Matching Hearts

Here we go. I have high hopes for this one. I have to believe that it’s better than last week! It’s on me at this point though. Let’s give it a go.

Our very tall lead, Julia is jogging in the park with her friend, Madison. Sounds like they’re wedding planners. Oh good. Haven’t had a wedding planning plot in a while. A very good pup runs up to them. They are on the outside looking in on a dog park. Oh, apparently they run by the dog park every day and there is always a dog adoption event happening there. A VERY GOOD GIRL approaches them at the fence to say hi. But Julia can’t take on a dog. She is too busy. Madison is being a GREAT friend and tries to talk her into getting a dog. Julia has a lot of great, logical reasons for not impulse buying a living animal. But Madison is like well I got married thanks to taking a risk like this so maybe just get the dog. And the lead is like, what? That’s not the same thing. Your husband wouldn’t sit alone in your apartment all day trying not to poop his pants waiting for you to get home to let him outside? And surely, your husband wouldn’t chew up all your furniture because he’s bored home alone all day? Or split his ear on some barbed wire while you’re out on a leisurely stroll by the lake and then make your bathroom look like a crime scene while you’re trying to get him cleaned up? I could go on. And I say all of this as a dog person. She waves at the dog and they wander off.

Julia heads into work and a coworker is reading an article about a guy who tells people to stay single if they want to be successful. Oh they are a matchmaking company. Madison was just PLANNING her wedding and used the matchmaking service and that’s how she and Julia became friends. Got it. They have a new employee, Timothy. Julia is supposed to let Timothy shadow her, even though he is not doing matchmaking. He is doing marketing. Regardless, Julia takes Timothy along to a restaurant. They are meeting Alexis, a new client. She is the chef. Alexis wants to do some restaurant prep while they talk.

Julia asks her about why she wants to try matchmaking. It looks like Alexis is doing some pancake art. It is her signature dessert. Pancakes are not a signature dessert you guys. Pancakes are MANY WONDERFUL THINGS, but they are not dessert. I would be so disappointed if someone said, and for desert, PANCAKES! Now, if someone said, and for dinner, PANCAKES! SIgn me up. I’m there 5 days a week. But after dinner? No. But what about a really thin Scandinavian waffle with ice cream and jelly? Absolutely. Yes. Okay where were we? Yes, Alexis’s dating profile. Julia asks lots of great questions. Alexis says her perfect date wouldn’t be food related. Timothy helps himself to the pancake sample.

Back at the office, they talk about the company Valentine’s Party. Oh I love Julia’s shirt? Or dress? I can’t tell but I’m here for whatever it is. The owner doesn’t want to change anything about the party. It’s not broken, don’t fix it. It sounds like a stuffy boring party.

Julia and Timothy head back to the restaurant with a sealed envelope. It’s got all the date details and all Alexis gets to know is the guy’s name is Jeremy. It has to be a blind date. Apparently that helps? Then they send someone to spy on them. The date goes well and it seems some amount of time passes and Julia gets lots of picture updates. It sounds like it is all working out for Alexis! Great job.

Later, it’s Julia’s friend and coworker, Gwen’s birthday. She has been in some stuff. Can’t remember what. She runs into Madison. Julia says she will be at the engagement party tomorrow. Julia stands at the bar and observes a nice guy help a woman with her scarf. A creepy guy is also observing the scene also. Now they both comment on others in the restaurant, including a couple who are both on their phone. The guy makes a little dig about matchmaking and then she hands him her card. And then he feels bad. Julia is like in case you want to be matched up. He’s like, a matchmaker? I would rather die. No offense.

Julia is wearing a lovely pink coat. I should really try to make my outfits more seasonal like Hallmark does. All I want now are some blush pinks. But it’s already the week of Valentine’s Day so I’ve wasted the entire winter blush pink season haven’t I?

She is at her parents’ flower shop. They seem to do the floral arrangements for all the events at the matchmaking agency. OOOOH, Daniel walks in. He is opening up a pet adoption place down the street. Doesn’t he just mean dog rescue? They have that awkward..oh, do you two know each other? Oh, it’s a pet project of his. Great. So just a side gig. Again, I think it’s just called a dog shelter or rescue?

Daniel is like so your parents own a flower shop and you’re a matchmaker eh? Julia is judgy about Daniel not being on board with matchmaking. Why is she so aggressive about that? She’s like, you have my card!

At the office, she talks to her boss about attracting more appealing clients and competing with apps. Elizabeth wants HIGH ROLLERS, like the good old days. Yeah, how does anyone use a traditional matchmaking service that seemingly has over 20 employees? In 2020? Oh, another article from Mr. Stay Single. So now they want to find HIM a date. Why would a guy even be doing that? Writing articles about encouraging others to stay single? Oh no. Guess who Mr. Stay Single is? It’s Daniel. Wow. I did not see that coming.

Later, Julia heads to Madison’s engagement party. Her fiancé OWNS the building with his business partner which I’m pretty sure is Daniel. Yep, he’s there at the party. Yep. He just admitted to it. Julia shares that she read his article. He’s like, oh yeah that whole stay single thing? I kind of just said that in passing. It should definitely not be the theme of this entire movie. And Julia is like, yeah I’m single too! It DOES make my career easier. Ya, doy.

Then the engaged couple gives a speech. Julia shares they were a 91% match. Then Matt gives Daniel a coupon for the matchmaking service. Seems like that means he’s now FORCED to participate? I’m not sure that’s how coupons work.

The next day, her boss, Elizabeth shares that her husband just got a job in Paris but she isn’t sure she can go with him. She’s like, this matchmaking job is just TOO IMPORTANT to live in Paris with her husband while he does his dream job. Julia is like, are you insane? Julia shares that she got Mr. Stay Single to agree to a free consultation.

Later, Julia stops by the rescue to drop off the flowers from her parents and sees her pal, Luna. She is a VERY GOOD GIRL. Daniel is like, why don’t you just adopt the dog? Julia says that Matt paid for his consultation. DUDE. That is SO AGGRESSIVE. Julia is like, yeah it’s really easy! There is just a really long online form and and questionnaire to fill out! He’s like, yeah I’m leaning towards…HARD PASS. She’s like, okay how about just the in person interview?

So, they head to a restaurant he likes. He shares that his passion is other people’s passions. Helping other businesses be successful. Quick question, do Hallmark stars drink hot chocolate year round or do they switch it up in the spring and summer? Then Daniel shares what he wants in a date or whatever. And now he’s gotta fill out that dang questionnaire. She shares that she has filled it out too just to test it? Oh guess what’s going to happen? They are going to be like a 100% match.

Oh, I think Gwen is in Christmas on my Mind…? Is that what it was called? Also, Liz, the boss, is on vacation so Julia decides to change EVERYTHING about the party. And now, a double NOT DATE with Madison and Matt and Daniel. Matt agrees to let Julia host the Valentine party at their venue for free. Matt and Madison head to dance class. Julia and Daniel decline to join them. They’re like, we don’t have that non Groupon dance class money?

Julia keeps pushing him to use the matchmaking service. Does she work on commission? Dang girl. Chill.

Julia stops by her parents’ flower shop again. Her dad shares that he’s been thinking about getting out of the flower shop game. He’s tired of all this floral arranging. What is that mom on? Oh and Julia is changing all the flowers too! Her dad is like, isn’t Liz going to be SUPER PISSED? Julia is not bothered.

Later, Daniel and Matt walk some dogs in the middle of the day. Daniel complains about the questionnaire. Matt tries to have a nice heart to heart bro moment with him. I’m truly just sympathetic about filling out such a tedious form.

Back at the office, they have a meeting to reveal Daniel’s matches. This seems totally unnecessary. But how else is everyone going to reveal they have a 100% match? Oh, Julia goes on and on about how great Daniel is. Oh, and now she wants to take a risk and match this skeptic with someone who is only a 75% match. Boy she has really let this two week acting manager thing go right to her head!

At the pet rescue, she sees poor Luna again. WHY HAS NO ONE ADOPTED THIS SWEET GIRL.

She pops her head back up and barks. She is a VERY GOOD GIRL. WHy is she still there?! Alright so Daniel has a date with a 75% Match. They go to a stargazing class. That does sound cool. Who pays for the dates?

Later, Julia walks alone at night and sees a bunch of happy couples. It is so IRONIC that Mr. Stay Single was like, sure set me up! And here she is, all alone.

The next day, Julia is at a painting class. Gwen says that she’s getting lot of “No” RSVPs for their company party. Julia thinks maybe they should invite all their clients; not just the success stories. Julia shares that part of her goal with the painting class is scouting for new clients. She seems to have snagged the owner of the painting class. After the class, they run into Daniel. And GUESS WHAT, he was not a match with Miss 75%. But he is open to another match, though. Seems like the Mr. Stay Single thing has kind of fizzled. Julia tells him they are on their way to do some chocolate sampling. Gwen takes the hint and BOLTS.

They head to the chocolate shop. Okay, I’m in on this activity too. A chocolate tasting? It is called “The Romantic Ride.” Oh yuck. The employee suggests that everyone hold hands as they walk to each station. Pass.

They chat about where they came from. I don’t love the sweater she’s wearing. She likes that her parents like to work together still. And then they talk about love. They keep being pushed to the next station! At one station, Julia has nothing on her face but we are made to believe she does and Daniel wipes it off for her. I would die. They leave with like 6 pallets of chocolate. On the way home, they see a (homeless?) guy playing the guitar and people are dancing. Daniel asks if she wants to dance but she declines, as I would. She suggests he come by on Monday morning so she can try again with his matches. She wanders off into the park…alone…at night. She is abducted and murdered.

Just kidding. She goes onto her computer and runs a check of Daniel’s questionnaire against her own name. I don’t see the results. She immediately shuts her computer though. Timothy is like SUPER eager and has put together a whole campaign about finding Daniel a match. Oh no. Daniel walks in and sees the marketing materials. But he was actually coming in to say he doesn’t want a matchmaker anyway. Probably because he likes her! Julia is just desperate for that commission though.

Later, Julia FaceTimes with her boss, which is not at all a weird thing to do…It seems like maybe she’s going to stay in Paris. She asks about the Stay Single guy. Julia hedges. Gwen lingers creepily in the doorway. Gwen is like, oh so you’re going to keep lying to your boss? Hope you know what you’re doing!

Later, Daniel and Matt walk even more dogs. They talk about his time out with Julia. Matt is like, oh you like Julia. DUH. Oh and he shares they’ve gotten 12 dogs adopted. And then Matt decides he’s going to take one.

Julia stops by her parents’ flower shop again. Both her parents seem worn out by the floral biz. Julia stops by the pet shop and sees Luna. The best girl with her little tail wagging. Okay, Julia this is just heartless. Julia is still all in on the business. Only wants to talk about matches. Daniel suggests she just start her own business. Daniel says he will come back to the business but they can’t use him in any advertising. And he wants her to adopt Luna. This poor beautiful pup! She’s like the only dog left!

Later, Julia talks to the art class teacher about her date. Hey, she’s in the same Christmas movie as Gwen. Oh, she’s setting her up with Daniel. Is she just throwing all the algorithms out the window? Ugh. I feel bad this art teacher is just thrown into middle of this mess. She deserves an actual nice guy even though I don’t even know her.

Julia stops by the pet shop. There is a guy taking pictures of the dogs. Hey, he should be set up with the art teacher instead. Daniel got his photography business off the ground. Oh! Now we have a dog photo shoot montage. I love it. She asks the photographer to attend the party and she hands out her business card. SHE IS HUSTLING. Oh and they’re going to add a little pet adoption to the party. Great idea.

Later, Julia and Daniel chat more over coffee. She says she wouldn’t use a matchmaking company right now. She shares that she was engaged once already. Poor Daniel says one of the great things about being single is sitting around all night in his sweats. What does that have to do with being single? I do that now? Then she hands Daniel his date card info. Daniel shares that he saw the spy on his last date. They are not exactly covert.

Julia heads to her spy appointment. Oh Gwen arrives to help. Oh it’s Daniel and Chloe. Dumb Timothy gave her the wrong assignment. Daniel and Chloe are a 91% match! Julia is not stoked that they are hitting it off and she decides to leave.

Julia and Madison go running again. The friend wonders if she’s avoiding Daniel. She’s like, it’s okay to like him, even if he’s a client. They’re wearing too weird of clothes for running. And why aren’t these people putting their hair up when they run? Am I the crazy one here?

Julia and Gwen chat about the party. Gwen noticed that they hadn’t updated older, seemingly yet to be matched clients’ questionnaires so the results might be skewed. Okay, now we will discover they are a 100% match. Julia gets a text from the caterer. Apparently they just realized they can’t accomodate the larger venue and guest list.

Timothy is at Julia’s flower shop having a nice heart to heart about his career with Julia’s mom. Daniel arrives. He saw Julia through the window and wanted to say hi. And thanks because he had a great date. Oh, he wants to take her on a second date. Oh sad. She shares about her caterer dilemma. He says, utilize resources you already have. Good idea.

Julia heads to Alexis for help. Alexis really doesn’t want to do it. She wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Jeremy. Alexis mistakes Julia and Daniel for a couple. Great. A fancy Valentine’s party with pancakes. They hug and immediately feel awkward. He reminds her to stop by and see Luna. Literally, Luna’s story line is a TRAGEDY. She has been wasting away at that rescue for WEEKS? MONTHS? AND NO ONE HAS ADOPTED HER? And she’s still just so happy with her tail wagging? I can’t.

Julia and Daniel both drop in on the engaged couple’s dance class. They dance together and seem to like dancing.

Julia meets Gwen at her parents’ flower shop to do her interview. She shares why the flower shop is her favorite place. She doesn’t want to share why she “signed up” for the service. Obviously. She didn’t sign up. Gwen makes her answer anyway. Daniel sees her in the window with all his dogs.

Back at the office, Gwen shares that they realized they hadn’t done the work to not match people up again…like accidentally match ex boyfriends and girlfriends to each other. Julia realizes that the photo booth guy, Henry CAN’T be matched with Chloe because they dated already. Oh, that’s probably why Elizabeth only invited matched successful clients. Elizabeth arrives and is kind of passive aggressive PISSED that Julia made ALL KINDS OF CHANGES to the party.

Julia stops by to see Luna, who is out on a walk. Daniel asks if she’s avoiding him. She admits she’s been avoiding him. I hadn’t noticed. She says they have to cancel the photo booth because it would be too awkward for Henry to be working at a party where his ex girlfriend is attending. Because this is apparently a junior high dance. Daniel already knew and he and Henry talked about how Daniel is now dating his ex girlfriend and everyone is going to this party. Henry is fine with all of it apparently and just wants that paycheck!

Then Daniel admits he wanted to ask Julia out! Get it girl!! Wow. Then Chloe walks in after walking Luna. Wow. Daniel says he just took the hint that Julia is not interested because she was being SO AGGRESSIVE about the matchmaking. Then Chloe and Daniel tell Julia they aren’t going to the party. Poor Chloe. Always playing second fiddle.

Julia stops by the flower shop again. Her parents announce that Timothy is going to help out at the store. He finally found something he loves. They give her some generic career advice.

It’s party time! Everyone looks great. Elizabeth tries to be a good sport about all the changes. And then Julia shares that Daniel isn’t coming. Elizabeth gets an alert that, surprise surprise, Julia is a 100% match with Daniel. Wow. Did not see that coming. SUCH a surprise. Julia hides in the coat closet. Elizabeth’s husband finds her. He shares that the reason the party was always the same was because it was just like the party where he and Elizabeth met for the first time. That seems like a story worth sharing with her employees? He tries to get Julia to rejoin the party but she declines.

Out at the party, Julia of course has to give a speech. She thanks Elizabeth. Oh good, she didn’t work out her feelings in the speech. I was worried that was where we were going. Elizabeth catches her and says that she wants Julia to take over the firm. She is going to support Colin in Paris. Great idea Liz!

Julia sees Gwen taking a picture with a big fluffy cat. Then Luna arrives. Oh Luna. You poor baby. FINALLY. Julia is ready to get her. Then Daniel arrives. They look over and see Chloe dancing with Henry. So those two worked it out. And then Daniel says he came for Julia. He says he wonders what their algorithm would be. She says when she checked, it was 48%. He’s like, oh dang, that’s really bad. And then she continues…based on her answers from five years ago. Then she shares what their NEW compatibility is, which is, as we know 100%. And then, they KISS. And poor sweet Luna FINALLY gets a home. I really hope that Julia takes good care of her. They flash to all the party attendees and even Timothy found someone!

What did you think? Better than last week? Better than WinterFest?

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