Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy

The movie begins on an old timely train. Why is it SO DECORATED for Christmas. Katie is snapping pics and kills her battery. She starts looking for a spot to charge her phone and literally falls into Ben. And then Hogwarts gets a shoutout. They are both on their way to Evergreen, Vermont. She says she’s heard so much about it and is going there on vacation…by herself. That’s not weird or sad or pathetic. She thinks Evergreen is a pretend and magical town. Actually, it sounds quite lovely. Anyway, she’s definitely NOT writing an article about the town. She’s taking a break while she thinks about writing a second novel. She leaves her charger on the train.

At the train depot, she decides to walk to her hotel because she’s heard it’s such a nice walk. She says “Merry Christmas” and everyone around says it back. She talks to her mom on the phone. Her mom is like, maybe you should write an article for my magazine while you’re on your solo vacation. Excuse me, the COVER STORY. Her battery flat out dies and she realizes her charger is gone. She walks around and runs into Michelle, the incoming mayor. And she sees a sign for the 50th anniversary of the Christmas festival. The outgoing mayor, Ezra, is helping with the sign. Michelle directs Katie to the general store.

She heads to Daisy’s General Store…shout out to last year’s Christmas in Evergreen and we see ALL THE GIRLS. The one from the first movie, Allie, is going to Paris to see her.. boyfriend still? She is talking to the girl from the second installment, who owns the general store, Lisa. The first girl is trying to get the second girl to foster two dogs over Christmas? And somehow Katie knows she owns the store. Lisa offers to go in and get the charger for her. They are across the board, super creepy to her. I mean, it’s supposed to be charming but it’s creepy. Lisa returns with a charger that is not in any packaging and also a beanie. She says the beanie is on her, but no money is exchanged so I think they’re BOTH on her. Then, Hannah, who is also standing with them offers to give Katie a ride to her hotel. This could turn into a horror movie at any moment.

Hannah drops Katie off. She meets Elliot. Hannah and Elliot have a cute back and forth and Katie thinks they’re dating. He mentions a secret time capsule in town. They aren’t sure it actually exists.

Katie is sitting in…the lobby? I’m not sure. But she’s all alone. Her mom calls asking if she’s write an article. Katie is like, yeah maybe there is a story here. All the stores have a Christmas theme!

The next morning, she goes to the library. Ben is reading to the kids. He is doing some embarrassing voices. She meets Nan, the librarian. Katie is looking for local history. Yawn. Lots of info about Vermont people. But what about Evergreen specifically? Oh! A hat from the hat factory in town. COOL. Ben comes up and accuses her of being a reporter. He’s like, but You said You WEREN’T writing an article. He is not stoked about her writing an article about their town.

David shows up. He wonders if they can have their historical society meeting at the cafe instead. Katie asks if she can come, but Ben does not want her there. David is a dumb dumb and invites her. They arrive at the Kringle Kitchen. The famous snowglobe is there and Katie makes a wish. Katie meets Carol and Joe, the owners of the diner and the parents of the girl in the first movie. She asks them to tell her about the time capsule. They do a flash back to what all their parents did before.

Nice moment with Elliot and Hannah while fixing the snowglobe. Hannah tells Elliot that her mom lost her wedding ring in the arts and crafts store or wherever they are.

Back at a the library, Dan talks about Calvin Coolidge. Katie talks about her article. He asks her about ice skating and she is like no way Jose. She seems very against winter sports. She leaves her printer page in the printer. The title so far is “Dollars and Sense”, and her basic premise is that the whole town puts on a production for the tourists and that their behavior is not genuine. Oooooh, Katie that is not going to go over well.

Carol is looking at the wood in Kringle Alley pushes her finger in a hole and it clicks.

Katie is talking to her mom on the phone in this beautiful kitchen and realizes her mistake with the copier. She starts walking over and sees all the commotion. The key under the sleigh fits in the hole. They twist it in and the wood falls and it looks like a giant advent calendar.

The only two old people still alive in town (apparently) talk about being snowed in all together for the entire month of December 50 years ago and how they decided to build a time capsule. Honestly, I’m just glad they didnt resort to cannibalism. And for some reason, it was supposed to be a surprise. But they had to guess it specifically on December 1 of this year, 50 years after they made it. Not one day early or late. So that was a pretty insane way to do things. Holly Peele, Michelle, opens the first day. The first day is from Carol’s mom and dad. She gets emotional. It’s a recipe book from her mom.

Katie gets to the library to get her paper. Ben found it. She tries to explain but boy, it’s tough. He is understandably upset. Ben’s job is to read at the library. How does he make money? Katie says she is really enjoying her time here. Ben say she should just write the article she wants to write. Girl, BYE.

It’s day two of the advent calendar. Michelle does all of the announcing. Nick and Nan get to open the second box. Ben gets it down for them because they’re old and can’t climb the later. Inside this box are a bunch of old musty skates and scarves.

Now we have a glass blowing montage? That is a first. Maggie explains about glass blowing. Elliot and Hannah are there having a ghost moment making the dome for the snowglobe. Then Maggie is like, word is, Daisy’s general store could use help. Like are these all group projects? And it is an outdoor project. Katie talks to her about her movie last year. She says she had to learn how to be surprised again? I am just not following.

Ben is out the door and sees a gift and note from Katie. It is a cute snowflake ornament. The skating pond is gorg. He finds her at the pond. They talk about their conversation the day before. Holly shows up and sees Thomas on the ice. Did they get together in the last movie? I can’t remember. Oh yes they did. And that boy was in the movie too. Katie hobbles along on the ice. He shares that he got divorced and ended up coming back to Evergreen and stayed. What’s the dating scene here? Small. They have a moment. It looks like he’s going to kiss her but actually he is trying to get a snowflake. Is it just me or does this relationship not working? It just doesn’t feel natural at all. I love these two actors but in this story, I just don’t buy these two together yet. The first couple days Ben seemed like he was trying to shake her off at every turn and now he’s happy to meet her for ice skating? And Katie really seems like she’s just forcing herself into all the town goings on but it doesn’t feel like she’s earned them. And the town people are all like just going with it. I guess it’s old hat now.

It’s day 3 but we don’t see the prize. But we’ve got a montage! Katie working on her story and all of a sudden we’re on day 12. Katie is still working on that gosh darn story. It’s day 14 and Ben got some cookie cutters. Now she and Ben are working on the article STILL. TWO WEEKS. It’s taken her TWO WEEKS to write a 600 word article? Oh did she mention that she is leaving tomorrow? This seems to be brand new information to Ben.

Nan walks in wearing her mother’s caroling scarf….because that’s a thing. But also I LOVE IT. Katie is wearing a non Christmasy sweater. Nan invites her caroling anyway. David and the girl are still working on the snowglobe. He sends her to look for glitter in the bottom drawer of a cabinet. She sprinkles some in. This snowglobe is way tinier than I remember. And WHOA. She found her mom’s engagement ring in the glitter? What in the world. Why would it be in the glitter? But I’m ruining their nice moment. Okay, I would WAY RATHER BE WATCHING THIS MOVIE. She invites him caroling. WHAT ABOUT THE GLOBE?! It’s filled with water still!!

Oh, Ben is playing the guitar while he carols. Isn’t that breaking the rules?

It’s s’more time for the Carolers. WHO DECIDED that s’mores are Christmasy? She talks about changing her traditions with her mom. If you change them, do they become less special? I guess it depends on how much you like doing the traditions the same exact way. She talks about her traditions with her mom. Ben says that he had just come from a job interview when he was on the train. It went poorly.

Michelle and Thomas have their own nice moment with the s’mores. Are they engaged?

Ben suggests Katie stay longer. Maybe another day?

Katie interview Carol about all the new recipes. David and the black girl come in with the new and improved snow globe. It’s time to open another calendar box. Hannah looks determinedly at the globe and tries again. Nick looks on.

Oh, Katie gets to do it. There will be actual residents who don’t get a turn but okay. Whoever opens the box has to say a Christmas activity they love and the WHOLE TOWN has to do it together. Geez Louise. Okay, so now the whole town is building snowmen together.

Ezra is just so happy. He said he took risks and now he’s found someone. Hannah gives her brother her mom’s engagement ring. OH YAY! He’s going to propose to Holly.

They’re all SO HAPPY TO MAKE SNOWMEN. She’s like, okay bye. And they’re all like, okay! Never see you again! She was there for OVER TWO WEEKS. What in the world.

The black girl walks into the church and hears David playing. He starts playing heart and soul but then she starts playing Oh Christmas Tree. It’s cute. Again, I want to watch their movie instead. She tells him she likes him! Oh yay. He likes her too! Oh this is so lovely. WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY WORK OUT HANNAH! Ew. She says, how about we start with some hot cocoa. So now they’re dead to me.

Ben walks Katie to the train. Again, they’re basically cold turkey sandwiches to me at this point. She kisses him on the cheek. Goodbye, who cares.

Back home with her mom and Katie is finally wearing a great Christmas sweater. Her mom says her article should be a novel instead of an article for her business magazine. I think that makes sense.

Ben is back a the library. His grandma sent his resume to some newspaper. He has an interview! She’s like, don’t stay here for silly old me. More montages! More advent boxes. Ben looks at pictures and so does Katie. Katie goes shopping with her mom. Ben texts Katie. He’ll be in town for lunch tomorrow!

They are both VERY dressed up for lunch. Ew, they ordered wine at this VERY fancy place and then got blueberry pancakes. They catch up about the calendar. She invites him to her mom’s Christmas party. He asks her why her article hasn’t come out. And she’s like, yeah that was a big waste. He hands her a newspaper article. Is it a real newspaper? But oh no. He didn’t get the job he interviewed for. Katie is wearing a great scarf. Should we say some confusing things about our feelings before we walk away again? That’s great. AHH! They kiss!! But she can’t leave her mom at Christmas. But neither of them can leave their families for Christmas. BUT THEY KISS AGAIN. What is happening.

It’s Christmas Eve in Evergreen. Hannah gets to open a giant box. She starts to read but decides to let Ezra, the outgoing mayor read the rest. Whoa. The box is filled with savings bonds. Like a stack. How did the two oldies not know about this? At the festival that night, they are supposed to open the final green envelope.

At the library, Nan introduces her new employee, Nick. Who is NOT Santa Claus. Ben wonders about story hour. They have someone reading already…at the festival. Oh, it’s Katie. She’s back on Christmas Eve. What is she doing here? Oh, she came back for Ben. Oh she LOVES him now and they kiss AGAIN. She’s staying for Christmas….but the city will always be her home. He meets her mom. Oh, her mom really likes his article about the female run businesses in Evergreen. She might like him to interview with her business magazine.

Nick says she did a great job with the snowglobe and says some things just take a little nudge. But he’s NOT Santa Claus so stop asking. It’s time for the final gift. They toast Ezra for all his years of service…This guy is like, early thirties, tops. Little David gets to open the last gift. And then he and his Dad have a little thing organized to propose to Michelle. SHe says yes twice before he even asks.

The last envelope says the town should fill the boxes again and seal it up for 50 more years. But I think they should do it every year. That is a cute idea for this weird cult town. Then the entire town marches through town with candles. Ben and Katie head back to New York.

David makes Hannah a cute mini advent calendar. Ben moved to the city and she wrote all the stories of the town that we’ve watched the last three years. And they’re just kissing all over the place!! And that’s it. We did it. Let’s see how we stacked up.

  • Small town person
  • Is that guy secretly Santa Claus?
  • Clumsy Meet-Cute
  • Christmas Festival
  • Winter athletics
  • Christmas puns
  • Christmas montage

Total score: 7/20 Kind of light on tropes for the third installment in this series!!

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