Christmas in Evergreen: Bells are Ringing

Okay so Christmas in Evergreen PART 4. This is actually the story I wanted more of last year. So, I’m very pleased about this. I liked the first movie. I liked the second movie. I did not care for the third movie at all. So, here we are. Let’s get into it.

Hannah is narrating and gives a quick background of the last three movies. I don’t actually think you need to watch them to watch this one. Hannah is wearing a great sweater. She and Elliot are running a cute little store-Turner Tinker Shop. Apparently business is BOOMING. People are clamoring for Elliot to fix their crappy old toys. Or, what does he do there? Hannah encourages Elliot to change the name; since it’s her parents’ name. Hannah reluctantly leaves Elliot at the shop to go to the Inn. Hannah runs into NOT SANTA, Nick. Nick turns into the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland as he looks at his pocket watch and then he scampers off.

Hannah heads to Kringles and meets with Carol and Michelle. Michelle is wedding planning. She and Thomas are planning a small wedding on the 23rd. Michelle is concerned about her dad getting there though. Michelle shares that she’s looking to hire a manager for the Evergreen Christmas Museum.

Hannah books it over to the Inn finally. The Inn is FULL because of that Christmas museum. Sure, Jan. Hannah gets her Christmas bonus from the Inn owner. She works about 5 different jobs it seems. Elliot is also at the Inn decorating. He seems up to something. Elliot asks Hannah about the tinker shop. He seems very focused on the future…of the tinker shop. Then Ezra, the former mayor, returns for Christmas and the wedding. Things have not worked out very well for Ezra since he stepped down as mayor, unfortunately. Then Ezra spills that Elliot applied for money to open a second shop…in Boston. Elliot has big career dreams. Hannah does not seem to be on board.

Outside, Hannah runs into Allie. Allie has a big reunion with everyone in the street, Michelle, her parents….you know, the whole gang! Though I wonder if she and Michelle actually filmed that scene together.

That night the town has choir practice. Hannah spills all her purse contents on the ground. She asks Carol how the town views her. Carol tells her she does too much though. Hannah says “yes” to everything. So Hannah is just like her mom. Hannah starts leading practice. They are terrible, for real.

Then Hannah wanders into the very narrow building that is supposed to be the town Christmas museum. She looks at some old photos as Michelle approaches. So the town used “all that money” from last year to…BUILD A CHRISTMAS MUSEUM?! NO. NO! What a waste! Seriously that is so dumb.

Anyway, Michelle and Hannah talk about all the buzz the town is getting for how they do Christmas. Then, Michelle asks if Hannah knows anyone to run the Christmas museum.

Then Hannah tells Elliot that she decided to start managing the Christmas Museum. Hannah thinks she can make her mark on the town through the museum. They are both very excited about everything happening in their lives.

The next day, Michelle and Hannah walk through the museum and talk strategy. Elliot shows up and gets involved. HE HAS SO MANY TRINKETS to sell at the museum. They talk about the creepy photo at the entrance of the museum. Then Michelle’s sister Sonya arrives. She’s great.

Sonya dares to ask if Kringles has anything besides gingerbread. I mean. WHAT. Sonya doesn’t like the candy cane in her hot chocolate either. Sonya then tries to talk Michelle into making a bigger deal about her wedding. Michelle is frustrated that her dad won’t commit to his travel plans.

That night, Hannah stops by the Cooper sisters’ house to pick up some music. They are twins. But I don’t remember them from the other movies.

Hannah arrives at Elliot’s…LATE. She is just SO BUSY ALL THE DANG TIME. Well they are very cute. Wait, they’re making their gingerbread house before eating dinner? That bums me out.

The next day, Hannah and Elliot pick up a tree. Michelle and Sonya are there…Sonya seems to find the tree lot owner interesting. Michelle says they are having their rehearsal dinner at the tree farm.

At the museum, Elliot and Hannah take the creepy old photo down. They think about maybe having the town mural painted there instead. Then a guy shows up to the museum and is like…what are you doing to this old hat factory! And where are the Cooper sisters!

Then Michelle talks to Thomas. He actually might not make it for their wedding. Then Michelle asks Sonya what is going on with their dad. Michelle threatens her sister with glitter and wrapping paper to figure out what is going on. Well, he and Sonya had a small falling out I guess.

Then, that guy shows up at the INN. His name is Jeb Cooper. He is the Cooper sisters’ brother and he is very angry about them giving up the hat factory to turn it into a museum. He is a big old grouch. Dude I am also angry they spent all that money on a CHRISTMAS museum.

Hannah runs into Carol outside. She is giving the Cooper sisters her cookbook. Elliot points out that he and Hannah met right outside. Then Elliot throws a snow ball at her. A SNOWBALL FIGHT ensues. Then they build snow angels.

Carol reminisces about the hand bell choir and piano lessons with the Cooper sisters.

Then Hannah and Elliot make cookies with…everyone; with a subtle Nestle ad. And then Hannah feeds a piece of a cookie to Elliot and that just bums me out. Elliot gets a phone call and then leaves briefly. Elliot got the money! Hannah puts on a brave face and then heads to the museum.

Then Thomas calls Michelle. He is trapped at the logging farm. So he is going to miss the rehearsal.

Elliot shows up at the museum to talk about all his ideas for the new store in Boston. And he came up with a great new name! Elliot wants Hannah to join him in Boston. She really wants to stay in Evergreen. Then Jeb Cooper shows up. He is still his angry grouchy self and says he owns 1/3rd of the building and didn’t give his permission to give the building to the town.

The next morning, Elliot shows up at Hannah’s house. She is stress knitting. Elliot has something urgent to talk about but is interrupted.

Hannah talks to Michelle and Sonya about all the DRAMA. Sonya says this town has some very unique sadness. And that makes me laugh out loud. Hannah says she’s loved working on the Christmas museum all by herself. Then Michelle’s dad shows up. So, Michelle’s dad has brought…BEA. Sonya doesn’t seem happy about their dad having a girlfriend.

Hannah chases down Carol. She asks Carol to take over the choir. Carol accepts. She’s very excited to take it over!

Thomas has only bad news to share with Michelle. He doesn’t think he can get out even by Christmas. Michelle is incredibly patient.

At the museum, Elliot is ready to have a heart to heart with Hannah. Hannah really doesn’t want to leave Evergreen. He thinks she needs to get out of the town. She wonders if they want different things. She wonders if they should spend some time apart to think about what they want. What are you going to do Hannah? Run this museum that’s completely subsidized by the taxpayers of Evergreen and visited by no one? Make maybe $8/hour?

At home, Hannah reminisces about all her memories with Elliot. She wakes up to her sweet little nephew making her some coffee.

Later, Hannah runs into Elliot at Kringles. It’s kind of awkward. She sees Sonya and her dad. They seem to be getting along. But then Sonya says that Christmas has not been her and her dad’s “thing.” The town nearly murders them.

Michelle arrives and wonders if they should just have the party for her wedding anyway. Sonya is just all on board with all of this all of a sudden. Then Hannah runs into grouchy mc grouchster and invites him to the party. He is like, hey quit being so nice. It’s not going to change anything. She stays the course. He’s upset that the hat factory closed and there’s no industry in Evergreen. Well, Christmas is the industry now Chief!

Outside, Sonya doesn’t know the words to the 12 Days of Christmas. It for real makes me laugh out loud.

We see a couple weird cuts of Hannah and Elliot before it’s time for choir practice. Carol wants to add bells to their performance. Everyone is on board.

It’s time for the Christmas party at the tree farm. Carol asks Hannah what’s going on. Hannah asks to talk about it later. Oh wait, maybe this is not the party. This is a wreath making party. Poor Michelle finally breaks down. Oh geez she is pushing the wedding back an entire year. Then a snowball fight breaks out. ANOTHER ONE? The tree lot owner and Sonya have a MOMENT. Elliot and Hannah team up. They are having a great time. They forget they’re taking time apart.

Hannah and David do interviews of the town. I think this is for some audio visual presentation for the museum. They end by interviewing the Cooper sisters. David suggests surprising Jeb Cooper. She gets inspired when David puts on his hat.

She decides to stop by the tinker store to see how the mural is going. Hannah loves it. Elliot asks Hannah to go to Michelle and Thomas’s wedding whenever it is, whatever they are.

Hannah runs into grouchy grouch again and he needs to make sure the museum is up to his standard. Hannah has a surprise!

Sonya complains to Michelle about “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Then Sonya asks Michelle to try on her wedding dress. She refuses but Sonya says they should all get dressed up for dinner. She has SOMETHING UP HER SLEEVE. The choir people all show up with decorations. So, Michelle’s idea of getting dressed up for dinner is much different than mine. I would have put on black jeans. She is dressed up like she’s going to the prom. David is playing the piano in a little suit and tie. Then David tells her he has one more surprise. Thomas is on Zoom outside. Thomas gives her a sneak peak of his wedding vows. Oof. This is rough.

Hannah walks into the beautifully decorated church. Elliot is playing the piano and invites her to sit down. She starts playing with him. Then they KISS. Hannah says she doesn’t want to do long distance. Elliot is worried they really do want different thing. Hannah says a good friend wouldn’t stand in his way. HANNAH JUST GO TO BOSTON THOUGH FOR REAL.

At Kringles the next day. Allie throws some keys at Hannah. Allie wonders if Mr. Cooper will be convinced by all of Hannah’s shenanigans. Carol offers her cherry strudel to sweeten the pot. Hannah decides to make another wish on the snow globe. Outside she runs into NICK. Who is NOT SANTA. He gives her some regular NOT SANTA person advice.

At Michelle’s house, poor Bea tries to invite Michelle and Sonya to do things together. Sonya shuts her down HARD.

Hannah meets Mr. Cooper at the Christmas Festival. He has ONE HOUR HANNAH.

Michelle catches Sonya watching It’s a Wonderful Life again. Michelle wonders if Sonya is being to rough on Bea. Sonya knows she’s being childish. Michelle give Sonya some good sister advice. Then Bea joins Sonya on the couch with the SAME ISSUES with the movie.

Elliot arrives at his store to see a hand panted sign with the new store name from Hannah. Then he puts a gift in a box I think.

At the museum, Hannah excitedly shows Mr. Cooper the hat display she made. HE HATES IT. Jeb kind of gets way personal with Hannah. Hannah kind of gives him a talking to. She tells him what he NEEDS TO HEAR. It doesn’t work. Wow he is a very irrational lunatic. No wonder the business went under while he was at the helm. Elliot just misses Hannah as she leaves with Jeb to take him to the train station.

The fancy red truck dies on their way to the train station. Santa arrives but Jeb doesn’t think they need help. He thinks he can fix the truck himself. He says he will go back to the museum to get some tools. When he goes back, his sisters’ interview is playing on a screen inside. THAT seems to grow grinchy Jeb’s heart three sizes.

Hannah and Santa have a heart to heart while they wait for Jeb. Then the Cooper sisters arrive. Jeb walks back basically a completely different person. The siblings hug. Santa hands Hannah the contract for the building that he just happens to have because Jeb is ready to sign. He lets the town keep the admission fees and the gift shop proceeds. Then Santa disappears.

Everyone hangs out at the Christmas museum that night. It is very cute but honestly is this idea sustainable? There are just so many better ways to invest that money right? Like tax cuts or some kind of scholarship fund for kids? Anyway, Jeb is now leading tours to uninterested children.

Allie and Zoe have some news for her parents! Allie is having a baby! Yay. I assume it’s for the camera because Allie looks straight ahead the whole time. Hannah finds the present Elliot made for her and heads to the gazebo to open it. It’s a ceramic glove holding a snowball. Then Elliot arrives and gives her a little speech about how he loves her. Elliot says he’s going to keep the flagship store in Evergreen and Ezra is going to take care of the store in Boston so…THAT ALL WORKED OUT. He asks Hannah if they can try this again…and also MARRY HIM?! WHAT? He’s really not going to propose? Then they give an interview for the museum? That’s what they’re doing right? Then they all have Christmas dinner. Tree lot owner is there, sitting next to Sonya. OKAY FOR REAL. He really didn’t propose? OKAY THAT’S IT.

I am pretty upset about how this all went down. I have to assume that Covid ruined the plans to make this a wedding centric edition of this line of movies. I mean, Thomas was on video chat the whole time so that might explain a lot. However, it does not explain why Elliot didn’t PROPOSE at the end of this movie?! Like, why not? Are we going to have to wait another year for this proposal? Or are we just not going to get to see that? I waited all year to hear what these two got up to for heaven’s sake. But also, I do think we are probably GOOD on Evergreen Christmas movies. Let’s just let these people be probably? Can we all agree? Anyway, since this is 4 in a series and not focusing on a new relationship, it just is not going to have the typical Hallmark tropes so I’m not going to rate it against the checklist. So that’s that!

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