The Christmas Bow

Alright guys. We did it. The last movie of the weekend. And we get to do it all AGAIN THIS WEEKEND. Let’s get it y’all.

We open on a Christmas party at a music shop. Two kids talk about their upcoming performance at the party. The girl is very nervous. The cute little boy is apparently tone deaf and he tells the girl to just keep swinging. BASEBALL. Little Kate Malone gets up on stage to do her performance.

Flash forward to grown up Kate auditioning for the Rocky Mountain Philharmonic. She calls her Grandpa Joe to tell him she thinks the audition went really well. She won’t find out until Monday but her Grandpa is stoked for her and wants buy tickets for the front row for the Christmas Concert. Then she opens the door for someone and gets her fingers slammed in it!! That’s why you should never open doors for people, or use heavy doors to catch your balance.

The doctor tells her she is out of commission for 6 weeks. She says she hasn’t even gone 6 DAYS without playing the violin.

Six weeks go by and next we see Kate talking with her mom at their family music store. She is feeling a little sad because this would have been the night of the Philharmonic Christmas concert. But her mom says the silver lining is that she’s really enjoyed having her around the store. The dad is loading up on Christmas Trees. He is a true Hallmark hero.

Patrick is out choosing a tree with his… child cousin? His cousin, Gavin picks the tallest tree in the lot. It looks like one we find out in the forest and cut ourselves with a $10 Forest Service Permit. It doesn’t quite fit in the living room but they are going to try and make it work. It looks like he lives with his mom. She has a chronic disease. Patrick is waiting to hear from a charity doctor organization about whether he got a job with them.

It’s time to get Kate’s splint off! Her doctor, Dr. Burk, is in a jolly mood. Perhaps he should read the room. He doesn’t. Instead, he cracks jokes. She asks if she’ll ever be able to play like she did before? He says physical therapy will be key. Dr. Burk has great Christmas socks.

Kate, wearing a great jacket, gets lost in the music at a coffee shop. Michael’s cousin, Gavin asks if she’s sleeping. Patrick approaches and recognizes her. He was that little pudge from the flashback earlier. They catch up. Patrick says Kate is world famous around the town of Boulder. He asks what she’s doing in town. But she doesn’t tell him about her injury. They both say they’re in town for the holidays. EVEN THOUGH THAT’S NOT TRUE.

At home, Kate gets out her violin and starts to play. Her hand hurts pretty bad. She gives up and heads downstairs to talk to her parents and eat some cookies. She tells them about the appointment. Then, her dad wants to put more bows on their tree. IT’S COVERED IN BOWS. Grandpa Joe surprises them all by coming a few weeks early. I bet his son in law is STOKED. Grandpa Joe thinks the tree needs more red bows.

The next day, Kate has her first physical therapy appointment. Well, would you look at that. Guess who is Kate’s physical therapist? They both were like, wait you said you were just visiting? Patrick fills Kate in on his mom. His dad died last year and his mom has “CMT” which is a common disease with no cure. He was in Philadelphia for 10 years. He is recently divorced. LOTS OF INFORMATION, PATRICK.

They switch gears to actual therapy. She tells him she tried to play the violin last night and it really hurt. So, she’s worried that she’ll never play again. He promises her that she’ll be better than ever. Then, his mom comes by. Very professional. She is also his patient! That seems like a bad idea. Maybe it is off the books. Tess invites her over for dinner that night! GETTING RIGHT TO WORK, TESS!

That night, Kate helps Tess make wreaths. Patrick says wreath making is a great activity for her hands. Why is it so dark in their house? Kate says she can’t imagine doing anything else besides playing the violin. Patrick just creeps in the background while his mom and Kate chitchat. Kate shares that she first went to the Philharmonic with her grandpa at five years old.

The next day, a little girl comes in to the music store prepared to ruin her family’s life for the next school year by requesting a recorder. She proves me RIGHT by just blasting it as loud as she can in the store. Then, Patrick casually stops by the store with Gavin. Kate’s mom starts working OVER TIME for her and Patrick. Gavin, Patrick’s cousin has NO CHILL. He totally sells Patrick out about their intentions for coming in. Then, Kate gets Gavin all set up on the violin. She says the right bow is important. Just like wands in Harry Potter! Gavin asks if she can teach him. She can only “do.” She can’t teach. She says she’ll find him a teacher. Gavin has a holiday fun list and has “learn a Christmas song” on it so learning the violin is crucial. Can I interest you in a recorder, Gavin? Tired of the violin, Gavin invites Kate to join them at the Christmas market. Gavin blurts out, how’s that for being a wingman? KILLING IT, BUD.

The Christmas Market is outdoors at night. And it is a HOPPING place. There is a…like acrobat? Gavin runs off unsupervised. Patrick tells Kate that Gavin’s dad died two years ago. Gavin returns to announce that he’s settled on a giant nutcracker for his mom for Christmas. Excellent gift. Kate helps Patrick shop for a secret Santa gift for Dr. Burk. She finds holiday socks and a tie for him. Then Patrick volunteers her for the Christmas sing along.

Back at home, Kate struggles through playing the violin. Her grandpa listens at the door. He says he loves hearing her play. he asks him about giving lessons, but he says he doesn’t want to do that anymore. But they miss him in the store! He says it’s just not the same since Grandma passed.

Patrick talks to his mom about Kate. He might kind of like her. But he’s not getting ahead of himself.

The next day, Kate’s grandpa shows up at the shop with an old out of tune violin. He is over his little pity party I guess. He starts giving Gavin lessons.

Gavin, Kate and Patrick head to ride on a Christmas train. Patrick asks if they stopped doing the party because her grandma died. PRETTY MUCH. She tells him she auditioned for the Philharmonic and then she hurt her hand. And she GOT the job and had to turn it down. He puts his hand on hers in sympathy. Then NO CHILL Gavin blabs to Kate that Patrick is going to be a traveling doctor.

Later, Gavin talks to his mom about the job. He is one of the finalists but he’s not even sure that’s what he wants to do! She says she hopes he isn’t thinking of turning it down on her account. She wants him to live his life.

At Kate’s house, Grandpa Joe remembers Christmas with his wife. In the flashback, she seems pretty out of it while they all sit together in the living room. Joe encourages Kate to play the violin. The grandma starts to sing along to the music. NOBODY TEARS UP ABOUT IT. Not Kate, and certainly NOT ME. Okay?!

Later, they strategize about Christmas and Grandpa Joe wants to have the party again! Kate is going to have to play though.

The next morning, they get to planning. Kate’s dad must be a Hallmark employee because he needs MORE TREES. He only has EIGHT.

Kate brought her violin to her PT appointment. She plays “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” She asks if Patrick noticed anything while she plays. He was totally zoned out listening so, yeah, he’s no help. Kate says she has to get in shape in time for the Christmas Party. He says, she’ll know her limits. They go get hot chocolate. He talks about the traveling doctor job. He is not sure what to do, so he asks her to dance. AND THEN THEY KISS!! OMG HALLMARK.

Later, the gang is setting up for the party. Joe is giving Gavin a lesson. He is really coming along! No one is willing to cater for their party. And then, wait, GAVIN’s mom is a CHEF! Ann is all in to help out. Kate’s dad is KILLING IT in every scene he’s in. He has a Griswald size ball of exterior lights to untangle.

Patrick’s family invites Kate to decorate gingerbread houses. She’s never done it before and says it’s fun. SHE’S LYING. Tess makes a beautiful gingerbread house. Actually they all look good. Nothing is falling apart or sliding down the sides or the roof. MUST BE NICE. Gavin continues to have ZERO CHILL. He asks Patrick if he LIKE LIKES Kate.

After Gavin leaves, Kate and Patrick have a heart to heart. Patrick says he doesn’t want to get in the way of her life. She’s like, oh yeah for sure. WE’LL JUST SEE OKAY.

Kate does some more practice in her room. Her hand gets really hurt.

Patrick gets a call from Hearts to Heart? Or whatever the charity doctor organization is called. He got the job! He has a heart to heart with his mom about the job and Kate. This job was his dream! And maybe his dad’s? He’s not sure if it is anymore. Then Kate calls about her hand injury.

He meets Kate at the doctor’s office. He tells her he’s fine. She has phantom pain. She kind of panics about that but he tells her it’s fine. Then Patrick tells her about the job. She is glad for him but all of a sudden is like, I GOTTA GO BYE. Patrick is like, no let’s talk please! And she’s like, no no I’m too busy. Bye.

Then, Patrick runs into his mom at the Christmas Market. She encourages him to tell Kate or SHOW her how he feels.

Kate sets out to practice again. While she plays, we get a little montage of party prep. Kate stops again because her hand hurts. Her grandpa is still so supportive. She is having a hard time with all of this. Grandpa Joe knows she likes Patrick. She doesn’t want to be selfish so she doesn’t want to tell him how she feels.

It’s Christmas Party Time. It just looks lovely. Dr. Burk is there. Oh and Ann and Kate’s mom look so cute. Dr. Burk LOVES his gifts-tie and socks. Then, it’s Gavin turn to perform. Are we sure about that? Actually, he’s not too bad! Grandpa Joe comes down the stairs dressed as Santa and passes out gifts to the kids. He gives Kate a gift. She is surprised and hurriedly heads upstairs to open it. Patrick sees her and then heads upstairs too. It’s a bow! She likes the bow a lot. Is it just a nice bow? Or is there any other sentimental reason behind it? Did she need one? I missed this. I mean, obviously aside from the TITLE OF THE DANG MOVIE. Then Patrick starts to give her a speech. She interrupts him and tells him how much he means to her. Suddenly, Gavin shouts, SHE TOTALLY LIKES YOU! Killing it. He tells her his dreams are now here with HER. AND THEN THEY KISS AGAIN. And now it’s time for her performance.

One year later, she is auditioning for the Philharmonic again! She feels good about it. Patrick is downstairs waiting for her. She says, let’s just say, you picked the perfect bow…the perfect CHRISTMAS BOW. And that’s it.

This was a cute movie. It was a nice, different story idea. And I liked that the lead was a REAL violinist. I believe the actor who played Patrick’s mom really has CMT as well. So those were two nice things to feature. Everyone was really great in this movie too! So great job all around. Let’s see how we did on the checklist. There weren’t many tropes in this movie! 4/20.

  1. Single Parent
  2. Christmas Festival (Market and Party)
  3. Christmas baking
  4. Christmas montage.

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