Glenbrooke Christmas

I knew absolutely zero about this movie going in. I was just hoping against hope it wouldn’t be outright terrible.

Our lead, Jessica is a VERY wealthy person. She has this beautiful sketches she did in the car but she tells the wait staff to toss it. There are like a thousand servants. Jessica wants to help with everything but nobody lets her. She tells the woman doing her hair for a Christmas party that her parents died a long time ago and her grandfather took care of her. She is wearing a very cute pink glittery dress.

Meanwhile in Glenbrooke, a firefighting crew scope out smoke coming out of a church. They get it all figured out. OR DO THEY?

Back in California, Jessica and her grandpa host a Christmas party at his house. Her grandpa is really nice. Then a stranger approaches Jessica. A cute guy? He is really trying to pick her up. I DON’T LIKE HIM. I DON’T TRUST HIM. Jessica is much more polite to him than I would be. Also, this indoor tree lighting is the best one I’ve seen all year. Then we find out that guy wasn’t hitting on her. He was trying to do a business deal with her. She is disappointed. People only want her for what she can do for them apparently.

After the party, Jessica looks at an old picture of her parents. Then she tells one of the wait staff the story of those church bells in Glenbrooke. Then Martha tells Jessica the story of how her dad proposed. Jessica wonders if she should go to Glenbrooke. She’s been dying to go there for a while. She tells her grandpa she’s thinking of going before she starts her new job. She could stay in the house her mom grew up in alone at Christmas! That makes sense right?! Jessica decides to go by her middle name so no one will know who she is. She is apparently that famous as a busy business person. She also decides to drive, but promises to leave after the bells chime at midnight and then be back on Christmas Day. But now that I type all that out, it makes absolutely zero sense. She is driving from Los Angeles to somewhere in Colorado and posits it will take her over a day to get there. But she also posits it will take her a few hours to get back. So I think she’s done that math wrong. But no matter. Which one of those very fancy cars will she take?! She decides to take one of the servant’s Acadia’s.

Jessica sings her way to Colorado. Then she hits our lead fire chief, Kyle, with her car. He wonders if she was texting. She’s a bit huffy about the implication. But really, like it’s probably his fault? Wasn’t he jaywalking? Anyway, there are gingerbread cookies everywhere! She makes it to her mom’s house in one piece. It is decorated to the gills with Christmas. She meets the owner, Wyatt.

Wyatt gives her the run down of the house and all the town events. Wifi is at a coffee shop around the corner and they just got “speed dial”! So good news all around. Wyatt even made her a little welcome basket. Jessica gets out her sketch book. Then Jessica starts a fire and fills the whole house up with smoke. The fire alarm goes off. Instead of opening the doors and windows, she waves a towel at the fire alarm. So then ol Wyatt calls the fire department. And doesn’t cancel it. Then, Kyle, the guy she HIT WITH HER CAR, arrives.

So, yeah it’s just smoke. But Ruth, Kyle’s little fireperson helper, is just ready and willing to be his wingman. He lectures Jessica on opening the flue. Ruth says his seriousness is “kind of a bummer.” Then she introduces Kyle to Jessica. Also is Ruth 15?

Kyle asks Jessica what she does. She stutters a little and he’s like, oh never mind, that’s rude to ask polite questions about people you just met. Then Jessica’s grandpa calls to see how she’s doing and also WORK STUFF.

So the coffee shop Jessica stops into is definitely from Christmas Town right? Anyway, she’s there to do some work. Then the coffee shop owner assumes she wants hot chocolate. First thing in the morning?! The “art center” director, Terry, stops by too. She describes what an art center is which is a relief because I truly didn’t know. Terry offers to split her cinnamon roll with Jessica. I would be uncomfortable. FOR SURE. Everyone in town knows about her running into Kyle and the smoke filled house though, so that’s embarrassing. Doesn’t anyone realize she’s there to work?

Later, she tries to take a selfie in front of the church. Kyle stops by and offers to take it for her. Kyle tells her the bells still aren’t working. He has an engineering degree from MIT but decided to come home and be a fireman. As you do. So then she and Kyle walk and talk their way into town. Then Jessica walks into the art center. Some of the kids think she’s the art instructor. She DID get an art history degree though. Why did she get that degree if she was going to take over her grandpa’s real estate company? She does know ALOT ABOUT ART THOUGH! But she doesn’t want to teach the classes for the week.

Back at her house, she does some drawing. ARE THERE NO TVs? The next day, Jessica tells Wyatt about her parents. He knew them. He promises not to tell anyone. Jessica says she’s going to get a Christmas tree that day. So she has to go to the fire station for the tree. Ruth tells her to check out the VIP section, which is just where Kyle is standing. All the trees have snow on them. She picks out a tree and she and Kyle walk it back to her house.

Kyle helps her get it all set up. She has her ornaments all ready to go. Kyle says his mom is on a Christmas cruise with some girlfriends. His dad died. They have a moment. Then he spills that he had a fiancé but it didn’t work out because they came from completely different worlds. Jessica wonders if he would like her if he knew she had millions of dollars. He laughs because he said she’s too normal. Then she invites him to stay and decorate her tree with her. He jumps at the chance. He grabs her sketchbook and notices her drawing. Kyle seems like a very awkward human. They plug in the lights and blow the transformer. Kyle heads out to fix it. Then he texts her to turn the lights back on because he also just left? Then he says she needs new lights. Does that make a difference? He gives her LED lights. So that helps? Then they text a little. Kyle tries to use some emojis. Nice try, Kyle.

The next day, Jessica strolls around shopping and then ends up at the art center. Terry tells Jessica that the art teacher bailed. Terry is going to try and do it all. Terry tries to get Jessica to teach the class. Terry shows her a picture one of the kids painted, based on Jessica’s suggestion. Jessica finally agrees. Terry said teaching a beginner art class if about following your heart. But is it?

Later, Jessica overhears Kyle on the phone. It is going to cost $10,000 to fix the bells! But who has that kind of money?!! Kyle tells her that night is a big night at Wyatt’s house. So she needs to go. Doesn’t she like live there?

Now it’s time for Jessica to teach her first class. She actually has a good idea. Dawn, one of the students, struggles to get started. Jessica gives Dawn a pep talk. Then Jessica silences a work call!!

She finally takes her grandpa’s call. She tells her grandpa that she delegated a few things even!! She mentions the bells. Her grandpa tells her to just write a check. But she doesn’t want to do it like that. Why not? Her grandpa and her driver think she sounds reinvigorated. Then Kyle shows up. Jessica asks if tonight is supposed to be an ugly sweater thing? Kyle is like, this is my nicest sweater? Haha. Anyway, he has some choices for her. She cooperates and they head to the event. Why are people passing out gifts?

Then Jessica shares what happened to her parents….kind of. She says she needs to hear the bells. Also, she has an idea for fundraiser. Jessica wants to try and talk people from the next town over “with money to burn” to participate in this fundraiser. So this is a terrible idea. So the town of Brantley hasn’t done any charitable giving this year? They’re all just dying to donate money but have no idea where? How about some random town’s church bells? And some children’s artwork? Yes! We’re dying to burn our money on that.

After the event, Jessica tells Kyle what happened to her parents. And she tells him she’s staying in her mom’ old house. Jessica wants to tell Kyle the truth about her job too. But then Terry interrupts. Of course. TERRY! Then Kyle gets his bee in his bonnet about rich people. So of course then Jessica chickens out. Anyway, it’s caroling time.

So then Jessica gives everyone a pep talk for the fundraiser. Poor Billy wonders if he gets any of the money from the proceeds of his painting. Everyone just laughs at silly old Billy. It’s an involuntary donation Billy! You know, for the “greater good”? Get with the program BILLY.

Later, Terry tells Jessica she’s on to her. Terry is nice to her but tells her she needs to tell Kyle the truth about herself. She agrees to tell him after the fundraiser. Then Kyle ropes Jessica into story time at the art center. She tells the kids they can call her “Jessie.” Kyle asks if he can call her Jessie. She says she’ll see. He reads “The Night Before Christmas.” Jessica helps him turn the pages.

While setting up for the fundraiser, Terry tells Jessica the phone has been ringing off the hook. People are dying to participate/burn their money on children’s artwork. Then Kyle asks if they’re still getting together that night. Terry gives Jessica a TALKING TO. She does not want to see Kyle hurt.

Kyle set up a lovely dinner for them outside at night in December in Colorado. And he’s not wearing a coat. Then Jessica drinks a beer without a glass. She is so rugged! And relatable. Jessica brought some dessert in some very elaborate packaging. And where did he get those plate covers? Then Kyle walks her to her door. Jessica says she wants to talk to him after the fundraiser. Kyle wants to talk about “us!”

Later, Wyatt stops by to give her something her parents left behind when they moved. It’s an old angel tree topper.

The next morning, people are just lining up to go to the fundraiser. BRIDGET recognizes Jessica. Jessica pretends to be there buying stuff. Terry is like GIRL. Then it’s fundraising time. All these people with MONEY TO BURN on crappy student art and homemade baked goods. These poor students are not getting any of the benefit of their artwork selling for high prices. Then Terry announces they raised the money. Kyle heads off to call the people who can fix the lights.

Jessica comes outside to catch up with Kyle. Something seems wrong with him. Kyle spills that he was trying to find some old photos for her of her parents and discovers she’s Jessica Morgan. So then Kyle has a freak out. Kyle, every time money comes up you TOTALLY FREAK OUT! And actually Jessica does say that to him. SO GOOD FOR YOU GIRL. But Kyle digs his heels in on being a DRAMA QUEEN and GIANT CRYBABY so that’s that.

The next day, Jessica packs up and decides to leave instead of hearing the bells she came for. She packs up and heads to the coffee shop. I hate the way the coffee shop owner says “cocoa.” But I hate the way everyone says “cocoa.” But this coffee shop owner says it about 16 times. SOMETIMES PEOPLE WANT COFFEE CHERYL. Everyone is sad to see Jessica go. Even Ruth is at a loss for words. Then she almost hits Kyle with her car but she doesn’t. TRICKY. Wyatt stops by the coffee shop and shows the girls the notebook Jessica left at the house. All her sketches. Ruth decides she needs to show them to Kyle.

Ruth heads to the fire station to show Kyle the notebook. She says it’s a collection of art called “Kyle’s an Idiot.” I agree with her assessment. Ruth talks some SENSE into that dum dum’s head finally.

Jessica’s drive is interrupted by an avalanche. Again I ask what magical universe this is where it only was going to take her a few hours to get home. I mean, she would have had to have left on Christmas Eve anyway to get to LA at SOME POINT on Christmas Day!! She calls her grandpa but can’t get through. And then Kyle shows up and gives her a speech about how much of a little baby he was. Then Jessica apologizes for doing nothing wrong. Then the road magically clears and Jessica decides to go back to Glenbrooke. Then her grandpa arrives! Kyle meets her grandpa. They talk briefly about her happiness. If she tells him she wants to quit and teach art in Glenbrooke I’m going to lose it. Okay no she wants to be CEO of the company and the foundation and to focus on art. Aren’t those two full time jobs? She couldn’t actually do both right? Anyway, forget about that. It’s bell ringing time. Kyle gives Jessica a gift. To be the person that gets to ring the bells! I would be a little disappointed if that’s all I got. Then Kyle gives her another speech. Then it’s time to ring the bells. Kyle tells Jessica to make a wish and then they kiss! And that’s it.

So this one was perfectly fine. It is very much a spin on the same old same old. But I did enjoy watching it. I mean, this is what we’re all here for right? Let’s see how it did on the checklist. Only 4/20! Crazy.

  1. Clumsy Meet Cute
  2. Christmas fundraiser (not as fancy as a gala but still)
  3. Christmas puns
  4. Nonsense drama

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