Double Holiday

A busy business woman chats with someone on the phone, her sister, They are planning a party. She is in the elevator with fancy suit guy but is too afraid to say anything. A senior executive position might be open! Her coworker says happy Hanukkah to her.

Oh she asks Chris if he was born in a barn. She asks him for the scoop on Vanessa. Chris was in way earlier than her but Rebecca should get the promotion? They’re competing for it. They ge called to the conference room. Not here to make friends. That’s what all the terrible people on the bachelor say. Vanessa always planned the holiday parties. So now they have to do it. The party is so much more important than the Jensen account. They need to show him why he should want to work with them. The best way to do that is a holiday party of course.

They fight about who should take the lead on the party. Yep. Don’t do ny actual work! Just plan this party. They’re sure the party planning is mostly done though since the party is a week a way. You would think…

They go to Jane’s house, where the party will be held and there isn’t any Christmas decor or anything ready for the party. Rebecca thinks that Vanessa knew she was leaving and purposely didn’t plan the party.

Rebecca’s sister calls and says she can’t come early and help because the costumes at this children’s pageant are ALL WRONG. Rebecca grumbles to her friend over coffee about her new assignment. And apparently, Jane, her boss, doesn’t know her name.

At work, Rebecca tells Chris her idea for the party. “White Christmas” and she describes the Winter Wonderland theme all the other movies did this year. At least this year they can re use the props. Rebecca says she has to go because it’s the first night of Hanukkah. Chris says he doesn’t know anything about Hanukkah. Rebecca uses a cellphone battery analogy to describe it. Chris is obtuse. Fancy suit guy comes in the elevator with them. After they get off, she tells Chris about the nickname.

Rebecca is frantically cooking and Chris stops by. He left his cellphone at work with questions about work. He starts to help her cook…latkes? Oh her house has cute Hanukkah decorations. She tells him more abut Hanukkah. The sister arrives and is like dang girl who is that. The rest of the family starts arriving. The mom is like daaaaang girl. Ha. He hears them saw, awful Chris? The mom is like no he can’t leave. We have to feed him. Rebecca is like, you’re not staying. Chris is like, no I’m staying. She’s like okay but you have to only remember of me as a consummate professional.

At dinner, the family invites him to spend every Hanukkah evening with them.

The next day, old dudes play basketball with little kids. Oh, they play in the morning. What about the gingerbread houses Chris?? Where even are they His bro is like are you working through the holidays? Chris is like yeah, I have a regular job. So I don’t get a two week break.

Rebecca is waiting at Jane’s house with bags and bags of decorations. Chris arrives. He says Jane isn’t there, she’s on a business trip. He knows because she called him. Her friend is like no you can’t split up and decorate because he can’t take credit for anything. So crazy. He’s like okay I’m going to get a tree. And so then Rebecca just lets the crazy overtake her and says she’s going along. Chris is like, I’m so stoked about Hanukkah tonight. Rebecca is like no you’re not coming? Chris is like no I cancelled a bunch of stuff for this.

At the tree lot, Rebecca is like, I’ve never picked out a tree before. They all look the same. She jokingly asks him to help her pick out the perfect Christmas tree. He mansplains trees to her. Oh, he used to work at a Christmas tree lot as a kid. He tells her about how he came to have the career he has. Hmmm. It doesn’t seem like Chris loves his job. But he’s very excited about the project they’re working on-building a youth center. Rebecca says she loves seeing an open space become a building.

Rebecca suggests they go big with their white Christmas theme. Everyone should wear white too! Chris is like, that seems dumb. She’s like, I’m right about this. But you were right about the tree. Chris is like, you’re not good at decorating a tree. She’s like, I have to leave now to help my sister. Chris is like, cool I’ll see you there.

They sing Hanukkah songs and eat dinner. They have a Christmas tree in their house! But everything is blue and white. Oh, the sister’s husband celebrates Christmas. They all pick charities to donate to? Or volunteer at? I am not sure. The dad suggests they all volunteer at the youth center, which was Chris’s suggestion. Chris is all in on the dreidel game. He won! They walk home or down the street. Chris like I love your family. I always wanted a big crazy family. He shares that his dad died when he was 9. It was just him and his mom after that. They cook together a lot. Oh that’s how you made those latkes. He’s like, they were better than your sister’s right? Yes they were. Chris is like, you’re different around your family. He likes this Rebecca better.

Jane calls. She’s confused. The decorations are beautiful. But she wants the decorations to say “These are my people.” They say, oh that is just phase one! You’ll be blown away by phase 2.

Rebecca is chatting with her friend. She shares that Jane does not like the party theme and they already spent the entire decorating budget. She says things are going great with Chris. They go down to get coffee and she fancy suit guy. She panics. Chris makes her bump into him. Oh it’s James from Cheerful Christmas. His name is Spencer now and he’s a lawyer and not British anymore. Nice wingman work Chris. They chat a little.

At Jane’s, she stresses about the party look. Chris gives her advice. And he gives her some insight into herself. They have a nice moment. They talk about her family and she has a great idea. We don’t get to hear what it is.

That night, her nephew is in a show. He’s wonderfully terrible in it. Rebecca wonders what they’ll do with the decorations after the show? The sister says she can have it.

The next morning, they plan their pitch for Jane. Chris lets Rebecca make the pitch herself since it was her idea. She gives a heartfelt speech and wants to throw a family celebration. Let’s show them that we value the same things. Jane is like, wow, you’re so good at planning a party, this proves to me that you should do more project managing for property development!

She sees Spencer in in the elevator and he invites her to get a coffee. She only has 6 minutes though. He’s like, 6 minutes! That’s perfect for a lawyer. They get to know each other. His family is all the way up in Albany so he hasn’t seen him in 7 years. What? That’s like not that far. Oops! Time’s up. Spencer asks for her number. Chris looks like this makes him feel a certain way.

They head to the house to redecorate everything. They are going to make a Santa’s village and have other stations. But oh no, the cookie person cancelled and so now they need to find another way to make 300 cookies. Rebecca says she will handle it. She and Chris stress about whether they will make it to volunteer that night with her family. Rebecca tells Chris he just HAS to be there.

Rebecca meets her family for the volunteer night at the youth center. There is some kind of ice skating event indoors which is SUPER EASY to arrange on a temporary basis so don’t worry about that. Also, they’re all walking around on the ice in their regular shoes no problem. Rebecca is manning a hot chocolate stand, which is again, all set up on the ice. Chris makes it! Oh good. He introduces his “little brother” Kirby to her. Then, Mr. Jensen, of the “Jensen” account, makes a speech. He tells the basic premise of the movie “Joy” as his mother’s own backstory, which is based on a real person who invented some kind of “as seen on TV” mop. Chris invites Rebecca to skate and they chat about their life. Then Chris discovers that Rebecca plans to make 300 cookies that night for the party. He offers to help.

After the presentation, Rebecca and Chris accost him and tell him all their ideas for the youth center. He seems overwhelmed with the information. They think perhaps they’ve blown it.

That night, they make cookies together. Rebecca tries to make dinosaur shapes and Chris is horrified. Dinosaur cookies can’t be CHRISTMAS cookies for heaven’s sake. My boys would disagree.

The next morning, Spencer is waiting with coffee for Rebecca. She actually has 15 whole minutes to chat! Rebecca realizes that he is probably not the one for her. He just wants to make partner. He doesn’t care about any holidays or being with family. So he didn’t learn any lessons from “Cheerful Christmas.”

She goes up to work and realizes Chris has had a meeting with JENSEN without her. Oh that is nefarious. She thought they were making such a great team. Then she runs into Spencer again and he’s like, will you save a dance for me at the party? She’s like, oh well it’s not a dancing party but sure.

She goes over to the youth center and sees him making ornaments with his “little brother”. She is like, hey what’s your deal CHRIS. He’s like, oh shoot. I tried to call you…but not on a phone so you probably didn’t get it. I am actually not thrilled abut his explanation. He was there playing basketball and Jane called HIM early to talk to Jensen and he was already there shooting hoops so it was just the only way to talk to Jensen. They end up working it all out.

I must have missed something but later, they are at Rebecca’s house working or something? I’m not sure. But then her family shows up to bring Hanukkah to her. Because she was just going to skip out or something?

Rebecca and her sister are chatting in the kitchen. She is asking her about Chris. Rebecca is like, I want this promotion so bad that I am only focusing on that right now. Chris and I will NEVER happen. Chris overhears and seems super bummed. But after he leaves, she does admit to her sister that she likes him. So darn it.

The next day it is party day. They are bustling about getting everything ready. Chris is kind of cold to her. She doesn’t really know what that’s al about. Jane panics about having children in her house. And then Jane says, is that what you’re wearing Rebecca? Why don’t you at least run a comb through your hair. Rebecca heads upstairs to get ready and Chris says he’s waiting for his guest to arrive. Oh who could that guest be?

Upstairs, Rebecca and her friend/coworker get ready together. They chat about, what else? Chris. Rebecca says she is so torn because she wants Chris to get the promotion but she also wants it. What is that about? Love, says the friend. I mean, I guess.

Rebecca walks down the stairs and they have that “oh you look much better all dressed up” moment with each other. Then Chris heads outside to get “his guest.”

Rebecca sees not British Spencer and he asks her to dance. She’s like, dude no one is dancing? This is a black tie kid party. Rebecca is saved by her panicked boss Jane, who senses the presence of children and can’t deal. Rebecca’s family has arrived as well. She tells them there is cookie decorating in the other room. I hope there aren’t any dinosaur cookies!! They are also decorating gingerbread houses. SO FUN. Jane panics more. Jensen arrives and Jane and Rebecca give him a nice speech about their company and family.

Chris asks everyone to gather in the living room for an announcement. He says he wants to celebrate another holiday besides Christmas. What else is there besides Christmas?! He brings out his special guest, Kirby. Rebecca lights the candles while everyone sings. Chris and Rebecca look adoringly at each other.

Jensen tells Jane he wants to hire their company. Jane says she can’t figure out who to make VP but Jensen has an idea for her. WHAT IS IT JENSEN!!

Spencer approaches Rebecca and he says he knows what’s up. They have a nice goodbye moment and he goes back to being a minor British royal.

Chris and Rebecca have a moment. Chris is like, you thought I brought a girl. You totally like me. Then Jane calls them over.

Rebecca and Chris fight over who is more deserving of the promotion to Jane and Jensen. They both want each other to have the job. Jane is like, ladies, just chill. Jensen shares that they got the account or whatever you would call that. And then Jane says that Rebecca gets the promotion. BUT Jensen needs a VP to oversee all these new rec centers or whatever they’re building. Would Chris like to come work for him instead? Oh yes, he would. And Jane is apparently fine with being down an employee. Now let’s go back to enjoying the party y’all. Nothing like finding out you got a new job in the middle of a party.

Chris and Rebecca hug and he picks her up. Then, they have a nice moment talking about their week together. What about fancy suit guy? No. It turns out he is a cold, wet sandwich. That’s not what she wants. All she wants is CHRIS. Well that came out of nowhere. Oh and she wants to create traditions together with him. That’s nice. And then THEY KISS.

They play the dreidel game again? And then they kiss AGAIN. And that’s it. Let’s see how we did.

  • Christmas Gala
  • Christmas Baking
  • Winter Athletics
  • Someone not working in their dream job
  • A sassy best friend

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