Holly & Ivy

So, I was really dreading this movie. The preview looked unbearably sad! I wasn’t sure I could get through it. And then we had some DVR issues where we recorded the wrong airing so I am behind on a movie I didn’t want to watch anyway! So here we are. Let’s dive in.

Our lead, Melody, shows up to a house she just bought. A little pup wanders out of another house. She meets her neighbor, Nina and her two daughters Holly and Ivy. The house is a fixer upper. BIG TIME. Melody’s car is stacked to the gills with books and she tells them she wants to be a librarian! She had a job and moved here for it and then they backed out…but she apparently couldn’t back out on the house at that point. The bank still loaned her money? With no income? What is this, 2007?

Melody looks around the big old house and puts her vision board up. Then she puts a few horrifying elves up on her mantle. Dang this house is old. She starts making a list of repairs.

Later, Melody goes to ALL the libraries in town…how many could there be? Anyway, she goes to all the libraries with her resume. No one is hiring. She walks into one last one and just loves the children’s area. A little girl approaches her with one of her favorite books. And then she recommends another book to the little girl. And then Ivy walks up. Apparently her mom is using the library as daycare. Melody meets the head librarian and tells her she will take any job the library has. The head librarian doesn’t have any openings. The librarian gives her some practical career advice instead. But that isn’t Melody’s dream!! Melody wants to do a program for free and then maybe get paid after that. But…they JUST SAID there isn’t any money? What difference will two weeks make!!! Come on, Melody.

Melody heads to the hardware store. We hear a couple dudes talking construction. Adam comes over and mansplains door knobs. Oh! He even admits he was doing it. Melody actually knows what she is doing, at least as far as door knobs go. Adam knows exactly the house she bought. He is a contractor.

Adam’s dad stops by. He is expanding the car dealership and wants his son, of course, to take over. Adam wants to remain a contractor and maybe more.

Melody gets home in time to help Nina get her tree off her car. Nina seems pretty worn out. Nina tells her about a book they looked all over town for. Melody has it! I love that these cute little girls love to read so much.

Later, Nina stops by Melody’s with a plate of food. They chat about how they both don’t do a lot of cooking. The girls made her little thank you cards. Nina stays for tea. No hot chocolate? Is this even a Christmas movie? At least they have Christmas cups. What is this room they’re in? I don’t see a fridge or any cabinets? It’s just a sink and a big gas fireplace? They chat a little about their background. Melody is cagey about her parents. Nina opens up about her mom. Also, 10/10 for both women’s sweaters. Nina kind of passes out or…collapses. They don’t really show it. Nina says she’s just worn out. Melody offers to help out with the girls and tries to resist doing it for money. Melody makes Nina make a doctor’s appointment.

Melody gets her makeup done by the girls. It’s actually not too bad. They decide to make some ornaments. That’s a fun idea. Oh and Melody has cute nails. They decide to take a little field trip to the hardware store. She runs into Adam and he remembers her. Adam is very nice to the girls. They chit chat while the girls run around in the hardware store unsupervised. Adam recommends a bakery that has the best hot chocolate. Oh, this might be the cutest date request I’ve seen yet. I love to see someone actually give someone their phone number too. REALITY.

Nina gets home. She just seems worn out. Now they are going to do a little dance. Nina has some more trouble. Nina opens up to Melody that she has had cancer before but had been clear for two years. She is pretty sure it’s back. Melody offers to do whatever she can to help. I think perhaps Holly overhears? I’m not tearing up already so don’t worry about that. The girls all eat dinner together. Melody notices something is up with Holly. She lets her come over and get more books. She shows her some of the projects she’s done. She shows Holly her vision board and explains the concept.

Oh I love Melody’s coat. How many coats can someone with no job have though? She heads to the library to do her kid program. Melody offers to keep volunteering. Then she has her hot chocolate date with Adam. She has all kinds of good ideas that probably cost a lot of money. Then they talk about her remodel. He offers to take a look. Honestly, how is she living in this house right now? All I saw was a sink and a stove in the…kitchen? And for real is she going to just fix this giant house up by herself? Electrical? Don’t you have to use professionals for some of that?

Then they have a nice moment at her house. Adam shares that building furniture is his passion but he’s very focused on his contracting business. Melody gives him TERRIBLE ADVICE. Oh, apparently, Melody did school smartly and has a nest egg so she can be a librarian. Okay, well, good for her then. But no, Adam should not quit his contracting job to build artisan furniture full time. Oh! They could be broke together living their dreams! NO YOU GUYS. But it is compelling to Adam so he asks her on another date.

Melody and the girls (and the dog) go look for trees. Ivy finds the perfect tree for Melody. Now we have a montage of decorating Melody’s tree. Oh and the dance! The living room looks much better. Nina asks about those horrifying elves. Melody shares that she was in foster care and those elves are from her first foster family. She lived with a family for five years and then they couldn’t afford to keep her. OOF that is heartbreaking. I really can’t believe she wouldn’t have been eligible for adoption before turning 5 either! I only know about our own experience fostering but oh, I hope that is not something that would happen.

Melody shares that there was a librarian that was a huge role model to her. Nina worries that her girls will end up in the system because they have no other family. Her cancer is back. Melody offers to take them. Nope, not crying. They talk a little more about it.

Melody looks at her vision board and it says “family” on it. So she decides to start looking for a job. I’M NOT CRYING. YOU’RE CRYING.

The next day, Melody has lots of good idea for the library. A giving tree, a book donation, just nonstop. This poor old woman is overwhelmed. I believe she is credited as “harried librarian.” Bless her heart. Adam calls her and wants to get together tonight. This is all going well.

Adam’s dad stops by his office. He has a good lead for a big construction job. But Adam is like, what about my artisan furniture? His dad is not having it. He actually gives him some good advice, but I don’t think we’re supposed to be happy about it.

Melody meets with a lawyer. It is a huge process to be their guardian. She is worried her house will not be suitable in time!

Now it’s time for her date with Adam. She says she needs his help getting her house up to code. Wait, is she like wanting to do the plumbing and electrical herself? Also, where are they? It’s cute. Adam is like, no don’t give up on your dream for those kids? He kind of like…gets mad about it. But then realizes that is kind of silly. He kind of shares that his own dream has to wait too. Oh, he needs a raincheck on the concert. All this dream crushing talk really bummed him out. Also, what concert? Melody listens to the four children singing and runs into the librarian. The kids singing are her grandkids. She wants to talk to Melody anyway. The library is going to be closed on Sunday now. Just like Chick-fil-A.

Adam rage plans a remodel on a house. Then he goes to his garage to work on his sled. The he calls Charlie Case…at the city. He wants to hear about the project their doing. We’re NOT supposed to be rooting for that right? We’re supposed to want the artisan furniture?

Melody talks to the librarian more. She doesn’t seem to understand how government funding works. As she goes to her car (with the windows down in WI) she must notice Adam’s car. She heads to that cute coffee shop to get a hot chocolate and a donut. Get it girl! She gets a call about an interview at a data management company. She heads to her car to write down the info and sees Adam go into the coffee shop with another girl!! She tries to like shove him off but he is like a very mature adult and apologizes and she is still short with him.

Later, the girls help her paint. They talk about whether cats or dogs are better. What a ridiculous discussion. Obviously, dogs. In a dark moment, Melody asks the girls what color they would want in a bedroom.

They all head to Kayla’s grandma’s house with tons of books. Where was Kayla? How did she get into the mix? Holly suggests they drive around and drop off books to people. She googles bookmobile and realizes there aren’t any in the area.

Melody talks over the idea with Nina. Her phone buzzes. They set her home inspection for the guardianship papers. They talk about Nina’s treatment options. Nina says she doesn’t want Melody to be her nurse. And Melody is like, no I will do anything for you. IT DOESN’T MAKE ME TEAR UP. This movie is DUMB. AHH. She wanted that big house to fill up with anyone who would be her family. IT’S NOT SAD IT’S DUMB.

Melody goes to her interview. She is filling in for someone who is on maternity leave. And it is a classmate of hers from school! She takes the job! She calls Nina to tell her the good news.

Then she goes to the lawyer and gets all the paperwork to her.

ANOTHER CUTE COAT. She talks to…who is that guy? The owner of the hardware store? Anyway, she talks about all the house stuff but doesn’t want Adam to help. But she continues to misunderstand Adam even after he explained his freak out to her.

Adam goes to a big Range Rover party. His parents tell him “they only want what’s best for him.” Girl, SAME! Please don’t throw it all away for artisan furniture.

Adam comes by to go sledding. Melody keeps trying to push Adam away. But he is not giving up! He gives her a nice speech. She finally agrees to go sledding. But she refuses his help. So he offers! She suggests they bring the girls. So they all go sledding but Nina doesn’t wear a coat or a hat! Oh and they’re all in jeans. Don’t these people understand sledding! Or winter! Or Wisconsin!

Later they all go to Adam’s garage/shop to see his woodwork. He made some ornaments for kids at the library. So, now they’re going to make some shelves for Melody. His dad shows up. He looks around the shop. He says the work is beautiful. Adam fills his dad in on Melody. He tells him about the Bookmobile. His dad says he came to see Adam’s workshop.

At Nina’s, Holly reads How the Grinch Stole Christmas. After the girls go to bed, Nina gives Melody a gift. It’s another elf because SHE IS PART OF THEIR FAMILY. NOT CRYING.

Melody is awoken to a whole bunch of people there to help with the house. MY NIGHTMARE. Melody’s too. He tells her to go get dressed and leave but she wants to help. Guys, this is more than a day of work, right? OH DANG. Adam is a cat person. I love it for Melody.

She and Nina chat and then Nina notices that all the workers are wearing elf hats. So that’s a nice little thing. Adam brings her back into the kitchen and then walks her through the rest of her house. It’s 100% up to code, he says! And he has one more present-a window bench! Childhood Cally’s dream. So then Adam’s parents show up. They ask if this is gift giving time. They say they have a tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve. They got her a big van! Adam is very surprised.

Now his parents apologize for pushing him to continue growing his successful business. OH! They both have a practical plan for their dreams though so I’m back on board.

Oh, now we’re at a court hearing. Oh, Nina did pass away that summer. So this is their adoption hearing. NOT CRYING SO DON’T ASK. THEIR ROOMS! And the dog is all grown up. The girls get her a frame for Christmas. Well Adam for heaven’s sake are you going to propose. Okay, good. He will! They give a nice toast to the girls’ mom with very cute cups. And now they do the dance. But I would have liked to see it! Come on. Okay yeah so that was definitely sad at all. Let’s see how we did on the Checklist. Not too bad. I might have stretched some of these to make them work. 7/20

  1. Single Parent
  2. Clumsy Meet-Cute
  3. Winter Athletics-Sledding
  4. Dramatic conflict (I feel Melody was a bit overdramatic)
  5. Both of them were trying to chase their dream jobs
  6. A wise best friend
  7. And a Christmas Montage

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