Our Christmas Love Song

Our Christmas Love Song premiered on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on Sunday, November 24. I have to admit, I was not looking forward to watching this one. I just thought it would not be great. In fact, I almost skipped it. But I watched it for you dumb dumbs. And guess what? It was not as terrible as I thought. Maybe that is because I was coming off of Cherished Memories. Let’s get it done.

The movie begins at the Grand Ol Opry. Our lead, Melody plans to sing a solitary Christmas song. It is brand new. Backstage, she talks to her manager about how she hopes her mentor, Connie Black loves the song.

We also see shots of a guy named Chase at his bar not wanting to watch her sing. Connie Black is in her own diner kind of half paying attention. Her ears perk up when she hears the song. It’s called “Heart of Christmas.”

The next day, Melody finds out that Connie claims that Melody stole that song. It sounds suspiciously like “Heart of Tennessee.” But good news, it definitely doesnt sound like Amy Grant’s Tennessee Christmas. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Anyway, Melody is like, no I wrote that song like, ten years before Heart of Tennessee. But she sympathizes with Connie because all country music DOES sound the same. So they decide to meet without any lawyers to talk about legal options. I panic for all parties. Connie’s manager says if she can prove that she wrote the song before Heart of Tennessee by Christmas, they won’t sue her. Melody is like, well I wrote that with my dad in high school. It’s just kind of been in my head since then. Oh boy. She decides to go home for Christmas because what else is she going to do? Also, maybe she can find some sheet music or doctor some pages to look 20 years old.

Her mom owns a candy store. She surprises her mom and sister inside. Then, she shoves her sister aside for…licorice? What a waste. Her sister is like, hey so glad you’re here. Can you do school pick up and the grocery shopping? LOVEYOUSOMUCH.

Melody picks up her niece, Lucy at school and they head to the grocery store. Uh oh. She sees Chase, her old flame. She hides behind a poinsettia. Hope she doesn’t get poisoned! But anyway, I think I would have just abandoned my niece and fled in that situation. For some reason, he approaches her and they have an awkward exchange. His cart is overflowing with quarts of eggnog. Isn’t there a better way for him to purchase large quantities of eggnog for his bar? Oh, excuse me, it’s a tavern. I forgot we were in Middle Earth. So he’s like yeah you should come see all the renovations at the tavern. It’s still carved into a hillside but the inside is new! How many hobbit jokes can I make before you stop reading?

Back at the Prancing Pony, Chase picks up the guitar and reminisces about the good times. He begins to wonder about elevensies.

Back at the girls’ house, they have all the supplies to bake cookies. And so begins a cookie baking montage. The cookies look beautiful. That mint green usually doesnt seem Christmasy when I make it but they’re all pros. The sisters talk about the song and her current/ex boyfriend and then Chase. Jillian(?) the sister, suggests she invite Chase to the tree lighting.

Later, Melody drops by the Prancing Pony. Chase’s sister, Dot is very pleased to see Melody. Dot is doing great work in this movie. Melody likes the renovation but thinks they need more Christmas trees. Hobbits do love Christmas. Chase and Dot whisper about inviting Melody to the tree lighting. He isn’t sure about inviting her.

After that, Melody goes to her mom’s house to help her make…Reindeer treat holders? For something? Apparently her mom and dad used to make them together. She goes into her old room which is untouched. How many people’s room in their parents house are untouched like that, I’m curious? Don’t these parents ever host other people? Wouldn’t you be stoked to turn one of those rooms into a cute guest room or something? And make your adult children take all their crap to their OWN house? Anyway, she finds her old song book but the song she needs is not in there.

Back downstairs, her mom suggests she invite Chase to the tree lighting. Everyone is just working so hard for these two.

She heads to the music store next. She used to play there or they gave him some of her sheet music. The music teacher is so happy to see her but he doesn’t have that song. But, he does have a signed photo of another country star named Hunter Hamilton up in the store. He comments that a duet with the two of them is the only thing missing maybe in his life? No, that would be weird. Her career. Yeah, that’s it.

Lucy is in the middle of a lesson in the back of the shop. She wanders back to see her. Chase is sitting in there with her wearing a Santa hat. He is embarrassed, as he should be. They both blurt out an invitation to the tree lighting. On her way out of the room, she tunes his guitar.

While she’s getting read for the tree lighting, she talks to her manager on the phone. She tells the manager to take a chill pill and enjoy the holiday.

They meet up at the hot chocolate stand. Everything is going great. Lucy invites them to go to Santa’s Wonderland after the lighting. Isn’t it going to be a little past her bedtime? Melody shares that the tree lighting is something she and her dad used to share together. It was just their thing. Okay, but why? Why wouldn’t the mom and sister go too? And doesnt her poor sister have anything that’s just her and her dad’s? Melody has all the music and now the tree lighting? Geez Louise. She also shares that she got to push the button as a six year old. Good for you, Melody.

The mayor stands up and makes a speech. Melody gets a shout out and Chase is a good sport. Then, the mayor calls Melody up to push the button. She asks Lucy to help. Does anyone ever die of embarrassment about impromptu Christmas tree light button pushing? I would.

Later, she tells Chase about the dilemma with her song. He seems to also know that she wrote it in high school. Seems like she should be collecting declarations from all these people in town but she didn’t talk to her lawyer so she doesnt know to do that.

He tells her he feels like he’s in a rut lately. He likes running the tavern but he kind of had to take over after his dad died. It’s not really his dream. Thy have a nice moment but Lucy rudely interrupts and orders them to see a nutcracker or something.

The next morning, Melody’s sister is singing in the church choir. She is wearing a great green dress. Back at home, she shares how much she loves singing in the choir, especially since her husband is deployed. Lucy bounds down the stairs with her guitar. She sings Melody’s Christmas song. She’s pretty good too!

Later they go to some kind of Christmas market. The pastor (?) asks her to help direct the choir for the five more days that she’s in town. Melody and Chase look at the trees in the tree lot and they inexplicably all have ornaments on them.

Back at Connie’s diner, she and her husband are stringing popcorn on wire for their Christmas decoration. Do people do this in real life? I’ve tried and the popcorn always breaks. She and her husband/manager talk about the song and the state of her career. She is sort of second guessing this whole lawsuit business but her husband is eager to revive her career. So, he thinks this may help? Or maybe a settlement will give them money or something? Connie says she’s in a rut. Hey! Just like Chase! Connie needs some new music.

Hunter Hamilton is in his office listening to Melody’s new song. He tells his assistant that he wants her in his Christmas show. Don’t people book these things like, months in advance? In what world are people being invited to sing in a concert a few days before? Even if you’re a pro, don’t you need time to practice and stuff?

At the music shop, Melody is working on a NEW Christmas song. Chase wanders in and starts helping. I think he is playing the guitar and they start singing together. The music store owner comes in. They talk about the Christmas Concert the town used to put on. Melody offers to sponsor it. And then the music store owner and Chase also agree to pitch in. It’s on! And in like five days!

The next day, Burt, Connie’s manager, calls Melody’s manager and is like, why don’t you guys just settle already? Melody’s manager panics. Again, this is why lawyers talk to lawyers. These two shouldn’t be hashing this out one on one.

Chase and Melody are like judging or deciding on acts for the Christmas Concert. There are all kinds of different acts. So is it actually a PAGEANT?

Melody’s manager calls her and is like maybe we should just settle! Melody tells her to take an even bigger chill pill and then turn off her phone.

Later, Melody is helping with the church choir. She asks the pastor if she ever left any of her music there. No luck.

Melody ends her full day by wrapping presents with her mom. She is fully zoned out. She is just trying to figure out where that sheet music should be. Her mom asks her to get more wrapping paper in her dad’s office. In the office she sees her gold record.

Maybe the next day, Melody helps Chase decorate two trees at the Prancing Pony.

Her manager isn’t answering her phone, just having the time of her life with her nephew. Hamilton Hunter’s assistant is trying desperately to get ahold of her. She seems to be using her phone’s camera feature a lot!! But apparently is just ignoring all her calls.

They are just decorating away and then.. they kiss! We have like 30 minutes left in this movie!! Dot walks in and they have a wonderfully awkward exchange. After Dot leaves, they talk down the moment.

Back in his office, Hunter Hamilton tells his poor assistant to track Melody down. But then Hunter decides to go himself.

Melody and her family are getting ready to eat dinner when the doorbell rings. Her sister answers it to see Hunter Hamilton waiting outside. She freaks out and slams the door in his face. He eats dinner with them and invites her to sing the next day. She is a crazy person so she says yes. But then realizes it’s the same day as the town Christmas concert!! What a dilemma.

She stops by the town Christmas concert venue to talk to Chase about it. Chase is like, well duh you should go! What an amazing opportunity. She is like, mad that he’s so supportive. It is a weird exchange. She leaves and is sort of upset.

Later, she asks her mom about it all and her mom gives her some weird advice. She’s like, your heart will know when it’s time…What in the world does that mean? Then they talk about the rhyme her dad said about the gold being behind her gold record and she realizes where the sheet music is.

Chase and his sister talk about his feels and she convinces him to talk to Melody. He decides to go to her house but she’s already left for Nashville. He goes back to helping set up the concert but is a little snipping.

At Connie’s diner, we learn that she was also invited to perform at Hunter’s Christmas concert. Melody walks in and wants to talk just as gals. They chat about the good old days and finally, Melody shows her the original sheet music. Connie is kind of apologetic but not enough in my opinion. Like she doesn’t explain herself very well. Melody seemingly says it’s all forgiven but she still seems a little snippy too. Connie is like, maybe we can sign together and Melody is like yeah we’ll see.

It’s also Christmas Concert time in Melody’s home town. The mayor introduces everything. Jillian and Lucy sing a nice song together and livestream it so Lucy’s dad can watch it wherever he is. That’s nice.

Then it’s Chase’s turn. He starts singing the new song alone. Melody sneaks up behind him and starts singing too. Everyone loves it. They kiss onstage!! After the song, they go off stage and chat about their feelings. The mayor interrupts and is like, everyone wants you to do an encore. They go back out and everyone is cheering. Chase says, you know what the first rule of show business is? Melody replies, always leave them wanting more? And then, Chase says, “More please.” And they kiss again! At this moment, I say “ew” so loudly that my husband came running to me because he thought maybe I had encountered a bug in our home. But guess what? I’ve repeated this final scene to at least three others and that is their exact reaction too. SO GROSS. Alright, let’s see how we stack up.

  • Christmas Pageant
  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Christmas Baking
  • Christmas puns
  • Christmas montage

Total score 5/20

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