The Christmas Club

We are just churning through these this week. The Christmas Club premiered on November 27 on the Hallmark Channel. We’ve got some real Christmas movie pros in this ol boy. I was very much looking forward to this one and I must say, I was not disappointed. Let’s get it done.

I believe this movie takes place in New York but I am not sure. We begin in a dance studio. Our lead, Olivia is an instructor. She tells her daughter, who is also in her dance class, that she is doing a great job. Then she talks to the studio owner, who is about to have surgery and will miss the big Christmas recital. But the owner seems distracted by more than her surgery…or is she? The admin assistant tells Olivia to make a Christmas wish. She wishes for her daughter Maeryn to have a great year. The admin assistant wishes for a man for Olivia. TWO FULL TIME JOBS for this gal.

Edward is drinking cider at his sister’s house while he works. He is a busy businessman who is staying at his sister’s while he closes some big business deals. He might be doing too much business to help with decorating their tree.

Back at the studio, the assistant puts out her menorah. Olivia feels bad because she always gets her a gift for the first day of Hanukkah. She rushes out to buy something. Edward is on his phone doing busy businessman things down the street. Out front of a store, money flies out of an old woman’s hand. They help her inside to sit down. She says it was four twenties; $80 and she saved up all year so she could buy presents for her grandkids through her bank’s Christmas club. I definitely don’t tear up about this poor old woman saving all year to get to $80 for Christmas. Olivia and Edward go outside to “look for the money.” They each realize they have $40 in cash and decide to give it to her.

Inside, they both try to come up with how they found her money. It is a tall tale, but Gertrude is so relieved and thankful she doesn’t seem to mind. As they walk out, I get the feeling that ol Gertie may be up to something. They realize they are walking the same direction and chat as they go about fate and Christmas magic. Ed doesn’t believe in ANY of it. Too much business. They walk through a park that has all kinds of Christmas festivities going on. Ed shares that he doesn’t really live anywhere because he travels so much. Olivia shares that she loves snow at Christmas but hates it in April. This helps the audience understand that she is a rational, sane person. They go to buy some sort of seasoned nut… I can’t remember if it is a chestnut or pecan; and realize neither of them have cash! You’re telling me that in this day and age, this guy doesnt have a card reader for his phone? This poor non card reader owning cart manager decides to give these two their nuts for free.

They decide to sit on a swing together. She talks about what kind of dance she teaches and shares she used to be in the New York Ballet! But she prefers teaching to performing. Don’t these guys have anyplace to be? Ed shares that he is a business startup consultant. How do people have money for that when they are starting a business? But that’s what he does. And then they decide to part ways and don’t exchange numbers. Dummies.

Olivia returns to the studio with a Hanukkah gift. She goes up to talk to Maggie, the studio owner. The owner has decided to retire and close the studio. They are about to be out of a job! Couldn’t she just get someone to do the financials? Nope. She’s selling the whole property! Dang, she owns the space? Why doesnt she keep it and lease the space? I don’t get it. But she’s tired and she knows Olivia will be fine. Olivia does not know that. She is upset and leaves.

She gets in a cab and hears the guy leaving give the cab driver a $20 and to keep the change because he just found the twenty in the street. Ed approaches and just barely misses her.

Back at home Olivia’s mom makes eggnog and they cluck away. She tells her about Gertrude and Ed. The mom is more proud of her for speaking to a man than about giving a woman money to buy Christmas presents. Nothing will happen with Ed though, Mom. She tells her about the studio closing too. Her mom is not worried about her AT ALL though.

At Ed’s sister’s house, they are eating green bean casserole on just a random night. Pure insanity. Hey, is that dad from something else? Maybe the front desk dum dum from Merry and Bright?

The next morning, Olivia has time to leisurely sit on her chair and drink coffee and stare out the window. She and Maeryn decide to head to the Christmas festival. Oh, Ed’s sister is there….and so is ED. What! And then Gertrude peaks out from behind a fake Santa. They all agree that is SO WEIRD that they ran into each other again. Ed’s sister is like, hey husband, let’s go over here and bless his sweet red haired heart, he’s like no I’m good. And then he gets it. Olivia and Ed stroll around and chat some more.

She shows him her daughter and shares that she’s been widowed for 8 years. Maeryn shows up asks to go do a Christmas mural. They leave AGAIN without exchanging phone numbers. These guys. Ed’s sister does not stop working for ONE SECOND and decides they should go to the mural too. They have a nice sibling moment about undoing all their crappy childhood Christmas’s.

Well, surprise, surprise, they meet again at the mural. The mural is on a tiny like white board type thing that the whole city of New York is supposed to help build?

They go into a shop for hot chocolate and Olivia shares about her studio closing. Ed says he believes in her and she is very flattered. Ed gets very silly with his hot chocolate. I think Maeryn is explaining how to drink it and he pretends to take her instructions literally. Olivia is very amused. Olivia then helps him wipe it off. I just feel like these scenarios never happen. And kill me before someone else wipes my mouth off.

They go back to the park and chat some more. Usually he is only silly with his nephew, Connor. What would ol Gertie say if she saw them now? They get up because Maeryn is about to see Santa. Ed gives her his phone number. He writes it down on a napkin instead of typing it into her phone because they are Gen X. Maeryn asks Santa for more days like this. That’s sweet.

Back at home, (how do they live in a house and not an apartment?) Olivia sets the phone number out on the counter. Maeryn immediatelys spill her full hot chocolate all over the counter and then uses the phone number napkin to wipe it up. The number is completely ruined.

Three days go by and Ed is with his sister at the toy store. Why hasn’t Olivia called? The sister doesn’t remember what the dance studio is called. Oh, they live in Minneapolis. That makes sense.

Back at the dance studio, Olivia is teaching and the floor is covered with Christmas trees. The assistant is all stressed out about Ed but Olivia isn’t. She decides to run to the toy store in the middle of class to look for the jewelry box Maeryn wants.

At the toy store, a woman checking out doesn’t have enough money and layaway won’t work for her. The cashier offers her $20. She found it on the street and was saving it for a special opportunity. Then Olivia runs in to Ed’s sister. She is so glad. She might be an elder millennial so she gets Olivia’s number in her phone.

Ed is out with a client but he hears that Olivia’s studio is right by where he is!! So he stops by to see her. He didn’t want to take any chances not seeing her. They talk about the $20 situation at the toy store.

His client comes in and is like OMG I LOVE THIS PLACE LET’S GET IT. Olivia is a little upset. She walks outside. He catches up to her. He’s like, hey you should just open your own studio. I could help! That’s like, my exact job. Maggie accepts the offer from Ed’s client right away. Wow. Before Olivia leaves, Ed invites her to the Christmas Tree lighting that night. She agrees to go.

It’s the Christmas Tree lighting. Her mom is there too and everyone meets. Olivia pretends to ignore him. Ed charms Olivia’s mom’s socks off. All the kids get to help with the tree lighting. This is the best idea so far for a tree lighting. Olivia and Ed hold hands!! They all go off together. Olivia and Ed lag behind. They see a vacant office space for lease. Ed says it would be perfect for her studio! Just think about it. Olivia seems kind of excited but nervous. He tries to shoot down her reservations.

That night, Olivia and Maeryn have a nice bedtime moment. Then Olivia calls Ed and says she wants to see the space the next day!

The next day back at the studio, they are decorating for the recital. The new owner is letting them do the recital there. They talk about her opening her own studio. Ed shows up to go tour the studio or maybe some time has passed and they’ve done that. Olivia asks about the bank loan. He says he was going to brainstorm for her studio and she is actually free to help! He thought she’d be too busy for that but she isn’t.

They decide to go “grab a bite.” They are both too old to say that. Olivia puts on lip gloss and says she’s just going for a walk. Sure, Jan! He asks where to and she says they should just start walking. If I were hungry, this statement would give me anxiety. They seemingly go back to the pecan stand but that guy is now selling hot dogs. THAT’S NOT GOING TO BE ENOUGH FOOD. Ed gives the vendor money and tells him to keep the change. He says someone else did that too a few days ago. They see a carriage and decide to ride on it until it is dark. They have a lovely moment. Gertie sees them.

Back at Olivia’s house, Maeryn invites him to stay to help make cookies. And then we get a BAKING MONTAGE with the whole gang. They all sneak a cookie. He kisses her on the cheek when he leaves. I would honestly die of embarrassment if someone did that to me.

At Maggie’s studio the next day, Olivia is stressing about her small business loan going through. But Maggie has bad news. The insurance company won’t let them hold the Christmas recital there. So they actually don’t have a space for the recitial. Maggie honestly could not care less. Olivia decides to go to her new studio space. Ed finds her there. They can’t use her studio until the loan clears. She decides to talk to the bank by herself. They tell her that she probably won’t hear until after the new year.

That night, back at home, she is so distracted she wraps her own salt and pepper shakers. She and her mom talk about EVERYTHING. She gets an email. SHE GOT THE LOAN! Yay. They can host the recital there. She calls Ed. Except he’s already there! He just heard. Olivia feels like she did it all on her own. She offers Ed her mom’s leftover eggnog.

She and Ed go to the space and start talking about the space. She starts to spiral. He is being a great cheerleader. Then she gets a great idea. He says he’s very proud of her. And she bounces around the room. All the kids are helping decorate the new studio. Is there wrapping paper on the walls?

Olivia goes to a bakery and sees a wooden ornament for sale. It is a horse drawn carriage. She buys it. Gertie sees it. She stops by the bank and sees Ed there. What is he doing here? Oh no. She didn’t get the loan approved all by herself. Ed pulled some strings behind the scenes for her. She feels a little silly. Then she tells him she can’t be the reason he stays. And she can’t think about her heart right now. He is like, well geez. Now you’ve ruined Christmas again for me. She’s like, this has always just been about the studio. And he’s like, okay well then this has been pleasant and professional. Best of luck in the coming business year.

The next day, Olivia see the pecan stand at the park and ol Gertie is there too. They talk for awhile about Ed. Gertie gives her som love advice. She says she has to go back to work. Gertie says, “nothing a little Christmas magic can’t fix!” Sneaky little sneak.

At his sister’s, Ed is packing up. No point in staying for Christmas! He has to leave immediately. His sister gives him a pep talk. And I just realized Ed has a Christmas tree IN HIS BEDROOM. Nice work, Beth. Beth and fam are now so plugged in with Olivia that they are going to the recital. Her husband hands him a gift that Gertie gave him that is from Olivia. It is the ornament and a 20. And a note that says thanks for the most romantic business meeting of her life. Cute idea girl!

Outside the recital, Olivia is rocking a bold lip. The girls have cute little snowflake outfits. But real talk, is a Christmas Eve dance recital super annoying for families? They show too much of the kids’ dance routine. Also, there is no seating for anyone. SOUNDS FUN. After the recital she sees Ed. Oh he came to the recitial after all. He thanks her for the gift. She wonders how he got it… Gertrude. That sneaky Santa sneak. They apologize to each other. He asks if her dreams came true and she says, well that depends on whether you’re staying or not. And he says, yes he is! And then we see a painted mural on the side of the building of Gertrude appearing to be Mrs. Claus. And then we see her walking down some stairs. Ooooooh, girl. They decide to spend Christmas together with their families and then THEY KISS. Let’s see how we did.

  • Workaholic too busy for Christmas
  • Single parent
  • Is that guy secretly Santa?
  • Clumsy meet cute
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Christmas Festival
  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Christmas baking
  • Christmas montage

Total score: 9/20

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