her idea for her third book. Then she talks to her dad, who apparently is a retired detective.(I know-last two movies). She is trying to solve the mystery of the original hotel owners as well and tie that all in to her new book. I have a feeling this mystery is going to be UNDERWHELMING.

Oooh, now we hear Ben on the phone trying to BUY THE RESORT. Days from joining finances with Cara and is secretly trying to buy this resort without her knows. To what end Ben?!! Again, no red flags to see here! Anyway, he’s managed to get 45% of the resort but is having trouble tracking down the person who owns the remaining 10%. Then, on Zoe’s way out of town, she and Cara have a heart to heart about why Ben is so secretive. The answer is not great and certainly not something that should just now be coming up.

Megan continues to work on all the DIY components of the wedding décor while Cara plans to go galivanting with her dad to solve the resort mystery. Then Cara discovers Camp Snow ended YESTERDAY. So what is Ben up to!? Well, we know. She doesn’t. Then Ben asks our hotel employee friend whether a package from Shawn arrived. NOT YET.

Cara and her dad hike up to find the cabin from one of the pictures in the library. Then they find a BENCH with some initials carved into it. So essentially they’ve learned NOTHING. But they got a nice hike in so that’s something.

The next morning? The girls all lounge in matching bathrobes. Cara has a heart to heart with Megan’s mom. Cara tells Megan’s mom that she thinks Ben is up to something. Megan’s mom gives her pretty good advice-to think the best of people. BUT that does not excuse Ben making MAJOR financial decisions without her on the eve of their wedding.

Later, Ben and Cara get brauts in the lodge dining room. Ben seems prepared to spill the beans. But instead, he chickens out and tells her about Shawn’s engagement plans.

Meanwhile, Megan is folding team bride shirts. Oh I love Cara’s pink snow pants. That night is trivia night. That’s fun actually. Cara tries to get Megan to work less. Like, no one asked for these extremely intricate, homemade decorations, Megan! Then Cara steps on a few of the gilded pine cones. I can see why Megan is devastated. There are only ten gilded pinecones for the entire wedding. So naturally, the girls go on a hunt for more in the snow. They fail miserably.

So now, Ben and Cara get this whole virtual proposal set up. Megan and Zoe chat on the phone about the dresses. Zoe calls the dress colors “a choice.” Like honestly the wedding dress wouldn’t even come in purple? And she was there at the store so she should know the colors are wrong. But you know my feelings there.

Okay poor Shawn is still on the video. Helpful, do-it-all hotel employee is there with the rings. Megan sees Shawn on video and he gets right in on his speech. But then Cara interrupts the speech to show Megan the engagement ring box. Like wait for your cue, girl!! But it actually holds cuff links for Ben. The meaning of the cufflinks is a secret that Cara cannot know. No big deal.

Later, Cara is still wondering about the couple that founded the lodge. Helpful hotel employee hangs a framed letter. Cara reads it out loud. It is a real BUMMER of a letter. Why would they frame and hang that?

Cara and Megan don their Team Bride shirts to get ready for trivia. Megan wonders if Shawn was weird earlier. HE WAS. Then Cara’s dad arrives with a sentimental gift. He brought her mom’s entire wedding dress in case she wanted a piece sewn in to her own dress. Well that is going to be very helpful when she realizes her wedding dress is PURPLE. Cara complains to her dad about how secretive Ben is. They have a nice heart to heart, I guess.

Cara heads to Ben’s room to give him his trivia team shirt. She tries to ask him about his business dealings and he’s like, girl chill. It’s trivia time. Zoe continues to bring things to Megan in the MOST UNHELPFUL parts of the resort. Like she brings the dresses to her RIGHT BY THE BUFFET table where they’re hosting the trivia night. Megan is like, girl just take them up to the room for heaven’s sake.

Cara prods Mr. Helpful Hotel Employee about the company name she overheard Ben talking about on the phone. This guy folds like something that folds really easily and spills the beans again.

Now it’s time for Bridge and Groom trivia. That is a fun idea. We learn that Ben had frosted tips. These poor dumb dumbs know absolutely nothing about each other.

Cara talks to Helpful Hotel Employee about that bummer of a letter. It was sent in 1978 not 1948. SO MYSTERIOUS. Then trivia night ends with Team Bride winning. Cara finally confronts Ben about all the secrets. Cara is like GIRL WHY DO YOU KEEP EVERYTHING FROM ME. But now Cara is in on it. So she tells him about the junk mail that Aldera Creek gets.

So guess what’s interesting. The junk mail is from a music company and their sheet music still comes to the hotel. So the pianist reveals that she is “Aldera Creek” and owns that pesky 10%. She is the daughter of the owners. She doesn’t want to sell but she fills them in on her life. It’s not that interesting. AS I SUSPECTED.

That night, Cara fiddles with her mom’s dress to sew part of it into her own…which apparently she hasn’t even looked at yet!! I tried on my dress like every day the week of my wedding. What is happening here?

Finally it’s wedding day! And they are completely snowed in. Megan and…Zoe are both freaking out. I’m not sure what difference it makes if everyone is at the lodge. Oh NO. THE CAKE is not going to be there! We need to call this whole thing off. WHAT?! They’re going to get married without CAKE? NO. So they cobble some things together. Oh thank goodness. They are able to track down some cake. Crisis averted.

While the girls get ready, Ben and Cara’s dad have a heart to heart. Cara’s dad lays down the LAW to Ben. Hallmark style.

FINALLY, Megan discovers that Zoe has swapped the colors of the dresses. ZOE IS THE WORST.

So the three ladies just panic. I would FOR SURE. But hello, what about her mom’s dress.

Ben and Shawn have a nice video moment. I hate it. I would rather they not include an actor than have them just on video chat the entire time.

Then we see shots of the location getting all set up. Surprise, surprise, Cara wears her mom’s dress. It’s perfect. Wait, what is Megan wearing then? Anyway, her mom’s dress is WAY better than the one she picked out-moonstone or otherwise. Now it’s time for the ceremony. It’s lovely. It’s a lovely spring wedding. Just what you want to see during “Spring Fling.”

Later, they dance inside the wooden lodge with handheld fireworks. So that’s fine. Cara and Ben do not smash cake into each other’s face. Yawn. Then Megan catches the bouquet!

The next morning, Cara pitches her book to her editor and Megan rereads Cara’s book. Cara makes Megan get changed to go skiing. Something is UP, right? Up at the top of the ski lift, Ben is all set up for a virtual proposal. It’s so lame right? He’s not even there? Would you want a virtual proposal? Then Cara unclips her bindings as they approach Ben’s arch set up. Ben hands Megan the iPad to hear Shawn. Shawn gets into his speech. It’s really cute. I want to see them get married more than Cara and Ben for heaven’s sake. Then Cara gets down on one knee for him and has an actual ring. Yay! Then they all hit the slopes to celebrate.

So that’s One Perfect Wedding. Overall it was cute. I like a good lodge movie and I like a good wedding movie. I liked the actors but they seemed more like pals than a couple about to be married. Overall it was perfectly fine. I do think I liked “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” more than this one though. What did you think?

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