Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen

Sense, Sensibility and Snowmen premiered on November 30, 2019 on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. I am assuming it takes some inspiration from the Jane Austen novel, “Sense and Sensibility” but I never read that so I don’t know. This is my last post from the Thanksgiving marathon so let’s get this done!!

We begin at Dashworks Event production. It looks like they are having their annual holiday party. Ella our lead, has some reindeer ears on. Ella and her sister Mary Anne own the party planning business together.

In a big fancy office, our lead make an anncounemt to his staff. The Laurent toy store owners are interested in selling their toys in their toys. After that two second announcement, he asks a woman with him how she thinks that went. He was there for one second?

Mary Anne and Ella chat at home in great sweaters. Ella has some big visions for the business. Mary Anne is like not super stoked about that. She’s happy with how things are. Ella is bummed. Mary Anne shares that she is not seeing her boyfriend Willoughby anymore. That must be a call back to Sense and Sensibility. Ella tries to activate Mary Anne’s dating profile and Mary Anne is like, no I’d rather read a book. I like these two sisters.

Later in some office lobby, Ella stares at the Christmas decor and then stares at a painting. She sees the male lead and they say hi. He says the painting is nonsense. I agree. Ella is like WHAT I love this painting. He’s like no it looks like a child painted it. She is like okay. This is not going well. He’s like, let me try again. You seem like you are stoked about Christmas given that BOLD accessory. It is a super cute scarf. I can’t really wear scarves. I feel it makes me look and feel suffocated. Mary Anne arrives and saves Ella from more awkward small talk. They are at this building to settle details about their dad’s estate. Mary Anne and Brandon seem to hit it off right away. Ella is a straight up goofball.

Back at work, the Edward’s dad and mom just pop by his office. SO FUN. His dad used to run things and seems like he can’t let go. When do the Laurents arrive? The dad is like, this is super important so don’t screw it up. You’ll have to be less of a business robot though. He’s like, great talk.

Ella talks to Mary Anne about expanding the business again. Mary Anne is like, you have no idea the work involved in expanding. Ella is like, let’s do all of that. Mary Anne is like, I just wish you’d do a good job of the stuff you’re actually supposed to work on. Mary Anne is like, you should also just get your own place. It seems like that house is plenty big for them together though so why wouldnt they be roommates?

Oh boy. Edward is in a magazine. The article is not flattering about him and his toy business. The magazine also found its way to the Dashworks office. Who is that cutie, asks an employee? Ella is not impressed. She wears another great sweater.

Outside the big office building, Edward greets the Laurents who are in from Paris. They are so stoked about being in Chicago for the first time and seeing all the Christmas stuff! His coworker helps mention a few Christmas activities. They’re like, tough break with that article bro. Edward blurts out that they’re having a Christmas party in his attempt to demonstrate how acquainted he wants to be with the Laurents. His coworker is like, dude why do you have zero chill.

The sisters run through the final check list for a big party. Everything is all set except the music, which Ella did not take care of at all. What was she doing? She seemed to think her only job was identifying a band that would be good for the event. Sure enough, the band is not coming. Mary Anne is so annoyed because now she has to find a replacement.

Later, they are at the party. Ella introduces Mary Anne to a woman that hired them and she was very pleased with the event. Ella was like, see it all worked out? Mary Anne was like, yeah no thanks to you!

Later, Ella drowns her sorrows at a bar. She overhears two dudes talking about how they need a party planner. She realizes it’s her lawyer and Edward! They are cousins. She’s like, oh never mind. I don’t want to help YOU plan a party. Edward is like, yeah I wouldn’t want YOU to plan my party either. Brandon is like, you guys. Don’t be such silly geese. And then Ella sees dollar signs because it would be for the company Christmas party. Edward is like, okay charge me whatever is fair. And Ella is like, we’ll just charge you our normal rates. The market decides whether or not that is fair!

Back at the girls’ home, Ella is wearing a truly phenomenal sweater. They are still in a little bit of a fight about the night before. Ella is working on the party for Edward. She tells Mary Anne how they got this great gig! Mary Anne is like, hard pass. I’m going to end up doing ALL the work and I’m not into it. Ella is like please? And Mary Anne is like, okay just be better at your job this time okay?

Ella meets Edward’s assistant and is like, oh! You have a six year old. She seems surprised that Ella knows this. Ella sees the original “Ferris Bear” on his desk and flips. They begin doing the party planning. I just truly feel that Edward would not be involved in any of this. She would probably just do it right? They would say here is our budget, just plan our Christmas party. That’s why we hire someone. Right? What’s with these CEOS being SO busy but having time to participate in party planing and interior decorating? Ella suggests the employees do a choreographed dance but she is not making a joke. The assistant and Edward pat her on the head.

Back at Dashworks, sweet little puppy dog Brandon drops off some paperwork for Mary Anne. They are adorably awkward with each other.

Ella and Edward take a walk together. He tells her how he got is start at the company. He worked his way up from an intern, even though his dad owned the company. So that is nice. He is the OPPOSITE of a risk taker. Ella says she’s bounced around from job to job. She is just a FREE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. She tells him about her dreams to revitalize Dashworks.

They go to a venue. I believe it is spelled “Wabash”. Ella pronounces it Wah-BASH but I have always pronounced that word “WAH-bash” and I think I’m right. She says they need to settle on a theme. She lists a bunch and is mad when he picks one of the ones she selects. How does he personally celebrate? Well with end of the year business things. He always gives his father a financial ledger for Christmas. Cool. She says she and her sister go out telling “Yuletide stories”. I’m not sure what that is about. Then they apparently let cookies sit out all night uncovered for “Santa.” Edward says NO glitter and they can only have one color.

The girls go to some kind of Christmas square for the tree lighting. Ella loves it. They run to Brandon and Edward. Did Brandon and Mary Anne agree to meet up? Edward is there because the Laurents are there. MaryAnne and Brandon ditch them. The Laurents arrive. Ella introduces herself to them. The Laurents ask for ideas of things to do and Ella tees Edward up for success in a weird game of “Let’s Finish Each Other’s Sentences.” Ella and Edward exchange a nice look as the tree lights up.

The next day, Edward’s assistant’s child care bailed so she brought him to work! Ella plays with him for a little bit until Edward and the assistant show up. Ella sits on the floor with the toys while she talks to Ella. Then Lucy shows up. She is a senior executive. Lucy says if they reduce mobility of the truck by 5% they can make more money. I don’t even understand how that could be a measurable thing. Lucy makes a comment about how they were once prom dates.

They head back to the venue. They have to do e-bites because the party is so last minute. Then they do a tasting for the food for the party. Edward is stoked to sample some food. Same, girl!! I love a good sample tasting sesh! Ella shares that she would love to spend Christmas with her parents one more time. Edward feels bad for stuffing his face. Then Ella is like, we should definitely have escargot at the party. Here try some. Ella is like, I’ve definitely eaten it before and I like it so I don’t need to eat any now. Edward is like, no let’s just have crab cakes. And yes, I agree. In the words of Mary-Kate from the classic film “It Takes Two”; “This tastes like a balloon.”

Ella and Edward head to… the Dashworks HQ? There, he tells her he needs some interior decorating help for a cocktail hour he’s hosting for the Laurents.

Back at the girls’ home, Ella tells Mary Anne that she is going to help decorate Edward’s home. They could add this service to their business too! Christmas interior decorating! But what’s going on with Brandon? Nothing Mary Anne says unconvincingly. Ella gets an email from her friend about a screenwriting class. She prints it out and is like, oh that sounds cool. Then the employee dishes about her new boyfriend. They have NOTHING in common but they just click. Guess what, that gets super annoying real fast. Edward pops by to…pick her up? He’s bummed that they don’t get to pick out a tree together.

There is not a strand of garland or a Balsam Hill box in sight in Edward’s giant house. Edward just starts putting ornaments on. No lights…We miss the whole thing. He brings back two cups of some sort of warm beverage. They both chat about their European travel experiences. She mentions the screenwriting class. But she says she is too happy working with her sister. She asks what his dad thought about the new truck design. And then she asks what the kids thought. He’s like, kids? What kids? She is aghast that he consulted parents. Like look, I’m going to tell you to not design the toy to keep making noise minutes after I accidentally step on it in the middle of night as I try to stealthily sneak out of my kids’ room in the middle of the night. So it is important to get parents insight.

Brandon asks Mary Anne on a date.

Then, Ella agrees to watch the assistant’s son Thomas for the day. What is happening with this woman’s childcare? Edward asks to tag along. They go see Santa at Brandon’s work. Brandon is not billing any hours and dons a festive elf hat. Thomas, gives Santa long list. Edward tells Ella that he wanted to be an elf when he grew up. Later, Ella wears a great pea coat. They have to kill more time while Edward’s employee is running late. In what world is his assistant working and HE is watching her child? Anyway, they build a snowman. Ella makes Edward take off his likely very expensive tie and puts it on the snowman’s head. Then he throws a snowball at her. Then the assistant finally shows up to retrieve her child.

Back at Edward’s house, Ella drops by with pie. It’s the night of the big cocktail hour. He asks her to stay. Good thing she’s wearing a cute pink pea coat! She adjusts his color and he is a little startled by it. They have a lovely time. Is that woman doing a fake accent or is she really French? I can’t tell. Either way, it’s….not great. Edward tells them how the original Ferris bear was created. The Laurents are pleased with everything though.

Back at Dashworks, Mary Anne sees the print out for the screenwriting class. She’s bummed.

Edward and Ella go out for MORE DRINKS. They talk about Dashworks and other stuff. She asks what he does for fun. He can’t be all graphs and flowcharts, right? Oh cool. Edward is super into ping pong. Ella laughs hysterically.

Ella gets home and Mary Anne is sitting silently in the kitchen. She shows her the screenwriting thing. Ella is like, no I decided not to do it. Mary Anne was like, you thought about it? Ella was like yeah but I decided not to. Ella is kind of offended that Mary Anne would think that about her.

THe next day, ELla and Edward walk outside and look at his iPad. Ella seems distracted. He notices. She doesn’t want to saddle him with her personal drama. He is a little belittling to her. He suggests buying her an overly complicated holiday beverage. Ella delivers with her order. Sounds good though. Ella says that Mary Anne called her an irresponsible goof. That is actually exactly how I would describe her. He’s like, do you want to make a business plan? Ella is like, nah, I’m good. He’s like okay help me Christmas shop at this expensive outdoor market. She’s like hey get this gaudy snowman scarf for yourself. He’s like nah. Then he asks who her type is and she says Frosty the Snowman. Then they see a really cute snowflake necklace and the vendor is like, you should buy that for your girlfriend! But she sounds like she’s straight out of a Charles Dickens novel for some reason. Then she’s like, thanks for the pep talk! I’ll see you later.

The next day, Ella is at the office with some checks to sign. She pronounces Wabash incorrectly again…in my view. Ella says, you know, maybe I should make one of those…what did you call it? A business plan? Edward is like yay! I already made you one. Hahaha, they spelled “summary” wrong on the presentation. They walk down the hall to a genuine kids focus group. They seem to be playing with all kinds of toys. Lucy and Edward’s dad walk by; shocked by what they are witnessing. Edward has really let his hair down. His dad is like, are you at least taking notes and asking questions about which toys they like and don’t like? And he’s like neiiighby? As he holds up a toy horse. Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. He didn’t really say that. Nobody has ever said that.

Back in the office, Edward checks in to see how Ella is feeling about her argument with her sister. They have not made up yet.

That night at home, Ella goes over her notes. Ed says there is a festival crisis at the holiday square! Ooooh, Brandon brought Mary Anne. These boys. Getting their gals together like this. They are going to a gingerbread contest event. But, instead of having the girls on the same team, they pair up by couple. Ella is eating some of the stuff. Oh, so is Edward. But like, gingerbread house gingerbread isn’t very good is it? They all have a grand ol time. Ella’s ends up being like, truly gorgeous so she wins first place. MaryAnne and Brandon win second.

Then Ella gets a call. Uh oh. The Wabash center booked their event on the wrong day? So they don’t have a venue anymore.

They head back to HQ to figure something out. The venue is clearly in the wrong but the best they can do is offer them a free party in January. COOL. THANKS. Brandon decides to order pizza. Then Ella gets an idea. They will just have the party at Edward’s! It’s definitely big enough for 100 people. The sisters have a nice moment. Brandon overhears them talking about him. It’s great.

At Edward’s house, he talks to his parents about wanting to really be in charge without his dad looking over his shoulders. His dad and mom drink out of cute his and hers mugs. Where are those from? Then Edward is like, should us three business robots take a “selfie” together? They do. They nail it.

Back at Dashworks, the sisters have some more nice moments. Ella gets the selfie from the robots. Mary Anne is like, when are you going to stop being such a dummy dumb? You like him, he likes you. Let’s get this done alright?

That night, Ella and Edward go back to the holiday square with the Laurents. He sends them on a sleigh ride. They have a nice conversation about how Edward is getting into the Christmas spirit and how glad he is about that. He gives her a gift. It’s the first of their new line of Ferris Bears. And around the bear’s neck is that cute necklace from before. Well that is a pretty significant gesture. Edward says he knows her type-it’s Frosty the snowman. She’s like, I like a guy in a nice hat. And well, guess what? He’s wearing a hat! Then they go on a sleigh ride.

It’s party time! Ella leads Edward downstairs with a blindfold (tie). For what purpose though? Hasn’t he been home the whole time? Anyway, the downstairs does not look like his house whatsoever. It is truly way too big. But the decorations are great. The Laurents approach him to say they’ve decided to do business with him. Edward and Ella have a nice celebratory moment and then they dance. Brandon and Mary Anne dance too. MaryAnne is like, just tell Ed you like him already. She is about to but then his assistant approaches and is like, Lucy is looking for you. Lucy is really pleased with the party and then tells Edward about her boyfriend. They hug. Ella is watching from afar and totally misinterprets. Mary Anne approaches her and is like,great job on the party. Another employee is like, hey find Edward. He needs to make a toast. Ella goes to find him and then overhears him tell a board member that shouldn’t hire Ella’s firm. He says the girls are “unsuitable” for that party. Ella approaches him coldly and tells him its time for his speech. She’s like, I heard what you said. That really hurt my feelings. And he’s like oh no that’s not what I meant. But then Lucy is like SPEECH TIME NOW GIRL. And Ella leaves and Edward goes to make the speech. Ella tells Mary Anne that she wants to go home so she leaves.

Ella sits at home eating cookies or chocolate or something in THE MOST FABULOUS SWEATER. I can’t stand it. She is so bummed about Lucy and what Edward said about thei company. Mary Anne feels bad. Mary Anne shows her all the business cards they got. Mary Anne is like, you should stop eating those cookies because they’re for Santa. Um….

Ed calls and she ignores it.

It’s Christmas morning and these girls bought way too many presents for each other. But I guess if I only had one person to buy gifts for I could go a little crazy. It is a cute moment. The last gift Ella has for Mary Anne is a financial ledger and she says she’s been working on a business proposal too. She promises to spell “summary” correctly. Mary Anne is touched. Then she says she is going to move out after January.

Over at Ed’s house, his parents are over for Christmas. He is wearing one heck of a sweater and there are Christmas cookies galore. Brandon steps by. He says he’s heading to see MaryAnne. Edward is like, can I come too?

They show up and Ed is facing away from her as she approaches, like a weird. Still committed to that white mock turtleneck sweater. He’s like, I was trying to protect you from that board member because he is a nightmare and he never pays his bills on time. She’s like oooooooh. I’m sorry for being such a drama queen then. But there’s still the matter of Lucy. And he’s like no no we’re just friends and coworkers. They decide to go back to the holiday square. It’s totally empty.

Ed shares his feelings for her. Then he shows her that he’s wearing the silly snowman scarf she wanted him to buy. He’s like, we are the best pair. She then takes a turn sharing her feelings. And then, they KISS. And then it snows.

Back at the girls’ house, they all have a nice evening together. No one says anything to Edward about his sweater.And that’s it! Let’s see how we did.

  • Workaholic too busy for Christmas
  • Clumsy Meet Cute
  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Snowball fight
  • Christmas puns
  • A sassy and wise best friends

Total score: 6/20

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