Project Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas Eve Friends! This is it! The LAST RECAP of the season. I can’t believe I did it. I can’t believe I kept up with all 40 movies this year! I really didn’t think I could do it. But here we are. And all done before Christmas even! I like how they ordered the movies this year so we weren’t scrambling literally over Christmas to get through them all. But now, we don’t have any time to waste. Let’s dive in.

The movie begins with our lead, Lucy getting to the radio station just in time to start the show. She doesn’t even take her coat off. She is kicking off something called “Project Christmas Wish.” She also tries out a new slogan, which makes my husband say “barf.”

So after 2 minutes of work, she gets up and heads into a store. Oh wait, does she not work at the radio station? Does she work at this store? Her mom stops by with a custom “elf costume.” Lucy calls it “Christmas in Middle Earth.” But Lucy, the elves in Middle Earth wouldn’t be caught dead in that. They are a TOTALLY different kind of elf than the North Pole. I can’t even… Lucy. NO. Okay? I don’t have any more time to yell at you about how wrong you are.

Grumpy lead boy Lucas is already tired of Christmas. His parents tell him to be less of a grinch for his daughter…Max. It seems like they have just moved in. This is a pretty weird kid. She kind of just has this perpetual dreamy glazed look in her eyes. I don’t want or mean to be critical of a kid though so that’ll be that.

Back at that store or whatever, Lucy is begrudgingly wearing her NORTH POLE elf costume. A news reporter is interviewing people who received their wish last year. I don’t know what is going here actually.

Then Lucas and his daughter Max stop in this…retail space. There is a cute moment where Max calls him “Dad” and he corrects her and says, “it’s Dad-dy. When did I become ‘Dad’?” And that is cute because I CAN SO RELATE.

Then Lucy and Lucas bicker over whether a certain ornament is a horse or something else. Anyway, Max also makes a wish as part of Project Christmas Wish. I truly do not understand what this is. Is this a retail store? Or is it a straight up Christmas themed charity organization?

At home, Lucy and her mom go over some of the wishes.

Then little glazed Max asks her grandparents to take her to the radio station so she can make a wish for Project Christmas Wish. And she alleges that THIS, making a wish as part of this nondescript charity promotion, is all she wants for Christmas. The grandpa demands she keep her word on that and agrees to take her.

Lucy is at the radio station. The host suggests Max just tell her her wish on air! No parental permission necessary! Lucas hears it on the radio. Dang I didn’t realize people listened to the radio when they were just sitting on their couch like that. Max announces on the radio that her mom died and they don’t do many Christmas things. She wants a Christmas like they used to have. Well Lucy, that seems like something only Lucas can put together.

Lucas arrives at the radio station a little fired up that no one got his permission to put his child on the radio. AMEN BROTHER. Lucy seems surprised that Max didn’t have her dad’s permission. THAT’S WHY YOU GET SIGNED PARENTAL CONSENT FORMS LUCY.

Later, Lucas and Max have a heart to heart. Oof. I can’t take much more of this kid. I hate to say it but I do really mean it. I don’t think it’s this real kid’s fault.

Lucy tells her mom about Lucas and Max. THIS she has decided is her “BIG WISH” of the season. What are you talking about? This basically falls on Lucas’s shoulders. Like what does Lucy have to do with it now?

Lucas complains to his parents about the mess they created for him. He’s the talk of the town now. And also what is Project Christmas Wish? Does Lucy runs a retail store?

Anyway, Lucas arrives at the store or HQ or whatever to apologize to Lucy but he HONESTLY SHOULDN’T. Lucas agrees to let Lucy do one Christmas activity with his daughter. They agree to find a Christmas tree together. GUYS. I DON’T THINK I’M GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS ONE. I feel like I’m little crawling and limping to the finish line here.

Joan’s boyfriend arrives. He needs help coming up with ideas for her Christmas present. Colin, this boyfriend character, is a treasure. He may single handedly save this movie.

Lucas and Lucy chat a little. She calls him a robot. Okay so Project Christmas Wish IS a full time job and that means that store is their HQ. No, I’m still wrong. Stay tuned. Good news. There is also going to be a fundraising carnival at the end. YAY. More carnivals. Max finds a tree and wants Lucy to decorate with them. Lucy makes poor Collin, the likely impoverished tree lot owner, donate a tree to this wealthy software engineer.

They place Luke’s tree right in the center of their living room. I feel that is a bold choice. Lucas has a surprising amount of beautiful ornaments. Then Max wants to do more Christmas activities with this strange woman.

I am so bummed that of the likely dozens of Christmas wishes, their BIG wish they’re showcasing is just doing Christmas activities with a kid. They casually mention a woman needing a car to get to work and bringing a deployed troop home…but yes, this kid’s wish is definitely the big ticket item. Then EVERYONE thinks everyone should be dating again. Lucy, her mom, Lucas. Lucas’s dad is fantastic also.

Lucas and Max head to Lucy’s. It is decorated to the BRIM with Christmas. Ugh and she has a cat named “Mr. Mittens.” LUCY BE BETTER. They are making Christmas cookies. Then poor little Max gets emotional because she remembered making cookies with her mom.

Now it’s wreath making time. Lucy plays wingman to Max for friendship. They should be friends because they both like unicorns and rainbows. GIRLS. Then Lucy asks Cheryl, the woman who facilitates the wreath making event to tell a reporter about the event. She says she used to make wreaths with her son but he’s in the military so she doesn’t see him much. BUT THEN HE SHOWS UP. Christmas wish granted. I think her only restriction there though was being able to afford a plane ticket so that’s kind of underwhelming.

Later, Max goes on the radio to blab more about her dad’s personal life. So maybe we should do some prep before putting that girl on the radio. She says she wants her dad to find love. I just find these types of story lines to believe. Maybe my kids are just selfish bumble bees.

The next day, Joan and Lucy talk about putting on a dating event for all the wish makers that wanted love. Collin creeps in the window. He is trying to propose to her. GOT IT. Oh no. Lucy suggests proposing IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE TOWN. LUCY NO. NO NO NO. Lucy. That is a terrible idea. Collin is like, Lucy no that’s a bad idea. Lucy doesn’t listen to him. But Lucy, proposing in public is a TERRIBLE IDEA.

Lucy runs into Lucas at a coffee cart. Lucas offers to buy her drink so she makes it EXTRA EXPENSIVE. Also who is drinking just eggnog in the middle of the day.

So FINALLY we get some more intel on this retail space. Joan is an interior designer and Lucy uses that space for her charity and also works there during the year. That helps. They decide to sit and talk even though Lucy is holding a drink that Lucas purchased for Joan. So that’s rude. Lucy tells Lucas about her dad dying when she was young and how she and her mom really struggled that first year. It sounds like the whole town pulled together and took care of everything they needed that year. Well dang it, I still hate this movie but that’s sweet. That is why she started Project Christmas Wish.

Finally Lucy is like, I should get this now cold eggnog to Joan. As she turns to leave, Lucas wonders what Lucy’s Christmas Wish is. Lucy is like, I want a Peloton, duh! That’s right. I STILL DON’T HAVE ONE.

The next day, Lucy is back at the radio station giving an update on Project Christmas Wish. They are also pairing people up to be friends. That bums me out. Who has time for more friends?

I’m not sure where we are next. But Collin is here and I’m stoked about it. This is some kind of Hanukkah activity. Lucy continues to make the proposal WAY TOO OVER THE TOP. LUCY. I am team Collin the rest of the movie. Max and her new friend Sonya are just having a blast. What is this event though for real? Just a Hanukkah party?

Lucas asks if Lucy has a Christmas wish yet? No. Later they sit at a beautiful spread of…I guess Hanukkah food. Then they talk about the singles mixer. Lucy reveals she is divorced. Her husband had an affair! Dang that’s edgy for Hallmark. Lucas tells Lucy about his wife. They talk about Lucy’s hopes and dreams then but it’s too boring and I don’t listen very closely.

Later, Lucy and her mom have a heart to heart about grief. I think I LOVE the sweater she’s wearing. Lucy stops by Lucas’s house to make gingerbread houses. NO. LAME. Well actually this is cute. They make a big cardboard gingerbread house. Lucy and Max hang out inside. Lucy is way too ambitious about decorating the interior of the gingerbread house. Then Max gives Lucy a friendship bracelet. Then Lucy gives Max some grief counseling. I mean, kind of. I personally, didn’t find it that helpful. As she leaves, Lucy gives Lucas the horse ornament they argued over.

For some reason, Max helps decorate for the singles mixer. Lucy and her mom arrive. Lucy’s mom made her another dress. It’s much better than that first outfit. Much more like a Rivendale elf. They both agree to be open to finding love again.

Outside the mixer, Lucas and his mom have a nice little moment. Wow this is a FANCY mixer. Lucas’s mom continues to play wingman as she hands him two drinks. He brings Lucy a drink and they chit chat. Lucas says he’s okay with not mixing with other singles. SO HEY! She tells him that it wouldn’t be possible to make Project Christmas Wish a year round event. He’s like, dang that’s a bummer. Let’s dance! I don’t know. I wasn’t paying attention.

While they dance, Lucas asks to join Project Christmas Wish. What does that mean? And then Lucy and Lucas’s moms both look at them dancing like real creeps.

Lucy and Joan chat about LUCAS the next day. She LIKES HIM. Also Joan is a treasure. Then Joan says she thinks Collin is avoiding her or trying to break up with her. Well, Joan you just hold your horses MISSY.

Lucy calls Collin and tells him to CHILL. Also I hope he comes up with a new proposal idea. Lucas’s parents arrive with MORE DONUTS. Lucas has a whole new attitude on donuts and the holidays. He tells his parents THERE’S SOMETHING THERE. And Then Mrs. Pott’s starts singing. But Lucas struggles a tiny bit with his grief about Stephanie, his wife. Ooof.

Lucy and Lucas and Max meet up later. Lucy is wearing her bracelet. She’s painted a giant horse for some reason. Then Max asks if she can give a speech at the carnival. All the adults in her life should say NO. Then Lucas tells Lucy he is doing secret wish business as well. Whatever that means. THEN HE INVITES HER OVER FOR PIZZA THAT NIGHT. So things must be getting serious.

It looks like Max, Lucy and Lucas made marshmallow snowmen after their pizza party. Lucas asks Lucy to stay and hang while he puts Max to bed. Lucy heads out to his porch swing and fire pit. That’s cute.

Lucas tells Lucy about some Elmhurst horse mascot. I must have missed this. Anyway, the story he tells her is lame and I don’t care about it. Lucy does though. So that’s nice. He just made the whole thing up. That’s great, honestly. Then Lucas tells Lucy she is SO BEAUTIFUL and then asks to KISS HER. OMG what is happening. And then they didn’t even get interrupted. But then he gets pretty emotional about that and so she decides to leave. Oh that’s sad.

Lucy is wearing another fantastic sweater the following day. She watches a movie on her ipad in her living room for some reason. Her mom brings over a yule log and Lucy just dives right in on it. Lucy’s mom gives her a little pep talk about Luke. She’s right. Lucy seems a little bit understanding at least so that’s good.

That night Lucy finds Collin at the Christmas carnival. He has questions. The proposal doesn’t feel right. AMEN COLLIN. Joan arrives and Collin flees. Lucy runs into Lucas then. Lucas apologizes and explains a little. He says he has “a lot of feelings” for her but isn’t sure if he’s ready or if he’ll ever be ready. Totally get that. She can’t just WAIT AROUND though. That’s fair too. So then they seem to decide to just be friends since Lucas isn’t ready and Lucy can’t just wait around and see if he ever is! Totally get it.

Lucas and his dad have a heart to heart. His dad is like, WHY WOULD YOU END THINGS WITH LUCY! Lucas says he is just struggling with moving on from his wife. Wow his dad gives him some just really lovely and profound advice.

Later, Lucas finds Max hiding in her gingerbread fort. Max tells him that she heard he got into a fight with Lucy. Dude his parents have like NO CHILL. Lucas also reminds Max that they have a big Christmas surprise for her.

We are back for night 2 or something at the Christmas Carnival. Everyone is having a grand old time. Joan sees Collin hauling a giant snow machine up to the stage and she just has enough. She’s like DUDE WHY ARE YOU BEING SO WEIRD? Then he blurts out that he wants to marry her. So then he just proposes right there. THANK GOODNESS COLLIN. Oh I’m so relieved he didn’t do it in front of everyone. Then Lucas totally interrupts. He needs their help with something.

Lucy and her mom have a mini heart to heart. It’s fine.

So we’re still letting Max give her speech then. Okay, here she goes. Please make it stop. I know this is supposed to be nice but I’m just dying slowly inside. Then Max calls Lucy over. She hands Lucy a gift from “the whole town.” Apparently it’s like, enough money to run Project Christmas Wish full time? Or a charter for a 501(c)(3)? I’m not sure. Anyway, she’s touched. Then Lucas arrives with a “Christmas” horse. He announces to the whole town he wants to “go overboard” with her? I don’t know. Anyway, now the whole town is going to hear his whole private speech to her. And then THEY KISS. And he doesn’t cry about it this time. So that’s good news I guess. And then it starts snowing. So that’s it.

We did it! We made it through all the movies. I don’t know how I feel about this one. I really hated the beginning and most of the premise. But I did kind of like these two at the end. So maybe bottom middle? I just can’t believe this was the last one. Let’s rate it! I think it’s only 5/20 but maybe I missed something? Not sure.

  1. Single Parent
  2. Lead hates Christmas
  3. Christmas Carnival
  4. Christmas Baking
  5. A sassy and wise best friend

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