Christmas Waltz

Okay so tonight we have Lacey Chabert’s Christmas movie. I absolutely LOVED Winter in Vail earlier this year but I hated Christmas in Rome. I also liked that one where she was a baker and got trapped in a small town and one of the citizens was probably Santa? Anyone remember that one? So anyway, we’ll see about this one. Let’s dive in.

The movie begins with Avery watching a video of ballroom dancing. She said that’s what she wants her wedding dance to look like. Now, she is off to do a cake tasting with her fiancé!

At the cake tasting, Avery is doing all the eating and David is on a work call. He cares way more about work than cake so we know he’s a bad guy. And then they BOTH get a work call. Avery desperately wanted a Christmas wedding. She is hurt that her fiancé doesn’t care which one of these dumb cakes they pick. Clearly, they should pick the only one that doesn’t look like it’s meant for a children’s birthday party. She is bummed David took a work call during their cake tasting session but SHE DID TOO. Also, obviously he doesn’t care about the cake, GIRL.

Avery’s assistant is doing both work and personal assisting it seems. At the office, she is directing where Avery’s wedding bouquet samples are being sent. Also, since David is such a busy business person, Avery is going to schedule the dance lessons too. It seems like maybe she can’t get a hold of them so she stops by the studio. Is it me or so far is she like weirdly obsessed with the dancing portion of the wedding? Everyone knows the most important part of a wedding is a cake.

Anyway, Avery talks to the literal child, Nicky, running the front desk. He is UPSELLING HER BIG TIME. She wants two lessons but Nicky talks her in to ten. TEN LESSONS in 24 days. She chats with the British dance instructor, Roman, briefly as well.

David and Avery go to dinner that night. David needs to talk to her about something. He has been rethinking the decision to turn down a big promotion in Boston. So he TOOK the job. Avery asks about their wedding. David is like, can we put a pin in the wedding? Then he’s like, you’re the one that wanted to like SET A DATE after we got engaged so this is basically your fault. So he essentially admits he doesn’t want to get married. So she leaves.

The next day Avery is wearing THE CUTEST SWEATER as she rehashes the evening with her friend. Then Avery gets an alert about her ballroom lesson. No one answers at the studio when she tries to call and cancel of course.

Avery heads to the studio and there is that cute British boy, Roman. Avery is like NO ONE ANSWERS THE DANG PHONE here the owner needs to get his act together! Well guess who the owner is? Anyway, Avery tries to cancel the lessons. He is a little nosy about why Avery wants to cancel the whole set of lessons. Then Roman suggests she keep the lessons for herself. She is TOO BUSY. She leaves. Does she get the refund or not!

Later Avery goes to a VERY fancy dinner with her parents with actors who were both already in other movies!! Avery sees a little girl twirling around in the restaurant. Avery asks her parents why she stopped taking dance as a kid? Her parents were like, you SUCKED at it so we didn’t want to keep wasting our money. So that emboldens Avery to go straight to the dance studio to take lessons. She chit chats with Roman about setting up time for a lesson. And then Avery scolds him again for not having someone run their phones.

Avery returns but she is wearing the wrong heels. Why do girls have to wear heels to dance though? Or do they? Avery asks why HE GETS TO LEAD? Probably because you don’t know how to dance AVERY? She keeps being kind of sassy with Roman throughout the lesson. He is also a little sassy though. Also Roman is wearing a turtleneck and no one’s said anything yet. Then Avery has a mini freak out about not being good at dancing right away. So she decides to leave.

At home, Avery’s bouquets have arrived. And then she realizes she walked out in the dance studio’s shoes.

Avery is a busy business person the next day. But she asks her assistant to return her engagement ring to David because she does work and personal things for her.

Later, Avery’s friend arrives at her apartment with a Christmas tree. Avery and her friend chit chat while they decorate. Avery tells her friend how she walked out of the first lesson and how much of a disaster she was in general. So Avery decides to go back and apologize the next day.

The next day, Nicky takes Avery back to apologize to Roman. She walks in on him dancing with Elina, the lead instructor at the studio and Nicky’s mom. Nicky apologizes to Roman on Avery’s behalf. Roman tells Avery that he and the lead instructor, Elena are practicing for the “Christmas Waltz” which is a show coming up at some theatre. And then they go right into their lesson. Avery continues to be a big mess. Roman has an idea to maybe loosen her up.

As they head out, Avery asks why he has an English accent since he is apparently Russian. She is so fed up with his sass that she throws a snowball at him. Then Roman falls pretty hard. She takes him to the hospital to get checked out. The doctor asks him to pull his finger to check his head. What kind of hospital is this?

Avery takes Roman back to his house. She asks if there is anyone he can call to take care of him. NO GIRLFRIEND.

Avery arrives at Roman’s house the next morning to check on him. He’s JUST AS SASSY AS EVER. Avery waltzes in to make him coffee. Roman is like, oh no. You’re one of those people. A morning person. So that’s great. She just sets herself up in his kitchen to start cooking for him. Roman shows her his little matrushka Christmas tree and tells her a story from his childhood. Avery makes poor Roman a burned egg sandwich. He is a good sport about eating it. Then Avery asks him to demonstrate that his balance is restored and he hams it up.

Back at the studio, Elina scolds Roman for goofing around outside. Then, Roman gives Avery her own matrushka doll. Then it’s dance time. Roman turns out the lights so Avery won’t look down at her feet.

Meanwhile, Avery attends her work Christmas party. Her boss wants to put her on a big new account. Then Avery gets a call from Roman. Roman’s parents have asked for Avery to attend their Christmas party. AVERY ASKS TO CHECK HER SCHEDULE. Avery!! Just go, meet the family! Says her friend. The friend talks her into going.

That night Avery catches Roman practicing alone. She brings him a gingerbread cookie. Then she tells Roman she will attend her parents’ Christmas party.

Then we have a montage of several dance lessons, including Avery practicing in the elevator at work.

At Roman’s party, there are so many feral children running around. This is the merriest bunch of Russians I’ve ever seen in my life. Nicky is all sugared up for sure. Roman tells Avery wants to open another studio closer to his family’s house. And he needs help expanding his business because he’s an artist not a busy business person. Avery offers to help him.

Then Avery meets Roman’s mom. She puts both of them right to work at the stove. And now they abandon the sauce on the stove to sprinkle cookies with powdered sugar. Then Roman feeds Avery one. NO. Let me take my own dang bite!!

Elina asks Roman if anything is going with Avery. Maybe there should be!!! After the party, they walk and talk on the sidewalk. Avery shares how like mega wealthy her family is. And then they decide to start dancing. Everyone dies of embarrassment.

The next day, Avery and her friend go shopping. She asks where Avery’s “Christmas Glow” is coming from. Then she asks if Avery’s heard from David at all. Not a word in weeks!

Back at work, the Allegra contract deadline is bumped up to December 18. He is concerned whether she can handle it. He says she’s seemed distracted and had a little hiccup in her personal life…WHOA he’s in dangerous territory there.

Later, Avery arrives to the dance studio a little late. Roman organized a virtual receptionist finally! He’s already getting more students! Well, duh. She asks him what he plans to do next to add a studio in Brighton Beach.

Roman asks if she’d like to practice the Christmas Waltz dance with him. And then he gives her tickets to the performance. It’s on her wedding day! But Avery is glad to go to this instead.

Later, Avery seemingly works late. She pauses to dance in her office in a beret. Then she realizes she’s supposed to be making dinner for her parents. She orders take out and then her dad doesn’t even show up! Avery asks her mom if they can do something different than their usual Christmas Eve tradition. Avery tells her mom she wants to take them to the Christmas Waltz show too. Then Roman texts to see if she can meet him in Brighton Beach the following day.

He asks her to help him look at some of the spaces he scoped out for the studio. The first space is all decorated for Christmas because they use it for event space. They decide to try it out as a dance floor. Then they have a whole mess of a…I don’t know what that was. I feel uncomfortable and Avery ends up mildly injuring Roman. Then they decide to do some work on his business plan. Anyway, so wait, she’s a lawyer? What does she know about business plans? Do business lawyers help make business plans? I don’t know about that.

The next day, David is waiting in Avery’s office with like, a butt load of flowers. David is like, where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you. Then Avery’s like, what is happening? This is like super inappropriate for you to come to my work. David gives a very…uncompelling speech about getting back together.

Then David decides to stop by the dance studio! What is going on! David introduces himself as “Avery’s David.” David is like super condescending to him. David tells Roman that he and Avery are “trying to work things out.” David asks Roman not to “complicate things.” Dude, so far David is like an actual Hallmark bad guy!! Usually the ex boyfriends still aren’t that bad. Not even my half asleep husband can believe this guy right now!!!

Later, Avery stops by the dance studio for her last lesson. Roman is standoffish and cold. Avery wants to book more classes but now Roman needs to check his schedule. Roman deflects by saying he’s preoccupied because an investor is coming to watch the big show. Oh poor Avery. He is very professional and formal with her. She kind of tears up and decides to leave. She gives him his business plan and then she leaves.

The next day at work, the ALLEGRA DEAL IS NOT FINISHED. Her assistant thinks she’ll be able to help. But, Avery does get it done in time! Then Avery gives her assistant her bonus check. Avery looks at all the flowers on her desk and calls David.

David and Avery meet for a drink later. David re-proposes. Then, David is like, of course Roman is your friend. He’s getting a free lawyer. And then David has to admit he stopped by to talk to Roman. Avery is like, you only think about yourself! GIRL, BYE. Outside, Avery tries to call Roman. He ignores it. Well, what can you do?

In the morning, Elina calls Roman to talk about the performance and she thinks something is wrong. Roman says he found out that Avery is back with David. Elina is like, Roman have you done your due diligence on this? Roman is like, well, no I haven’t. I did just kind of jump to conclusions.

At home, Avery looks at her little matrushka doll. Then she looks at her theatre tickets. I suppose she is considered whether or not to go now.

Avery’s friend arrives at her house to go to the show. She is all dressed up and Avery is not ready to go. Avery’s friend knocks some SERIOUS SENSE into her.

At the theatre, Roman gets a call from Elina. She is somehow stuck in traffic!! She isn’t going to make it to the show? What in the world?

Avery and her friend arrive at the theatre with no trouble. No one else seems impeded from arriving at the show except Elina. Then Roman talks to his investor before the show in his dressing room. He’s stoked to see the whole performance. Roman hands him his “business plan.” In the audience, Avery waves to Roman’s family. Then Roman texts Avery to meet him backstage. We see the kids dance. Nicky is VERY INTO IT.

Backstage, Roman asks Avery to do the dance number with him. Oh Roman, really? There’s no one else? What about Nicky? Nicky gives Avery a weak thumbs up when he learns she’s going to be dancing with Roman. Right before they’re supposed to go on, Avery explains that she and David are OVER.

Then they dance to “The Christmas Waltz.” Again, I like the Harry Connick, Jr. version better, personally. Her family is like BLOWN away. Also, what a testament to his dance instruction for that investor, am I right? WHOA! And then they KISS AT THE END OF THE SONG! That probably wasn’t part of it though, right? WHAT? And then it’s just over.

So, this one was okay. It was definitely better than I thought it would be. I kind of liked that the ex-boyfriend was like genuinely up to no good. Usually they are perfectly nice guys but just you know, not running their own small town coffee shop or handy man business. There wasn’t a lot of like…Christmas moments in this one though. It definitely had some Christmas feels, but in general, it seemed like this story just happened to take place at Christmas. So, yeah, this one was fine! Let’s see how it scores: 4/20

  1. Clumsy meet cute
  2. Snowball fight
  3. A sassy and wise best friend
  4. Christmas montage

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