A Nashville Christmas Carol

I was looking forward to watching this one. I was sure it was going to just be wild! And it was. But it was also better than I thought it would be so there you go. Let’s dive in.

We begin at rehearsal for a television program called “Country Christmas Live” which, ironically is pre-taped with no audience. One of the performers, Belinda does her Christmas song. I have no idea if this is a real Christmas song or not. But I’ve never heard it. Vivian, our lead tells her it was a great recording but then gives her sister and…assistant Georgia? notes on some of it. It is very clear that Vivian has a vision and needs it to be executed exactly so. Georgia thinks they should start the show with a “Classic” Christmas song but Vivian wants the show to be memorable because every song has a memory.

Gavin shows up. He is Belinda’s manager. Let’s pause for a moment here. So nothing against anyone named Belinda but that is not a name for a country music star, right? Also, there was a Belinda in a movie last year! Is it even a common name? Anyway, Gavin chats with her after the rehearsal. Apparently this is the only person Gavin manages. Is that enough to sustain a whole career?

Vivian approaches Alexis, another country performer in make up. Neither of these performers have country names. Alexis should be the sister’s character and Georgia should be one of the performers. Is that so difficult you guys? Even if it’s just a stage name? Anyway, Alexis is a new star and is so dang NERVOUS to practice. Vivian gives her some help.

Pretty house! They talk to their dad on facetime. Their dad is like ARE YOU WORKING still girl?! But where is their dad? Vivian tells Georgia she is up for a new job that would take her to LA. Georgia, even though she is moving, is like, you can’t leave! MEMORIES.

Upstairs, Vivian goes through a box of her old stuff. She finds an old camcorder and pictures of her family. OH. A pic of her and that guy.

Back at work, Vivian watches a video about Marilyn Jinway. She died. It sounds like maybe she was Vivian’s mentor. Gavin approaches her and says she looks different. She’s very sassy to him. He tells her Belinda needs a dog in her opening number. He is also concerned about a big sign in the background.

Vivian tells Gavin she’ll ask about the dog, but she won’t change the billboard for them. A member of her crew with lines suggest they get off early today. She’s like no we need to just WORK! Then, she notices a music box on her chair. What is it for? Who is it from? It is playing “O Come All Ye Faithful” but only Vivian can hear it!! Georgia asks how it was talking to Gavin for the first time in a DECADE.

Then they meet the head of the network. Afterwards, Vivian has a little freak out on the stage about props and stuff.

Gavin takes a phone call from his mother outside. Are those people old enough to be his parents? Gavin calls Henry, the boss, to ask about the dog situation as well.

After Vivian’s freak out about the set, she wanders down the empty hall and that song from the music box is playing. Wait, is this a horror movie? She walks into the prop room and it loos like an old bar all DECKED OUT for Christmas. She tries to leave and the door seemingly takes her outside.

Then Marilyn shows up. Vivian has a a panic attack. Marilyn is like…be calm for heaven’s sake. I’m only your dead mentor in a bar you thought was the prop room. Marilyn wants to prevent Vivian from turning out like her. She’s recruited a few of her friends to help. The spirit of Christmas past arrives. Kix… I mean, Christmas Past, or Pat is ready to roll. Annoyingly, Vivian is still not cool about all of this. Pat takes her to a memory in her past. Vivian have you not read A Christmas Carol?

Vivian sees herself and Gavin making videos with her brand new camcorder. And Georgia’s there too. Georgia is wearing the cutest sweater. He and Vivian were best friends as kids. Pat, the buzzkill, says that was their last Christmas together as a family. Her mom left?! Vivian STILL doesn’t understand how “A Christmas Carol” works. She keeps trying to talk to the kids. Also, Vivian…even if they could see you, don’t you think you would like TOTALLY FREAK YOURSELF OUT if you talked to your 10 year old self? Come on, girl. She runs into the door to see the following year’s Christmas. She and her dad worked to make sure Georgia had a good gift. Vivian got a bracelet. I guess her dad enlisted her to focus all their energy on giving Georgia nice Christmases after that. After that, the prop room goes back to normal. Vivian heads back to the stage.

She smiles at Gavin. Henry approaches Vivian and said he loves the idea of the dog in the opening number. Vivian is like OH. So now she needs to talk to Gavin. She doesn’t like that Gavin went around her to ask about it. She asks him to come to her first…but like, he did? And she didn’t do anything about it? So anyway, I am Team Gavin so far. He walks with Vivian to the “wrap party” meeting. He says the room looks familiar. CHET SOMEBODY’S CHRISTMAS PARTY?! Oh, right. Anyway, so Gavin offers to plan the wrap party for her. He asks her why Belinda got the opening number? Vivian says it’s because she’s the best. Gavin leaves his scarf behind.

And NOW she’s in another flashback. In the past, she and Gavin joke about meeting at a Christmas party. She teases him about it being a date and he gets uncomfortable.

Then, they are at…the filming of perhaps the first commercial she directed. She asks Pat why this is all happening? She didn’t get paid for the Ms. Majorie’s cookie ad. But I guess it all worked out for her so that was a good thing for her to do. After the shoot, Marjorie wants to set Vivian up with her grandson but Vivian thinks she has a boyfriend. Then they cut to Vivian and Gavin walking through a Christmas market talking about him possibly managing Belinda. They play a weird version of bean bag toss and Gavin somehow wins a GIANT plush snowman. She tries to encourage him about the interview with Belinda. Vivian asks about possibly directing Belinda’s music videos. Gavin is like, duh you can direct the music videos. AND THEN…no they don’t kiss. She stops a random person and asks her to take their picture instead. Oh, it’s the pic she saw in her memory box. Also, what’s peppermint brittle? I’ve never heard of that. And now she’s out of the flashback. Gavin shows back up for his scarf. Then Pat pops back in to remind her what happened after that.

Vivian talks to Georgia on the phone outside a big Christmas party. Gavin shows up and she feels underdressed. She kind of IS. Chet Somebody approaches them and introduces himself. Chet thinks Vivian is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. He gives Gavin the good news that his record company is going to sign Belinda. While Gavin talks to Belinda about how they got signed, Chet is a huge jerk to Vivian. I guess he’s just supposed to be a slick jerk kind of record company person. Vivian tries to tell him about all her music video ideas and he’s like, no you can’t direct her music videos. Instead of recognizing that Gavin probably couldn’t make those kind of commitments to her, she storms over to Gavin and demands an explanation. Chet kind of lingers and is like, no I just want someone with more experience for the first one. Gavin is like, yeah that makes sense. So then… Vivian kind of like way overreacts I think. And Gavin is like, everything always works out for you…can’t you just be happy for me? Obviously he couldn’t make those kind of commitments! And this is like a huge opportunity for him and she just storms off. So, I’m still on Team Gavin over here. Then past Vivian meets Marilyn for the first time. They talk about the past Country Christmas Live shows. Marilyn saw the Marjorie cookie ad. Marilyn decides then and there to take Vivian under her wing. She takes her to the Country Christmas Live stage. Marilyn says that Gavin is looking out for himself. She should too.

In the real world, Vivian and Georgia and her dad rehash that whole situation. And her dad and Georgia are like…so you’re kind of bossy and uncompromising. Here, practice by not following a baking recipe correctly. Where is their dad?

Belinda and Alexis talk about the show briefly. It seems like Belinda wants to kind of, take Alexis under her wing. Georgia is trying to get Vivian to go to some Christmas party. At the party, Vivian just wants to talk about work. Georgia isn’t paying any attention, even when Vivian admits she’s in a Christmas Carol situation. Georgia was actually waiting for Gavin. I thought maybe she was waiting for that cute crew member. Georgia bolts. Vivian tries to just leave. Then Gavin asks her about the good old days. WHAT IS PEPPERMINT BRITTLE. Then they reminisce. They send their dad on vacation every December apparently because the month is so busy. What in the world? So he’s just in Tahiti by himself? Isn’t that a huge bummer? Also, HOW MUCH MONEY IS SHE MAKING that she can do that? She asks him how he’s been. He starts to apologize but obviously a Christmas party wouldn’t be the appropriate place for that.

Pat plays the guitar on the street and Vivian doubles back to talk to him. He takes her back to the party again. She overhears Belinda encourage Gavin to tell Vivian how he feels. But she just cares about the video directing business. She overhears Chet being like… hello, you shouldn’t have made commitments like that. But anyway, Gavin did stand up for her. Now Vivian feels like a REAL dumb dumb.

Vivian decides to take a day off tomorrow…with only a few days before the thing her whole job is about.

The next day, she and Gavin walk around the market. They do some wreath making. They look at ornaments. His dad still wants him to work construction even though Gavin is nearly 40. Wait! Vivian doesn’t have a Christmas Tree. Oh no. Some kids do some acapella caroling. It was okay.

They drive back to her house. WHAT IS PEPPERMINT BRITTLE THOUGH. Do they mean Peppermint Bark? And Now Kimberly Williams Paisley arrives. And she’s southern so okay. They go to see Georgia and that crew member!! Georgia and Parker have a weird Ghost present wrapping experience. Turns out they’ve been dating for 6 months. Vivian is mad. Kimberly keeps throwing stuff at her.

That night, Vivian and Georgia make a popcorn string. Vivian asks Georgia how her day off was. All Georgia says is that she doesn’t want to go to law school. But also, don’t go to law school Georgia. Anyway, then Vivian blabs that she knows about Parker. And then they spend the night vacuuming the whole living room!

At work, Henry says he’s changing the order of the show. Alexis is going first.

Gavin shows up with a bunch of Christmas decorations. Vivian finally blabs that Henry bumped her. He doesn’t overreact like…a normal person would.

Gavin decides maybe now it’s time for a heart to heart with his dad. He gives his dad a big speech about how it’s his life and he should accept it. But if his dad can’t accept it, Gavin will accept it on his behalf. I think. Anyway, now it’s time for a party.

I’m not stoked about Vivian’s dress. Gavin tells her that he talked to his dad about being his own man…now that’s nearly 40. Vivian runs to her bag to grab her old camcorder. She runs into Belinda. She accidentally blabs that she was replaced by Alexis. Vivian does not seem to realize that Belinda didn’t know. Then Georgia tells Vivian that Alexis is missing!

Kimberly is back! Still southern. We head to the…party maybe? Vivian tries to rush through the learning portion. She hears Georgia and Parker kind of complaining about Vivian. She works too much, she’s too stubborn. Georgia tells them how Vivian is her hero. Oh! Her lesson is…how wonderful she is? My dad interjects-I don’t think that’s the lesson. I DON’T THINK SO EITHER.

Then Belinda runs into Alexis at the market. Belinda is really really nice to her. She gets her a cider. And then they ask the DJ to play a song for them to sing. Then Marilyn returns. THERE IS NO CHRISTMAS FUTURE.

Gavin finds Vivian watching Belinda and Alexis singing together. They sure sound good together. That might be a good idea. Belinda is just so understanding. Belinda tells Gavin he should sign other artists. And I tend to agree! Managing one person can’t be a whole job right?

Now we see the final performance? Maybe? Or another practice? Anyway, Belinda and Alexis are singing together. And a dog is there. I hate the song. Are they just singing every song together? Then Vivian tells Georgia she’s fine with not borrowing 100k for her to go to law school. Then Gavin’s dad shows up and is like, I’m fine with you working in the music business. You’re too old to do construction work now anyway. And now they’re done filming.

Then Henry offers her that other big job. Vivian says she can’t move to LA. But he is going to let her commute to LA instead! Then Gavin and Vivian have a moment. Then they KISS. And that’s it.

Okay so this movie was on the sillier side for sure. But it wasn’t as bad as I expected. There were some cute moments. I liked the idea of them doing some flashbacks to tell the story of Vivian and Gavin’s friendship. But the country themed Christmas Carol component was obviously quite silly. But it’s very hard to get that right. I find it hard to believe that despite Vivian landing an even better job the very night Gavin does, that she would still be angry about not directing his client’s music videos as well. Like, everything worked out for both of them? Let’s not hold a grudge for a decade? So, yeah. Also, WHAT IS PEPPERMINT BRITTLE. Let’s see how we did today.

  1. Workaholic too busy for Christmas
  2. Is Winona Judd secretly Santa Claus?
  3. Nonsense drama

Was it really only 3/20? And just barely…I feel like I’m forgetting something but I’m not sure. Tell me what I missed!

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