It Was Always You

Well, I think I speak for everyone in Hallmark land when I say I have been excited about this movie for MONTHS. If you follow Tyler or Erin on social media, they shared lots of behind the scenes pictures during filming. And I was really looking forward to seeing this pairing. And now obviously I want them to get married in real life. So, fingers crossed. I tried my best to keep my expectations low, but I really couldn’t help myself. I was so eager to watch this one. Let’s dive in.

Our leading lady, Elizabeth, is a dentist. She is getting married to her business partner and fellow dentist, George. And also this person is definitely not Tyler Hynes so too bad for him. The patient Elizabeth is chatting with in this first scene is VERY interested in their engagement. The patient lies about flossing (same.) And then shares how he and his wife went on a SIX WEEK vacation recently. MUST BE NICE. Shouldn’t they do that for their honeymoon? Because that’s a vacation any regular person could take.

Later, Elizabeth and George talk about going to some island (Echo Island?) to see George’s family. Then, Elizabeth talks to her friend about her old dream of traveling. She was so nervous about her parents fighting the whole time that asked to stay home from a trip to Europe. YIKES.

Then Erin brings up the six week honeymoon idea to George and he hates it, naturally. He’s like, how could we take a six week vacation? We run a dental practice. Erin seems to have forgotten about that. I think we’re supposed to think George is a big stick in the mud for this but honestly can practicality win out FOR ONCE in one of these GD movies? Can the two dentists who run a dental practice really both leave it at the same time for six weeks? I just don’t see how.

They load up their car and head to George’s family. Erin makes them stop at this insane oyster bar before they get to George’s family’s. I’m not sure why she wants to stop. It seems like they are close to his house but she wants to eat lunch or dinner maybe? But then they sit down and she asks for pie. WHY? Did I miss her saying she heard this place was known for that? Oh, and also, they can’t just get pie. They have to eat an entire plate of oysters first. They can’t drink what they want either. SOUNDS SO FUN. George hates it. I hate it. I think we are not supposed to hate it. BUT I VERY MUCH DO.

Finally, they arrive at the house, probably starving. Louise, the sister is too busy to hug George but not too busy to hug Elizabeth. Louise is off to pick up David, their brother. He is a traveling nomad. And then George’s mom promises Elizabeth to act surprised for her birthday party. Elizabeth keeps alluding to preferring being over at this house to her own. Her childhood was probably a bit chaotic? Elizabeth tries to reminisce with George. But then George reminds her he is too old for scavenger hunts. Um, did he not see Tyler Hynes’s LAST Hallmark movie? It was all about adults doing scavenger hunts! Then Elizabeth looks fondly at the treehouse George’s dad built in their backyard. It is basically like the treehouses from that HGTV show. Like massive apartments. So yeah. Insanely jealous at this point.

In the morning, Louise and Elizabeth chat about David. HE IS SUCH A FREE SPIRIT. Then Eugene, the mail man stops by; actually, he COMES ALL THE WAY INSIDE THEIR HOUSE to drop off the mail; and tries to ask Louise on a date. Louise brushes it off. Elizabeth encourages her to consider Eugene. Louise is like, NO WAY. And honestly, no, I don’t see it. But this is Hallmark where any two B story characters are forced together regardless of who plays them.

Meanwhile Elizabeth goes into town to get a very specific ice cream order for Diana’s party. And guess what? David is there. He is teaching in Mumbai so he plans to be in and out JUST for this engagement party. That adds up. He can definitely afford a plane ticket like that on his salary FOR SURE. And then Elizabeth really bums us all out with her engagement story. It sounds like maybe they didn’t even date? They were like, hey we work together and stuff so we should get married.

Guys, Elizabeth’s bangs are SO LONG they are basically covering her eyes. WHY! Why is Hallmark trying so hard to bring bangs back?! Don’t they know how we all always regret it? Anyway, David and Elizabeth walk and talk about how annoying they find each other. So FUN.

Okay SUSH. It’s surprise party time. Louise realizes her mom knew about the party. But David covers for Elizabeth. Diana gives a speech about each of her kids. It’s really lovely honestly. George is too busy to listen. Why is George taking the all the phone calls for their business? Why isn’t anyone calling Elizabeth? George has to go back to do a dental procedure in the morning.

Also, this is the first time I’ve seen this ADORABLE Golden Retriever!! OMG. Based on all the behind the scenes pics, I figured this dog would feature more in the movie. It does not, unfortunately. As George walks to his car, he and David have a nice bro moment, honestly. Oh the weather is turning.

Elizabeth wakes up at 2 AM to loud music absolutely BLARING from the kitchen. She is furious and David is like, what’s the big deal? I’m on Mumbai time. He hands her a slice of cake and keeps blaring the music. Elizabeth mentions that the cake is peanut butter flavored. WHAT? I’m not sure if I would like that honestly. David is just being a nonstop silly goose. And Elizabeth just fully melts down about that. But honestly it is 2AM. So like, what is wrong with him? Why does no one hear this music? Why is he so unapologetic about it? I mean, in no world is blasting music at 2 AM while the rest of the house is sleeping acceptable, right? Anyway, since apparently Elizabeth is the only person bothered by all of this, she tells David she plans to steer clear of him the rest of the weekend. That will definitely prevent her from being woken up in the middle of the night tomorrow!!

Well, well, well. Because of the storm, now George can’t get back across the bridge. FOR WEEKS. So Elizabeth is probably stuck on the island for a few weeks too. But what about all her patients and stuff then?

The next morning, David exchanges pleasantries with the dog. And then Elizabeth gets a call from George. But this is the worst one sided conversation I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t pause long enough to hear anything! David knew about all of this bridge but didn’t mention it to her. So she feels pretty huffy about that. I don’t know what difference it makes either way.

So in light of all this info, Elizabeth starts walking into town with an arm full of binders to do some wedding planning. Tyler meets her along the way and offers her a ride. She reluctantly agrees after some prodding. She does insist that he wait in the car. Because apparently he has nothing better to do.

Cakes are up first. YES. Elizabeth wants white and vanilla cake only. David wanders into the shop and offers unsolicited commentary on her choices. He gets in her head and Elizabeth wonders if vanilla is boring? HELLO. Obviously it is boring. It is the most boring flavor in the world. It is also quite good and I love it. But I do want the cake to be six different flavors if it’s going to be six tiers. That’s all. David gives her some insight about who she really is. She is Neapolitan he says. Eh. I am not stoked about Neapolitan.

On the way home, Elizabeth fears, for the first time, that she is very boring. David agrees so he takes her to that horrible oyster bar from earlier. She obviously hates oysters but she really wants pie so she agrees to choke down the rest of the oysters. No. There is just no reason for this. Get a GD key lime pie from somewhere else. Why didn’t David get one? Then David wipes off some of the meringue on her face with his thumb. Gross. Then David asks her to dance. Because apparently dancing is a thing at EVERY restaurant in Hallmark movies. She even ignores a call from George!

Later, Eugene stops by Louise’s painting studio. Oof these too. Eugene brings her a wooden duck because he noticed her painting mallards one time. So that’s sweet. She is so dismissive of him. Yikes. Obviously they would not make sense, right?

Meanwhile, Diana and Elizabeth quickly catch up in the kitchen. We learn that Louise has had two failed engagements. Then Elizabeth catches up with the grandma. They must all live on the same giant property. The grandma is so creepy with her. The grandma shares how she met and married her husband. It’s all designed to lead her to David. Apparently arguing about everything and being complete opposites is called “challenging” each other. HONESTLY SOUNDS SO FUN and DEFINITELY WOULDN’T GET OLD. Then the grandma slips up and says she and David are a good pair. TOTALLY ON ACCIDENT.

Oh good. Tyler is rocking his long cardigans again. Who is behind the Tyler Hynes cardigans in all these movies? Is it Tyler? Is it Hallmark? Is there a movie where he IS NOT wearing one of these drapey cardigans? Also Elizabeth and David are having a moment. But I’m too distracted by the sweater cape Tyler is wearing. OMG and his shirt is totally tucked in. Are we doing that now? Are we tucking all the way in? Are just men? Or is just Tyler?

Sorry, David gave her some random note of all the places she wanted to see that was somehow kept in this house for 20 years. David wonders why she hasn’t travelled more. Movie people always seem to forget there is one tiny hurdle that keeps people from travelling. IT’S MONEY. That’s the big hurdle. Oh, and paid time off.

Later, David checks in with Louise. Louise thinks he brings out a different side of Elizabeth. She’s more Lizzie with him.

Poor Eugene stops by again and Louise offers him some coffee. And pie. Elizabeth is a great wingman. Oh I just can’t get on board with these two. Elizabeth sees herself out. She takes a call from George but it keeps cutting out.

HOW BIG IS THIS HOUSE. We just keep seeing brand new rooms. Elizabeth finds David in some kind of rec room watching a western. She wants to watch a Bachelorette type show and this is apparently the only TV in the house. David obviously hates it. And poor Elizabeth is all in on this show. David tells Elizabeth what he would say if he was on the show and it seems like he’s reciting wedding vows or a poem or something. So she is obviously quite moved.

The next day, David goes with her to do their wedding registry. He reminds her of something whimsical she did as a kid. Elizabeth seems like she’s having a bit of a crisis. Elizabeth starts getting a little fast and loose with the scanning gun. She picks a rabbit toilet paper holder and a ceramic chicken with a crown. And then she scans DAVID. OOOOH. The scanner slipped. Sure, Jan.

Next, they meet with a DJ, who seems to be running this business out of his mom’s garage. A small dog keeps barking in the house. The DJ’s mom yells at him so the poor DJ is forced to let him out. Then David asks Elizabeth to dance. SHE FEELS FEELINGS. Honestly, I loved this whole scene. The DJ and his mom yelling at each other was just top notch.

After this, Elizabeth inexplicably goes back to that dumb restaurant and talks to herself. The server takes pity on her and lets her just have pie. But are there no other restaurants in town? What about that ice cream place?

Back at the house, Elizabeth attempts to go up to the tree house. But she is not strong enough to climb up the rope ladder. Or not coordinated? David arrives and tries to help. Elizabeth starts spiraling about traveling and is sure George will be on board. Then she starts climbing up the ladder again.

Back at the practice, Denise the helpful Dental Hygienist and George have a MOMENT. Hmmm. Oh and the bridge is going to be fixed tomorrow.

David and Elizabeth are just laying on the couch watching a movie when Louise tells them that George will be back in the morning. And then the power goes out for some reason. And they BOTH go to reset the breaker. Everyone always thinks resetting breakers is a two person job. It is not. They have another moment and then David gets the power on again.

The next morning, George finally arrives. He booked them for another seminar! Her counter proposal is to close their practice for a few months to travel! George is like, no but the seminars! And also, our regular patients. George wants to wait until they’re elderly. And now she wants George to just dance with her. George has had enough. It is silly. To be fair, IT IS SILLY. And Elizabeth is spiraling a little.

It is finally time for the engagement party. The grandma grumps about the frivolities of the engagement party and tells a quite heartbreaking story of her own wedding. Her dad gave her $5 and wished her good luck. Then David asks Elizabeth to dance. A slow song comes on and they keep dancing. Then they realize they are still holding hands.

George is telling a brutal story about being a dentist to a few guests. Elizabeth pulls George aside to talk while he stuffs his face with desserts. Elizabeth starts WAY too far back. She does finally bring it home-to where she breaks up with George AT THEIR ENGAGEMENT PARTY. Wow. Bold. David sees the wrong part. I think. Apparently doesn’t notice she’s not wearing her ring.

So then Elizabeth overhears Louise and Diana talking about how David is gone. So he couldn’t even stay until the end of the party. People always leave IMMEDIATELY in these movies, even if it’s not practical.

Whoa, so then we flash forward to a year later. Everyone is getting post cards from Elizabeth from all her world travels. Eugene and Louise are together it seems. Yes they are because they are getting married. Also, now that Elizabeth is a world traveler, she has to wear a beret.

Now it’s Louise’s wedding. George is with Denise the dental hygienist. They are having a great time being boring dental practitioners and just dancing the night away. Honestly Eugene and Louise. It’s just not happening for me.

David approaches Elizabeth at the wedding. Elizabeth says she wanted to write to him but she didn’t know where to send the post cards. And apparently they never exchanged numbers either! Right? He takes her hand and they walk to the edge of his parents’ property. He says he tried writing her too. He hands her a travel book with a list of places in Rome and at the end it says- I don’t know where any of these places are but I want to go with you. He wrote it when he was thirteen! And admits he’s always been in love with her. Okay so after that lovely speech, she just asks to dance with him. Okay, finally. They Kiss. Then they flash to them watching the Bachelor together again in the treehouse? Cute.

So yes, I did actually love this movie. I really hate movies where people have to break up with someone to immediately start dating the right person but I think it worked okay here. Hallmark usually has to let us know the other person is okay which I appreciate. And here, she actually did get some time to just find out who she really is before starting things up with David. So it did all work for me in the end. So I loved it and I loved these two together! A great end (right?) to the Love Ever After series! It will likely be my favorite of the series.

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  1. Great recap. I actually liked Eugene and Louise the best. I wish the movie was about them tbh. I got very annoyed with David mansplaining everything to her. All her likes are wrong and need correcting . I don’t see their relationship working out. Eugene and Louise absolutely

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