The Christmas Ring

So, I knew there was a movie called “The Christmas Ring.” And this is that movie.

A woman, Kendra comes out of the elevator and is accosted by a woman with a plate of cookies. She needs Kendra to taste test them to see if they are good enough for her boyfriend’s family. Kendra suggests less peppermint.

Kendra and her friend have a mini pep session before a big meeting. Kendra’s assignment is to write a list about regifting. This sounds like a dumb magazine or website or something. It’s called Quizzer? Oh it’s like Buzzfeed. Kendra wants to write a human interest piece but all they do are lists and nonsense.

Kendra and her friend go shopping at a vintage store. She is looking for a specific ring-her mom’s engagement ring. It was lost after her dad passed away. She sees one that looks similar! But it has an inscription from 1948 so it’s not the right one. She decides to get the ring and figure out who it belonged to. She thinks it will take Quizzer to the next level.

She talks to her boss about her idea. Linda is not stoked about it. She ultimately says no to the story idea. Kendra works late on her “What Kind of Elf Would You Be?” story. And then she does some googling about the ring. It seems she finds a jeweler that matches the initials in the ring.

Kendra takes a day off to do some research on the ring. She is in a small cute Christmas-y town outside of Boston. She has big plans for Quizzer and it is all riding on there being a good story behind the ring. Oh no. There is a bakery where the jeweler is supposed to be! She asks a “random person” where the jewelry store is. The guy tells her there’s no jewelry store in town. He’s a little salty with her and she gives it right back.

Kendra heads in to the bakery. Well, as long as she’s there; might as well get a cookie or something. She asks the baker about the jewelry store. The owner of the bakery, Paul, says his grandfather owned the jewelry store but he turned it into a bakery. She shows him the ring. The baker loves her company’s quizzes! He offers to check his grandpa’s ledger for her. He finds it right away. The ring was made for William Jones. He suggests that she talk to William’s grandson, Michael. Oh, and his wife owns a Bed and Breakfast if she wants to stay in town while she figures this all out. HERE. WE. GO.

She rings the doorbell on Michael’s house. GARLAND AROUND THE GARAGE DOORS. Well, what do you know. It’s the grouchy guy from the sidewalk. What a coincidence. He is very, very salty. She shows him the ring. He says there is no way his Grandma Pearl wore a ring like that. And he thinks Kendra is using the ring as a guise to interview him. He tells her he “doesn’t want to talk about it.” And then he tells her to leave. Her friend finds an article about him. He had a salacious, tabloid break up earlier this year. And we have ANOTHER ARCHITECT. COME ON Hallmark. That’s FOUR!

Kendra decides to stay at the B&B. She tells Paul’s wife what she’s up to and she shows her the ring. Kendra wants to ask her some questions about Pearl. Oh, check out that spread of treats! Kendra talks to Paul’s wife some more about her story. She took over Christmas Festival responsibilities from Pearl a few years ago. So Kendra asks about the Christmas Festival. What do you know, a Tree Lighting AND a Christmas Dance. Paul’s wife shows her an old picture of Pearl. Apparently Pearl and William met at the Christmas Dance. Paul’s wife says to try the other grandson, tomorrow. She runs into Michael instead. He reiterates that he doesn’t want to talk to her.

Kendra meets Scott and Trish, Michael’s brother and his wife. She explains that she’s not there for Michael and shows them the ring. They don’t recognize it. Trish offers to be helpful. She runs the newspaper there. Hmm…Kendra is also a journalist. Trish talks about working for the newspaper and shows her around the newspaper. Kendra gets to work! Lots of Christmas news. Oh and she finds their engagement photo.

Outside, Kendra notices that the tree lighting sign. It seems like something she would like to attend. She runs into Michael again. He thinks she’s following him. She shows him the picture she found. Pearl is wearing the ring in the picture! She shares how she was looking for her mom’s ring and found this one and would really love to know its story. Kendra is all in on the town’s festivities. She has been alone the last few years since her parents died.

Later, she video chats with her coworker. Uh Oh. Linda overhears about Michael. Linda wants her to come back and work on her elf story or whatever, but then she decides she wants Kendra to stay and dig into the family. I think they are working on two different stories.

It’s Christmas Tree Lighting time. Michael approaches while Kendra places a pastry order at Paul’s little outdoor cart. Then Kendra offers to help Michael put up more garland around the stage. He tells Kendra what the Festival looked like back when his grandma used to run it. Maybe it was even more Christmas-y. Scott doesn’t decorate the store very much. It looked pretty dang Christmas-y to me. Kendra asks more about Pearl. Michael says he heard a lot of stories about his grandparents but his grandpa died when he was 10. Kendra shares about her parents too. After a couple of pathetic staples, Michael is satisfied with his work on the garland around the stage.

Trish and Scott talk to Michael. Michael says he’s suspicious of Kendra. They suggest he give her a chance to prove she’s there for the right reasons. Wait, is this the Bachelor? Meanwhile, Kendra is gathering intel about Pearl from other Festival attendees.

Trish is somehow in charge of announcing the Tree Lighting. No Mayor or anything? What about Paul’s wife? The Festival Chair? Michael offers to show Kendra some of his grandparents’ things the following day.

Michael is back at work in the garage when Kendra arrives. She asks what’s under the blanket in the garage. It’s his grandpa’s old car! Kendra knows what it is. She knows because it’s the “mid-Century Christmas era”? Okay. He understands why she loves that era so much.

Michael shares that his parents died when he was young so he lived with his grandma in this house. Even the attic is decorated for Christmas…still? I think Michael hasn’t taken the decorations down in a few years? Michael shares that he and Scott are getting the store ready to sell. Kendra roots around in the boxes and stuff. Michael shows her a tiny dress up chest. Somehow he managed to fit a reindeer costume in that tiny box. He talks about the reindeer quiz he took. She admits she created that quiz. Dang, lots of people are eager to know what kind of reindeer they are. She tells him she’s trying to work on something better and improve Quizzer. But like, Quizzer is probably not ever going to be the place for “human interest pieces” right? I mean, it’s called QUIZZER. They are kind of boxed in. She hasn’t left her job though because the pay is good and she’s comfortable. Michael tells her that he started his own company after six years. She is like, oh dang girl, that’s too risky for Ol Kenny.

Michael offers to make hot chocolate downstairs. I’m in!

Looking through the stack of papers, they learn Pearl was a debutante. And William worked on the railroad. OPPOSITES. They find all his old paystubs. Why did he save those? Sounds like my Uncle Alden saving medical records from the 1920s. They find blueprints and a deed to the property from 1948. He says the store didn’t open until 1951. MYSTERY. They wonder if Pearl’s parents didn’t approve. Michael has a mini freakout about parents not approving. Probably his own stuff.

Paul tells Kendra about “Magnify Main Street.” Sounds like they just LIGHT UP Main Street. At this point, I tell my mom how disappointed I am about her Christmas decorations. I mean, she doesn’t even have a wreath over her stove.

Kendra heads to the general store and asks why they don’t decorate it. TOO BUSY. But it actually IS decorated for Christmas. So what are these people talking about? Kendra offers to help. Michael begrudgingly agrees to help too.

Michael and Kendra go fix up some of the outdoor Christmas stuff…like a giant sleigh. And they see some initials in the ground-dated 1949. The plot thickens. She tells him she thinks there is a reason that ring went missing. I already know that.

Kendra asks about his ex-girlfriend. He opens up a little about what happened. They built a business together and got engaged and then she met someone new. And he didn’t still want to run the business together.

Paul calls and says he has some info about the ring! He found a letter from William to Carl, the jeweler about designing a ring. He had to hurry up and propose because Pearl’s parents were going to send her away. So he bought the ring instead of putting the money into the store.

They decorate the inside of the store and find one of Michael’s old homemade Christmas ornaments. She wonders why Pearl wouldn’t keep the ring if she was so sentimental. Hello, she sold it to help pay for the store. And yet somehow, they say they are still missing more pieces of the puzzle. Michael said he’s glad she found that ring. Her boss calls and needs that story! Kendra says all she has are some rough notes.

Back at the B&B, Kendra vents a little to her friend on video chat. Kendra talks a little about Michael. She has a sparkle in her eye when she talks about him apparently.

Kendra comes by the store later with more lights. The guy who put an offer on the store told them he would just tear the whole place down and put in…I swear he said Coffee Mats, but that makes no sense. So everyone is bummed about tha. Michael has all kind of great ideas to remodel the store after looking at the old blueprints. Kendra encourages him to talk to Scott about it. Michael really doesn’t want to overstep.

Well this is just the cutest little Hallmark town. Michael shows up that evening with his Grandpas old car. The exterior looks cute. Trish and Scott come out with hot chocolate. They are all so glad Kendra got the store all decorated. Kendra asks about old bank records. She is trying to figure out how he got the money to open the store after he bought the ring.

Scott and Trish notice that Michael looks happy. They encourage him to invite Kendra to the Christmas Eve dance. He likes her!

Michael gives Kendra a ride home. Kendra is about to give Michael more detail about her assignment when Michael interrupts. He sees a shooting star and wants her to make a wish. THEY KISS! Two movies in a weekend with an early kiss?! This really is a new Hallmark.

Trish tells Kendra that she couldn’t find any loans in William’s name. There is one other bank where she couldn’t find records though. Then they look through some old photos of the store. Kendra tells Michael to tell Scott about his ideas for heaven’s sake. Trish suggests doing a cookie exchange at the store the next day. Kendra offers to help Michael make Pearl’s favorite cookies-Peppermint Whoopie Pies. Those sound good.

They find the recipe. There is a note on the recipe from her mom. Basically her mom is like, I don’t approve of your marriage but everyone needs to know how to make Whoopie Pies.

Oh good. A baking montage. They break up the candy canes and…like none of them are broken. Like they basically show a completely intact candy cane. But they cheer for themselves anyway. She gets a text from her boss that says “GREAT NOTES ON MICHAEL” in all caps. Why, if she wasn’t planning to include the gossip, would she include details of his breakup in her notes? Come on, Kendra. They sit outside and wait for the cookies to bake. She asks why no one has bottled the scent of “baked goods.” Well, yes they have? Like every candle? Michael thinks she’s talking about perfume but I’m pretty sure they have that too. What is that spray realtors use? Or is that just a pretend thing they do on TV? Anyway, the scent of baked goods has indeed, been bottled and these two are dum dums.

Trish emails and says she found out that William DID get a loan and he only had 5 years to pay it off. They finally realize that they probably sold the ring. DUH.

Later, they are all at the cookie exchange. Trish thinks maybe the boys don’t want to sell the store.

They see a picture where Pearl wasn’t wearing the ring anymore. Things are really starting to line up.

Kendra’s boss calls and really wants her to focus on Michael’s break up in the story. She literally does not care about any of the rest of it. She’s just gotta get those click y’all!

Kendra and Michael rehash what they know. Kendra says they stopped seeing her wearing the ring in 1954 which would be when the loan was due. Then Michael blurts out that he doesn’t want to sell the store. Kendra asks if she can use his name in her story. He says he’s okay with it, but he doesn’t want it to be that obvious that he is that Michael Jones.

They head into a consignment store to see if the ring was sold there. The clerk calls her uncle to see if he recognizes it. He says, “You found it!” So yes, Pearl sold it to save William’s store. She came back later to buy it but it was already sold. THE END. Just kidding.

They head back to the store and Scott says he doesn’t want to sell anymore. He likes all Michael’s ideas. They decide to talk about the store ideas later. I think they hug. It’s nice. Then, Kendra gives the ring back to Michael. She says it should go back to the family. Well yeah she should have given it to him right away! And then he invites her to the Christmas Eve Dance! She heads back to the B&B to finish writing her article.

Her friend calls and asks if she’s doing the article she wants or the one that Linda wants. Sounds like she’s doing what she wants. Too bad Linda has all those notes. Paul’s wife comes in with some hot chocolate. Kendra has a nice revelation about her mom and her ring.

Kendra wakes up to see that Linda did exactly what I suspected. She totally rewrote the article to get that ad revenue y’all. She tries to explain what happened to Michael but he feels hurt. That is kind of understandable. She says this isn’t what she wanted and her boss rewrote the article. He doesn’t believe her and asks her to leave.

Kendra heads back to her office. She is upset and gives ol Linda a piece of her mind. Linda says she just “colored it up” a little. What’s the big deal? Linda tells her she truly just cares about ad space. Kendra has a little revelation about her job and quits on the spot!

Kendra calls Trish. Trish believes her about the article. Kendra asks if Trish will publish the real article in HER newspaper the next day. She agrees. Kendra gets to work doing some editing. She adds some of her own personal story to the article. Including that SHE LOVES MICHAEL. It sounds more like a diary entry at this point. Linda might have liked THAT.

Well dang, the revised/original article makes the FRONT PAGE of that town newspaper. Kenda says in the letter that she’ll be waiting for Michael at the Christmas Eve dance. This is like, a classic Hallmark set up.

So, Kendra is at the dance. Everyone is rooting for her. BUT, no sign of Michael so far. I love Trish’s dress! Then, Michael arrives. He tells Kendra that she looks beautiful. He apologizes for not believing her. And then he asks her to dance. Well dang. Michael is moving to Boston and starting a firm there. He plans to spend his weekends in Pine Grove though. Maybe she wants to come there on weekends too? He wants her to hold on to Pearl’s ring!! On a necklace. But shouldn’t we maybe offer that to Trish? They’ve known Kendra like 4 days? Nobody else seems to care though so the movie ends.

This movie was perfectly entertaining. Classic Hallmark story. Nice main characters, classic Hallmark town. So I liked it. It was fine. Let’s see how we did on our Checklist. Okay, 7/20. Not bad.

  1. Clumsy Meet Cute
  2. Christmas Festival
  3. Christmas Tree Lighting
  4. Christmas Baking
  5. Small shop in danger of going out of business
  6. Someone working a corporate job instead of chasing their dream
  7. A sassy best friend

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