Christmas on My Mind

Christmas on My Mind premiered on December 21 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. This is Andrew Walker’s second Christmas movie this season. Dang girl! Get it. This is my last recap of the season. I can’t believe I did it. Let’s dive in.

A woman darts down the street, her arms full of something. She passes a Santa Claus. He cautions her to slow down. I think she’s about to get hit by a car but Hallmark surprises me and she slips on a patch of ice and hits her head that way instead. Santa is like, are you okay? She’s like yeah I’m fine. But she is so obviously not. She doesn’t know what town she’s in and she has to confirm the day. Despite this information, he lets her go. She hails a taxi to go to Bedford Harbor. She is NOT going to Bedford Falls because that is a different movie.

Inside a restaurant in Bedford Harbor, Zach is chatting with his brother Beau about how is such a busy restauranteur in this small town. Lucy, the girl who just hit her head, runs into a restaurant in Bedford Harbor relieved to find Zach. She starts talking to him about what happened and he is very surprised to see her. Through their conversation, she realizes that they broke up two years ago but she has no memory of that. He decides to take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, she doesn’t have a concussion or anything which is strange since she has amnesia. Zach shows her her own business card and she realizes that her aunt must have died and she must have taken over running her foundation. Here’s a question. Does anyone actually get amnesia in real life? She tells the doctor her last memory was two years ago at Christmas. She talks about how she used to run the Children’s art program at the community center. That can’t be a full time job. Zach agrees to drive her back to Portland, ME. Lucy doesn’t remember where she lives. Is it weird that I’ve kind of always wanted to have amnesia? But like for real it would be so scary and annoying. It’s like smoking in Mad Men. They make it look SO COOL but I don’t actually want to do it.

Zach is like, so you wear suits now. What? What kind of comment is that. They drive home and apparently don’t talk about what happened or what he knows about the last two years.

At her house, her friend and coworker, Anna, meets them. She lives in like a gigantic mansion. She runs an art foundation in Portland, Maine. Why and how would she live in this gigantic house? Is she embezzling money? Or do houses in Portland cost NOTHING. And she hired a decorator to do her decorations? What on Earth. She doesn’t remember Anna or Brad. Brad?

Then Brad, her CURRENT FIANCÉ shows up. He hugs her and she has no idea who he is. Then Zach and Brad are like sup brah to each other. Brad says the bridal shop where she left her phone called him. She has apparently planned THIS wedding for the week of Christmas too. How original. Oh, it’s New Year’s Eve. But honestly, isn’t that the exact same thing? Zach leaves. Brad tries to get her some food but Anna reads the room and suggests he leave. The friend offers to stay with her. But don’t forget about the big Foundation Christmas party tomorrow! All the donors! Somebody’s gotta pay the mortgage on this big ol house!

Anna shows Lucy her closet to try and jog her memory. She has an amazing wardrobe. So she apparently became a totally different person. Also, she sneezes when she has dairy? I don’t think that’s how dairy allergies work. I sneeze every time I have wintermint gum. Is that the same thing?

At the restaurant, Beau needs some DEETs. Zach is super casual about the whole thing. She’s just engaged again and about to be married just two years after their seemingly VERY LONG relationship. NBD. Their mom is like, what! Lucy was here?! What’s happening?

That night, Lucy attends her Foundation Christmas party. She doesn’t remember a soul. This is a SUPER fancy party. And she is pretending she knows everyone. She takes a bite of some pie and is like, ew this is store bought. Why didn’t I just bake the pies for this huge party? Anna is surprised that she knows how to bake. And then Lucy says it’s a tradition for her to make pies at Christmas. But that bums me out because Christmas is supposed to be about cookies and Scandinavian pastries, not pie. Hey that guy who is the Reverend from A Family Christmas Gift. I think he is also a mayor in another one. Get it girl!

That night, Lucy tells Brad that she’s going to go back to Bedford Harbor over the phone. Anna agrees to go with her.

When Lucy and Anne get to Bedford Harbor, Lucy stresses that she needs to figure out what happened between her and Zach. Why didn’t they talk about that in the car as I suggested previously?

Inside Zach’s restaurant, he and his brother are arguing about I can’t remember what. Lucy walks in and wants to talk to Zach. Beau and Anna seem in to each other. Beau invites them to go ice skating later. Anna agrees.

Anna and Lucy arrive at her aunt’s “cottage” which is just as big as her house in Portland. How utterly ridiculous that this nonprofit owner would have these two massive houses. The girls look through Lucy’s closet and Anna is so surprised by what they find. Lucy dresses SO DIFFERENT now. So many suits, so few sweaters. Girl, this is so sadly MY OWN LIFE, minus the two gigantic houses all to myself. Also, Anna seems really surprised that she has so many winter clothes despite also living in Maine.

Anna finds Lucy looking through old ornaments and reminisces about making them with Zach. How long were the together?

At the ice skating rink, Zach is holding two small boxes that are supposed to contain all the lights for the big town Christmas tree. Then Zach’s mom shows up. Lucy asks about the arts education program at the community center. They haven’t done it since she left.

Lucy zips off on the ice skating rink. He zips over to catch up with her. She keeps calling him by his last name all of a sudden. Is that how they are? Anna is terrible at skating but Beau is happy to help. Morgan shows up. She seems interested in Zach. And not threatened AT ALL by Lucy. Anna is like, oh dang Lucy. You have a conference call that’s at night that you need to get to. Anna is just CRUSHING IT as a wing man. Somehow Lucy still doesn’t know why she and Zach broke up.

Back at the restaurant, the bros talk about how Lucy doesn’t remember anything except that she was in a relationship with Zach. Beau is like OMG it was SO awkward last night, right? Zach is like no what do you mean? Zach is afraid for her to remember what happened I think. Oh what could that mean?

Lucy talks to her doctor. She can’t figure out how she got to where she is now. The doctor thinks her memory blocks might be psychological instead of physical. Well, considering the doctor said there wasn’t anything physically wrong with her, that seems to be the only logical conclusion. Lucy thinks she did something wrong though.

Back at the cottage, she is decorating for Christmas to help her remember happier times. Anne is like, why are you sad? And Lucy says she usually decorates with Zach. I love Lucy’s sweater so much. Anne suggests that if she needs to do stuff to jog her memory, she needs to hang out with Zach more.

Lucy and Zach go for a stroll through the Christmas tree farm. They reminisce about her bad driving. They talk about his dad dying and him taking over the restaurant. She says she doesn’t even recognize her life in Portland. She says she just keeps thinking about her breakup. He’s like, oh don’t worry, that’s in the past. But isn’t that the whole point of this movie? She says, whatever happened between them, don’t take it out on Christmas!! A little girl approaches and says she misses Lucy’s class.

Lucy finds the PERFECT tree. Can they really rush into a decision like that? Zach needs help backing up his new truck. He apparently has never used mirrors or a backup camera. I once parallel parked a half-ton truck in Georgetown so maybe Zach doesn’t deserve to own that vehicle.

Uh oh. BRAD shows up. He booked himself an airbnb in town. Has any lead man ever been named Brad? Bless his sweet little popped collared heart. He seems to be a nice guy. But he is CLEARLY a city guy. Doesn’t want sap on his hands. Could he back up a truck even if he had a back up camera? I doubt it.

Lucy invites Brad to that evening’s town Christmas tradition. They fill him in on all the traditions including decorating and lighting the tree. Brad helps Zach bring in the tree. He is doing his BEST. He truly is.

They head inside and Brad is like WHOA there is so much Christmas happening here. Maybe too much for his taste? Anna asks to borrow a sweater. Again, isn’t Portland Maine probably just as cold as Bedford Falls or wherever they are? Shouldn’t she be prepared?

Brad is like, oh is that your truck Zach? Zach is like, yeah but I don’t know how to drive it. I own a restaurant. Brad is like oh cool. I run a nonprofit but I couldn’t drive a truck either!! So aren’t we just two peas?!

This awkward group heads to the snowman contest. Beau shows up and snatches Anna to be his partner. Now Brad, Zach and Lucy are stuck considering being a group of three. Morgan shows up. This poor girl needs a watch. Thank goodness. She does not seem threatened AT ALL by Lucy which is so weird.

Oh dear, Morgan has to go to a wine show in Napa over Christmas! And she was thinking maybe Zach could come? Haven’t they talked about going somewhere for Christmas? Haven’t they only been dating for six months? How are they already talking about future Christmases? He doesn’t even seem like he likes her. And it would be warm, she says? Not that warm. He’s like, how could anyone possibly travel over Christmas?

Lucy asks Brad about the foundation. She asks about her art education program. That really hasn’t become anything because Lucy’s primary focus is securing donors. That is ALL she can focus on. I mean that makes sense considering she owns two GIGANTIC houses. This foundation sounds truly terrible. What do they even do? What is the money going to? Just her houses apparently. Not any art.

It’s snowman contest time. It seems like a race but they are not even using gloves and were the snowmen pre built? Also how are the winners decided? Beau and Anna win. Great job gang.

That night, more “Christmas” s’mores happen. Lucy talks to Zach’s mom about the festival. His mom wishes she could do more for the Christmas festival. Lucy is sad that her kid’s education program never got off the ground. She is so bummed. She just is so passionate about KIDS AND ART. Hey, what about an art booth in the barn this week? SO GREAT. SO IMPORTANT.

Lucy walks around Bedford Harbor with Brad. Brad tells her about their favorite sushi restaurant in town. It’s great because they WORK SO MUCH at the ART Foundation. Then Lucy is like, I need to postpone this wedding. He says he’s put the whole day on hold. What does that mean? Lucy invites him to bake with her today. There is a pie contest later today. He plans to bid on her pie but he has to be able to guess which one it is.

Lucy runs into Zach at the store to get essentials for her pie. They reminisce more. Oh, Morgan is baking a pie for the contest too. Exciting!

At her “cottage” Lucy and Anna are wearing “ugly” Christmas sweaters to bake. IT’S TRADITION OKAY ANNA. It’s really important to me except for the last two years when I stopped caring about it. But now it’s REALLY IMPORTANT. Oh, Anna is wearing Zach’s sweater. Anna decides she’s not going to ask Zach why they broke up. WHY! This seems like the most important thing? Instead of shaking her, Anna is like, yeah that’s a good idea. Good for you.

It’s pie bidding time. The highest bidder per pie gets a photo with the baker and to keep the pie obviously. Lucy’s pies are apparently legendary. It’s time to announce the winners. Beau is the highest bidder on a strawberry pie. Brad bids on a pecan pie that ends up being Morgan’s. Uh oh. Zach bids on the cranberry pie which ends up being Lucy’s. Oh dear. This is a pickle. Brad chats with Morgan. Lucy and Zach were like we were both trying to avoid pecan because it’s Zach’s favorite! ACCKKK! Zach says her pie is perfect. Apparently this is an original recipe. Well, well, well. Zach says she just stopped baking the last three months of their relationship. Maybe because she was planning a wedding?

Morgan is mad at Zach for not guessing her pie. How can you not know your own lady’s pie?!! And now FINALLY she is jealous of Lucy. Morgan decides to go home.

Brad tells Lucy that he has to go back to the office. There is too much art work to do in Portland and he needs to go back. Lucy is like, no I need to stay for the children’s art booth. Brad is like, these two days of you being here just aren’t working for me. Then they decide that since Lucy doesn’t have her memory back, they should break up but he should still work there!! That wouldn’t be weird! She asks again about the Arts Education program. Apparently they went through some hard times and that had to go. Not her houses. The only thing that would make sense to do as an art foundation had to go.

Lucy talks to her doctor some more. This seems more like a therapy session than a check up about her amnesia. They have a nice heart to heart.

Lucy does her little art boot. This seems WAY too advanced for a casual booth at the festival and for this age group of kids. Her focus has always been art. But her Aunt Audrey was always so focused on “work.” What does Lucy think “work” is? Zach shows up and Lucy tells him that she and Brad broke up. Then Morgan shows up. She wants to talk to Zach. Lucy remembers she is SUPER busy. Morgan is going to California. She was hoping they were BOTH going. Zach is just SO BUSY with all kinds of stuff. And then Morgan is like, no it’s just Lucy. He’s sorry.

That night is the tree lighting at Bedford Harbor. Lucy shows up. The doctor and Zach’s mom are so glad that Lucy is back. Zach is there. Zach shares that he and Morgan broke up too. It’s for the best. Zach’s mom gives a little speech. After they light it, everyone can put an ornament on the tree. Lucy brings an ornament she and Zach made together.

At her “cottage” Lucy reads some articles about herself. It seems unlikely that such articles would exist. Brad calls her. Alex, the prospective donor, wants to move their meeting up to Christmas Eve!! He has to fly back to China for some reason so that’s what’s going on. She should give the pitch she put together already?

Later she does more work at her little art booth. That little boy with the glasses is too cute for words. Zach thinks whatever her idea is with this booth is SO CLEVER. Zach asks her to help him come up with some Christmasy snacks for the sleigh rides tonight. Before they can do anything else, he needs a tree for the restaurant apparently. Now they’re having a great time decorating. No montage though. It looks professionally done. Glad they spent all that time decorating the tree instead of getting the snacks done. She asks him to close his eyes and she gets out the ornaments they made together. How many ornaments did they make. He says he misses this. She says she doesn’t understand how she could leave all this behind. He starts to tell her something when Beau shows up. Oh they forgot about the snacks. She hides his Christmas sweater under the tree.

They walk through the festival while the cookies they made are cooling. She says that Brad called her about a meeting with a potential investor tomorrow. He’s like, are you going to go? Lucy isn’t sure. She says her role is all bureaucracy. Don’t they have just two employees? Zach gives her a little talking to about doing what she wants. Zach still holds back on telling her what he wanted to tell her. Come on dude!

At the festival, Lucy keeps Zach from eating gingerbread cookies. Then, Lucy had a flash of a memory with the horse drawn carriage. Her phone rings. It’s Brad. He’s checking in to see what she decided about the meeting.

Beau asks Zach what’s wrong. Zach says that Lucy is starting to remember. Beau is like, how have you not told her what happened? He doesn’t want to ruin it. Beau is like just tell her already bro ham.

Lucy comes back and Zach asks to take a walk. He starts to reminisce about the first time they came to the festival. He starts to tell her what happened and then Anna calls them for their turn in the sleigh. And then he still doesn’t tell her what happened. They get back from the sleigh ride and she has hot chocolate and then sneezes. And then she seems to remember that this was where they broke up. He wasn’t happy. He felt like she was pursuing a life he didn’t fit into. And she is like, wait I thought this was all my fault and I felt really bad about that. And you let me. So now she’s leaving FOR GOOD. So there, Zach. But she still doesn’t remember for herself. Anna sees Lucy looking upset.

Lucy says she has to go back and she says that Zach is the one that broke up with her. And Anna says she’ll meet her at the car. Nice friend.

At her house, Lucy apologizes for keeping Anna from Beau. Oh, Lucy says she remembers everything now. It was completely furnished. She still feels bad about everything. Anna thinks Aunt Audrey would want Lucy to follow her heart. That is terrible advice.

At the restaurant, Zach’s mom has a nice heart to heart with him. She talks some sense into him. Then Zach sees his Christmas sweater under the tree. This seems significant to him.

At the Foundation, Brad is so glad Lucy made it. She asks if he trusts her. She has decided to completely change her pitch. She says she did some research his fund and this research somehow included finding out that he played piano as a kid. She proposes an idea that sounds like not fully fleshed out and I would definitely want more information if I were to invest in her. He’s like, no I’m all in on this. I have to get to China for whatever reason.

Back in Bedford Harbor, Lucy sees all the kid’s paintings. They are honestly WAY TOO GOOD for eleven years old. She runs into Beau. He tells her Zach isn’t there. She goes to the Christmas tree and sees Zach just standing there like a weirdo. She tells him why she ran out of the bridal shop. She was on her way back to him. Oh he’s wearing the Christmas sweater. He says he was about to come find her. Oh sure, Zach. He says he felt like he was holding her back. Oh it took her forgetting who she was to remember who she was. Wait. It sounds better when she uses different tenses. Oh and she’s moving back home! That doesn’t make any sense. Well, maybe it does. How far away is Bedford Harbor. And then they KISS. Great work gang. Let’s see how we did.

  • Small town person who hates the big city
  • Christmas Contest
  • Christmas Festival
  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Christmas Baking
  • Winter Athletics
  • Christmas puns
  • A sassy and wise best friend

Total score: 8/20

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