A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love

Okay, so tonight is the third (?) in Hallmark’s “Godwink Christmas” series. I suppose it’s a nice idea to turn real life stories into Christmas movies…but, I don’t know. Whatever It’s fine. I am going to give this movie a couple extra undeserved bonus points for taking place in a state and town close to my heart though!

We begin the movie with an ABSOLUTELY necessary explanation of what a “Godwink” is. I was raised in Christian culture and the first I ever heard of this word or expression was through Hallmark movies. So there’s that. TKathie Lee doesn’t read the explanation this year though. Brooke does!

Our lead, Margie, is a busy business woman. But she’s nice so it’s okay. She gets a phone call from her assistant. Margie can’t help herself from stopping at one of her company’s cute little stores on her way to work. The assistant is busy decorating her office for her.

Meanwhile, Pat and his two sons have just arrived to the Boise Airport from Hawaii. They are moving back and are planning to stay with Pat’s mom.

Margie looks for her earrings at her house. Her earrings are constantly falling off her ears…Girl, get some better earring backs!! She gets to her office and her assistant finds her earrings. And there’s a Cally?!! I can’t deal. I swear she says Cally here, but later it’s clearly “Kelly.” It’s fine. The boys head to their grandma’s house. The oldest boy gives his grandma an obligatory hug. It takes the little boy, PJ, the promise of Santa shaped pancakes to go inside. Kids, am I right?

Margie heads to her manager’s meeting at C.Co. Her boss has a side job for her with Scott. Scott has been doing a great job in the field with sales. But he hasn’t been at HQ. Margie has to give Scott the lay of the land. Scott gets to stay in Boise so he won’t have to drive an hour and a half back and forth. They both seem elated about this news for some reason.

Back at grandma’s, the little boys don’t know what earmuffs are. Actually, my boys probably wouldn’t either. The dad thinks maybe they should go shopping the next day for…what? winter clothes? And they are going to get a tree as well. They shipped all their special ornaments and stuff. And Santa pancakes and whipped cream isn’t every day right? Right, winks the grandma.

Margie and Scott talk outside about this new pairing. Oh, they’re dating. Yikes, Hallmark. They are very excited that they get to work together. OKAY. VERY BELIEVABLE, THESE TWO.

Pat has a heart to heart with his mom about moving from Hawaii back to Boise. He sold his company in Hawaii but apparently still needs to work or immediately find a job. The boys’ mom lives in San Francisco. So, this move makes no sense if the goal was to get the boys closer to their mom as well. Why didn’t they move closer to her? They’re basically just as far away as they were in Hawaii! And Pat has the boys full time. Interesting. Anyway, the dad has to go get fancy toothbrushes. Pat’s mom lets him borrow her very fancy old car with a wreath on it. What is happening.

In the car, he sees a photo booth reel from his seemingly his teenage years.

Back at C.Co, Scott asks Margie why she goes to all the stores so often. She started working at one of their locations in high school and college and worked her way up. They are trying SO HARD to seem like they would want to date each other. Instead of going out to lunch together, Margie offers to go get a very disgusting sounding salad for them for lunch. I would be so bummed out about a lunch like that.

Pat slammed on his breaks and then finds a tree charm on the floor of his car. He says, oh Margie, I found your Christmas tree charm. He flashes back to maybe a holiday dance where she is wearing it on a bracelet.

Margie is driving behind him and yells at him because she recognizes his car. They pull into the Boise Christmas Market. I WISH. They kind of catch up very briefly. Pat says his company got bought out and she is surprised. He gives her the Christmas Tree ornament. Wait, she dropped it during prom? Why would she have a Christmas Tree charm on? Pat is right that she is a fancy business person. She is a regional vice president. He reveals he’s a dad. He is the primary parent because his ex-wife travels so much for work. He asks if she wants to get coffee sometime.

Back at home, Pat tells his mom about the encounter. It was so weird, right? To run into Margie on the very day he comes back to town?

At the office, Margie reminisces about prom too. Apparently, Pat went to Hawaii right after high school. Margie thought he should go to college. Margie heads back to the Oak Street store. She talks to the manager there, Carmen, about Scott. The manager is like, you don’t even like Scott do you? NO, obviously not. Then Margie is like, also Pat Godfrey is in town! The manager is like, girl! Get it.

The boys do some Christmas baking with their grandma. Pat sneaks 3 plain cookies. WHAT A WASTE.

Pat asks if he can go out for a little bit after the boys go to bed. He wanders the Christmas market alone and RUNS INTO MARGIE again. Margie buys Christmas lights at this market. Why doesn’t she go to Lowes? Sheesh. He offers to help her put up lights.

At Margie’s house, Pat tells Margie he loved Hawaii but a lot of things changed over the years. He got a divorce, his dad died and he sold his business. After they get the lights on, she invites him in for hot chocolate. She has a Christmas record playing. He recognizes his candy cane ornament on her tree. Margie doesn’t spend Christmas with her parents because they are in Arizona…that doesn’t add up. She finally tells him she has a boyfriend. So he’s like, okay I better go. Then they hug for a long time.

In the morning, Pat is in a good mood. His boys are up and the grandma got them working on a little ornament assignment. He fills his mom in on his evening with Margie.

Margie fills Carmen in on her evening too. Then the boys facetime with their mom. Pat’s mom suggests he call someone she knows who works for the Seattle Parks Dept. Where do they think Boise is?

Then, Margie hears from her assistant that they are grooming Scott for a job in the Midwest! Uh oh. He might move then. Scott is like, what do you think? Are we good at long distance or is there anything here? There is probably NOTHING there.

Pat and the gang head to the tree lot. The boys run around and Pat talks to his mom about his job prospects. Nothing is panning out in the one day he’s been there. He considers working at the printing shop where his dad worked. Everyone seems oddly bummed about that. Margie runs into Pat again! She meets his boys. She was buying vegetables there? What? Then they embarrass EVERYONE by doing the electric slide. The sweet little boys invite her to join them. Their special ornaments are stuck in shipping though.

Margie runs into the office frazzled about gift baskets for clients. She talks to her boss about how Scott is doing at work. Her boss wonders if she has a pattern in her dating history. She never lets people get too close. We all agree Scott isn’t the one.

That night, Margie has dinner with Scott. She shares that her parents are kind of distant and cold. So THAT makes way more sense. C.Co is more of her family than her parents. She says she would love to work with the company but she could probably leave Boise. He interprets that to mean she might move with him.

The next day Margie gets a phone call from Eddie, who she got the gift basket for. She is very excited. Oh, Eddie works for a shipping company. She got their ornaments I bet! Oh and she lost an earring AGAIN. And somehow, she even had time to wrap the shipping boxes.

The boys are all outside making snowmen. Pat seemingly coaches everyone instead of helping and poor Margie is stuck rolling the base. And now we have a snowball fight. Pat has to finish making the snowmen while the rest of them all have cookies and hot chocolate.

Inside, she lets the boys open the gifts. What do you know, they’re their ornaments. Now it feels like Christmas to PJ. Then they all decorate the tree. Afterwards, Margie catches up with Louise, Pat’s mom. Margie says she adopted a lot of their family traditions for herself since she didn’t have any of her own growing up.

Pat tells them there might be a job at his dad’s old printing shop. Margie is like, no you shouldn’t take the printing shop job! You should do adventure tours. Then the boys’ mom calls and Margie kind of panics. She’s like, I feel like I’m intruding. Margie and Pat chat a little outside. She says it feels like no time has passed. But she doesn’t really want to get in the middle of his whole life. So BYE FOREVER!

Later, she chats with Carmen about all this. She is like, I guess I could just keep trying with Scott…Oh Margie, let’s just end that whole charade. And then Margie and Pat both separately reflect on if they had stayed together.

At work, Margie looks at old photos of her and Pat. They seemed to have only taken pictures at that one prom. So then Scott tells Margie that they aren’t grooming him for the Midwest. They wonder if maybe they are grooming him for her job. Margie gets kind of stressed out thinking that must mean she’s getting fired. Because of course a company would fire you with no warning after you’ve worked there for like 15 years.

At a coffee shop, Pat preps for an interview. He reaches for his coffee order when they call out an order for “Pat” but another guy reaches for it too! It’s the Pat that works for the Parks Dept. in Seattle! They decide to chat.

Back at work, Margie kind of just quietly melts down. She’s certain she’s getting fired. But Margie, that makes no sense.

Pat tells his mom that he did get offered a job…but it’s in Seattle. He just uprooted the boys to Boise! His mom seems to think all of this is a Godwink. And then she explains all of that.

Then Jon comes down and says their mom is coming for Christmas. Oh boy. They need to go shopping because they didn’t get her a present. They head to the Oak Street C.Co store. Margie suggests a $12 card for their grandma. The boys invite Margie to join them at the Christmas market for snowball cookies. I’m in!

Pat picks out a gift from the market while the boys dominate Margie at the beanbag toss. Margie picks out a gift for Pat too. PJ tells his dad he likes Margie. Margie is emboldened by their fun evening and says she’s not going anywhere.

The boys arrive home to find their mom. She drove straight through to see them. She tucks them in. Does everyone feel as awkward as I do right now?

Pat and Casey wrap presents downstairs. She asks about Margie and points out how hard they worked to get along. Okay. That’s good. Casey met someone and wants to introduce him to the boys. Casey thinks he’s the one. After Casey leaves, he finds Margie’s earring in the driveway.

Margie shows up at their house the next day with the boys’ gifts. Pat walks out in his jammies. Pat wants to go on a drive with her. I also think he should change out of his jammies. They go on a little hike and sit and look at the view. They both wonder what would have happened if they had decided to be in the same place after high school.

Margie says she first learned about family from his family. They almost kiss…but wait! She has a boyfriend.

She and Scott talk outside. He says he is going to look for another job. He doesn’t want to take her job. She says she has loved spending time with him…but have they actually spent any time together? Anyway, he’s pretty understanding. Probably because they like don’t work together at all?! But he reiterates that he would not steal her job.

The two Pats chat in Louis’s kitchen. Pat says there really is a job offer in Seattle…Hmmm.

Margie has a meeting with her boss. Her boss loves all her ideas. And she tells Margie to trust her. Margie tries to talk it out with Carmen.

Pat talks it over with the boys. What do they think about Seattle? The boys are fine with it too. Wherever Pat is, is home to them.

Margie and Carmen head to the Christmas Market and so do the Godfreys! Pat says the job is in Seattle and he accepted it. Margie is bummed. She says she is really happy for him though. He says he knows what they had was in the past. Then Margie brings up Godwinks. She wonders if just being in Seattle and the job and stuff is the Godwink. But then he gives her the earring she left in the driveway. She tears up a little and says Merry Christmas.

At home, the boys ask if Grandma can move with them. Well I KNEW IT. She’s on board.

Willa, Margie’s boss, calls Scott and Margie in to her office the next day. Willa says they were training him to take over Margie’s job. But that’s just because they’re promoting her to Senior VP of the whole company! They are both so excited! And oh, guess what? That job is in SEATTLE. Unless she wants to stay in Boise? NO WAY, actually. She tells her assistant she is getting a big raise too.

Then Margie heads to the Godfrey’s house. She has big news for Pat! He comes outside. She tells him about the promotion that will take her to Seattle! She doesn’t want to spend another day apart! And she’s wearing her little charm bracelet. They KISS. Then they all spend Christmas together including with Casey. FUN. Then Pat and Margie exchange gifts. They get each other the same thing again! A snowman charm and a snowman ornament. And that’s that.

Okay so this movie was fine. I read a little about the original story. It’s all just fine. It will probably be a middle of the pack or bottom half. Just standard Hallmark fare. Let’s see how we did on the Checklist. 5/20! Not too bad.

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