Beverly Hills Wedding

Without a weekend’s break, it is time to shift to the “Love Ever After” series. Valentines Day Season is in full swing. So I was really looking forward to feeling some Valentines feels. Did I have them in this movie? I’m not sure. All the pieces are there though-wedding planning, two fave leading actors, Valentine’s Day…what more could we ask for to kick off this movie series? Well, I’m not sure. Let’s dive in to find out.

Our leading gal, Molly is a wedding photographer. But wait, isn’t this Oregon? And isn’t this January? GUYS. Where do the people behind this movie think Oregon is? It’s the PACIFIC NORTHWEST. It is not going to be sunny and warm in January. It’s going to be COLD. No one is going to have an outdoor wedding in Oregon in January. Sheesh, even the Oregon Coast is cold year round! So that’s where we’re at right now.

Anyway, after Molly gets done shooting this OUTDOOR wedding in JANUARY, she tells her assistant and friend all about her sister’s impending proposal. Her sister and her boyfriend, Jordan have been together since they were kids apparently. And oh, Molly happened to date Jordan’s brother Cory. So Molly is now headed to help Jordan propose to her sister Sophia. It is all fairly precisely coordinated. He recreates the scene where he proposed to her when he was like 8. Molly creeps in the woods nearby to get the “perfect shot.”

It goes perfectly, of course. Except Jordan says he was “wondering if she would marry him.” Oh buddy. And then she says “a thousand time yes.” So like, yeah. Molly is READY to start planning the wedding immediately. Girl I get it.

The rest of the family is waiting to celebrate in a barn. And GUESS WHO ELSE IS THERE? Cory. Molly’s aunt has no chill about Cory of course. Cory and Molly have a moment to catch up. Molly is a little short with him. One might even say SNIPPY. Then all the family members give toasts. Molly and Cory have to toast to LOVE. Later, Molly laments her career as a local wedding photographer. I think she wants to be like an art photographer that would have a gallery show.

Later that evening, Molly fills her assistant in on her back story with Cory. He got a job somewhere else and decided to stay and didn’t even ask her to come with him! SO RUDE. Molly’s friend suggests she enter Sophia into a wedding sweepstakes to get some free stuff for the wedding. I DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS. Molly stumbles upon a wedding sweepstakes that offers a FREE wedding in Beverly Hills. All they have to do is answer the question: “How is our love perfect?” OH BOY. Do I have enough time? No, I do not. We have to just move on.

It’s already time for the engagement party. Cory arrives and wants to talk and clear the air. Dang, she is doing quite well being a wedding photographer. That house!! And she is wearing a super cute dress. She’s also still pretty huffy with him. Really? Four years later? They settle on a “truce.” So that’s that. Also, Molly couldn’t have treated Sophia to a blowout? Her hair is so flat! The party guests already are bombarding Sophia with questions about details. Molly has taken it upon herself to set up appointments to look at venues ALONE without even Sofia. Without even asking Sofia. Isn’t that weird? Also if they’re so tight on money, why don’t they have the wedding at the family farm with that beautiful barn?!! WHAT IN THE WORLD? Anyway, Jordan asks Cory to tag along with Molly to check out a venue. How about Sophia goes, though? Molly knows EVERYTHING about wedding venues and Cory knows nothing. Molly is SO BOSSY.

Then, Molly gets a call from the famous wedding planner. SHE WON the BEVERLY HILLS WEDDING. Wow. I did not see this coming.

So now Molly eagerly shares this good news with Sophia and Jordan. I am so curious how they are going to react. So wait, she didn’t tell them that she entered them in the contest. Didn’t ask if they would want to win this? Just went ahead and signed them up? Sounds like something I would do. They do seem excited. But then Molly tells them they have to get married in six weeks! Sophia is super stoked. What about all the guests? How far away is Beverly Hills? Does everyone now have to get there and stay there at their own expense?

Jordan tells Sophia that Molly tends to get carried away with being a bossy big sister and well, I FEEL PERSONALLY ATTACKED. It’s just that, maybe we know what’s best for everyone? What’s wrong with that?

At some point in the future, Molly is leaving her house to go on their wedding planning trip. CORY shows up to take her to the airport because HE’S GOING TOO! So they are flying. So that means everyone has to fly. ALL the guests.

Sophia and Molly have a quick heart to heart in the airport about dealing with Cory. And then a limo picks them up! They’re basically Kevin McCallister in NYC at this point. Molly is taking pictures of the scenery from INSIDE the limo. I’m sure those are great pictures. They are met at the hotel by the wedding planner, Terrence. His assistant, Kendall is holding a camcorder to film all the wedding planning action. Bless his heart.

So Jordan kind of panics when he realizes that Kendall’s ancient camcorder will somehow be uploaded to “social media.” Oh, did Molly forget to mention that? Molly is snapping pics too. Sophia seems on board with all of this but Jordan does NOT like it. Guys, Terrence leads them to the most boring basic hotel conference room I’ve ever seen. My dad says he is already sensing BIG problems.

Later, Sophia and Molly catch up in their…regular size hotel room. It’s very cute and has a fireplace. But it’s not big. Maybe I’m just jaded from “A Winter Getaway.”

Later, they have a meeting where Cory and Jordan give Terrence homemade jam from the farm. Instead of thinking that is a great idea for a favor, he is kind of rude about it. How dare he eat homemade jam. Then they talk about invites. Bless his heart, Cory suggests e-vites. The invites Terrence has ready are VERY fancy. Sophia guesses she also likes them but Jordan wants something more plain. Oh and Molly already made the whole guest list without telling Sophia or Cory. WHAT! There is over stepping and there’s that. Unless she pulled the list from somewhere? But yeah, that is a bit of an OVERSTEP.

My dad points out that maybe the boys shouldn’t have been here for any of this planning. And well, obviously not. We can bring those boys out for cake tasting but otherwise, let’s leave this wedding planning to the pros.

The girls then get manicures and pedicures. Terrence awkwardly stands and chats with them. He actually seems nice. Sophia wishes their mom was there. Meanwhile, Cory lays on the pool deck in a long sleeved shirt. he and Jordan just bro out. Jordan says he’s pretty uncomfortable with how fancy everything is. Ultimately, Jordan has a good attitude though. Very practical. Jordan wants to take Sophia out later so Cory decides to take Molly out. They ride a tandem bike down to a food truck and…well, if they can ride a tandem bike together, they should probably get married. A wise man told me that riding a tandem bike with his wife was the greatest test of their marriage.

Then they have a little chit chat about all of his traveling. Oh and about their break up. It’s boring, obviously.

Molly is up and at em the next morning. Ready for another busy day of wedding planning. Today is flower day. Jordan wants daisies because it is nostalgic. So yes, that’s cute! But, no one is on board with that. Sophia is not as concerned with daisies either. Cory mentions carnations and the florist almost passes out in horror. Then Cory steals a flower for Molly. Things are moving pretty fast for Sophia and Jordan. Things are getting decided for them all over the place. At the CHAMPAGNE tasting, the boys learn that poor Kendall is from Oregon too. So now they are going to be nicer to him. Molly takes over the champagne tasting as per usual. Jordan and Sophia have a tense moment. Jordan is frustrated that Molly is deciding everything. Well doy.

Cory and Molly have another heart to heart about their jobs. Yawn. She seems to be a very successful wedding photographer. I’m not sure why she can’t do both-take portraits and wedding pictures.

Later, it’s finally time for wedding dress shopping! Molly finds a really pretty dress but Sophia doesn’t like it. Sophia wants one that is like her mom’s. But Molly is so pushy as usual. She wants Sophia to be in a specific, fancy, expensive dress. I don’t get it.

Meanwhile the boys try on very boring tuxedos. Black with black bowties? Is that the best they can do? Poor Kendall makes the boys do a boomerang in their tuxes. Bless his heart. But where’s his ancient camcorder? He’s finally realizing he can do all of this on his phone? Good for him.

Okay, finally. It’s cake tasting time! The gang tests the cake like they’re in an eating competition. All in a row in the middle of the cake shop. Anyway, Jordan is way wrong here. He wants chocolate or vanilla. JORDAN NO. Guys, “regular people” only want chocolate or vanilla cake, okay? They wouldn’t like any other flavor. Then Cory suggests blueberry cobbler and Terrence calls that “pedestrian.” I agree! Well, I at least agree that cobbler is not wedding cake. After all of that, they only pick ONE flavor. It’s going to be six tiers for heaven’s sake! I had five wedding flavors. But salted caramel does sound good. Terrence is also horrified that she wants little bride and groom figurines on top. Sophia and Jordan are headed to get their rings next but Molly doesn’t realize they don’t want her there. Cory coaxes her into going to the beach instead.

Then the gang heads to Terrence’s house. It is gigantic. They are going to have a dance lesson out on Terrence’s patio. Poor Kendall is giving them the lessons. Jordan is anti-waltz. Cory steps in to make it less awkward. Meanwhile, Terrence’s husband tries to put things in perspective for him. Terrence didn’t used to care about making money! He just cared about weddings, I think is the take away?

Molly brings her portfolio for Terrence to look at and hopefully share with his gallery contact. Now it’s time to sample the menu. In true Hallmark form, the food is very fancy and weird. A seaweed bon bon? Barf face emoji. Honestly it all sounds disgusting. Guys, rich people only eat weird food that you’ve never heard of. Did you know? No? Well, Molly somehow does like it. Molly is also horrified at how rude Jordan is being. He could have a little more tact, honestly. Sophia and Jordan decide to leave. Then Cory and Molly have a tense heart to heart.

SO NOW without learning ANY LESSONS, Molly tells Terrence to call off the Beverly Hills wedding. Why didn’t she talk to Sophia or Jordan first?

Now they’re back home having a little pity party with their dad and aunt. The girls have a heart to heart. Wait, then Sophia casually mentions that Molly PAID FOR HER GRAD SCHOOL? Being a small town wedding photographer? I don’t think so. What was her dad doing?!

The next day, Molly arrives at the farm to hash things out with Jordan. She gives him a framed photo of him and Sophia as kids and when they got engaged. It’s cute, except for the garish font. Oh, so that’s it then. She just gets ready to leave.

Back in Beverly Hills, Terrence’s husband flips over the blueberry jam. I think it must be helping Terrence remember where he came from. Then Terrence calls Molly! He’s in town randomly. Hmm. They meet at Sophia’s dad’s. Terrence shares the story about how he met his husband. But he lost his way. So now Terrence still wants to host their wedding! He wants to bring Beverly Hills to them…but what does that mean? All the fancy stuff but in Oregon? Or they’ll still pay for it? Oh and Terrence’s gallery friend wants to meet with Molly too!

Oh so all of a sudden it’s wedding time and I believe they’re getting married at the farm. Everything is really lovely and Sophia is presumably wearing some version of her mom’s dress. Except I think I missed something about the neckline of that dress? It was supposed to be a sweetheart neckline but it absolutely is NOT.

The reception is very lovely too. There are flowers everywhere. Now, it’s time for Cory’s toast. For his toast, he READS MOLLY’S LETTER. WHY?! What if Molly wanted to read it? I mean she wrote it for heaven’s sake! What gives him the right? Okay so now Molly has to give a different speech? Let’s hear some embarrassing sibling stories for heaven’s sake!! Ugh. These guys don’t get it. We have a few holdovers from Beverly Hills; namely the six tiered wedding cake and the waltz. While Cory and Molly dance, they both tell each other they love each other. They agree to figure things out together. And then they kiss! Wow that came out of nowhere.

So that was that. Honestly, the biggest takeaway from this is that I’m shocked that two of my favorite Hallmark actresses are able to pay such an insufferable character so well. There’s bossy big sister (cough, me cough) and there’s Molly. It is almost too over the top to believe. But that’s where we are. So, I think that really clouds all the fun bits of the wedding planning. Everything is not quite right so it’s not as fun to watch I think. So I think that’s where I land for this one. If it’s a wedding planning movie, I want to see all the fun parts and not have those scenes be clouded by the bride and groom participating against their will. So, let’s hope next week’s is better! I’m ready.

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