A Homecoming for the Holidays

A Homecoming for the Holidays premiered on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries on Saturday

A family toasts their son who is about to be shipped out with hot chocolate. They are all crying. For some reason there is a cute hot chocoalte stand set up on the side of the road where the bus is waiting. They are all a little teary. They talk about the lead girl’s budding music career. She decides to start playing the guitar for everyone. She drops her guitar pick and a cute troop picks it up. The organizers apparently asked her to play. She and the cute troop chat. He likes the Montana town where they’re at. Then they bond over their love of Dolly Parton. They introduce themselves. Charlotte and Matt. He’s like, hey your guitar pick. And she says, keep it for good luck! And he’s like, well that is pretty brazen of you.

She sings and they all hug and the brother leaves. Then we get a montage of her recording music and getting bigger and bigger as a country music star. The montage stops with her performing her last concert in Nashville before Christmas. She introduces her opening act. Then they sing a song together. She’s handing out gifts at random. Then she gives her manager a fancy pen. She says she’s always losing her pens but not her jewelry. So if she gets her a pen that looks like jewelry maybe she won’t lose it. Oh boy. Charlotte, that is just a bad gift. Give her a gift card. Let her buy her own giant bag of pens for $2.

Charlotte encourages Taylor, her opener to go home and see his parents. They talk about why they broke up. Taylor is like no I just am focused on my career and I need to hitch my wagon to yours for that. She is heading home to Montana.

Looks like Matt is there. Charlotte sits in the back seat of her car and plays her guitar. I roll my eyes HARD. Her security seems to be done now because we NEVER see them again. She is wearing a fancy skirt. She does not change her clothes before she starts baking a bunch of stuff. Her parents walk in. But it’s morning so…where were they? her dad is like as soon as Eric starts running the business, I can relax.

They start walking downtown and a tree little shoot out right in front of them? What is happening. Matt is behind it. Oh! What a coinky dink. He is working at Operation Homefront there in town. It helps veterans and their families find housing. He is just here through the new year. An exasperated man comes out. He’s volunteering at Operation Home Front.

Eric arrives. Has he been deployed this whole time? They make it seem like several years has passed.

They go to the American Legion center. They run in to Dana who served with Eric and also has a teen daughter who just got into Juliard. Operation Home Front is giving her a new house. Charlotte asks if they would mind if she stepped outside to jot down a few lyrics. She sees Matt. She describes “Big Sky Christmas”. I like how everyone calls her writing random “lyrics” down as working through Christmas. Matt blows Eric’s cover about a job he applied for overseas. They also still have their tree with them. They’ve just been dragging it around all over town on foot?

Eric’s dad really drives the knife in by saying he’s so glad Eric is there to take over the business. They invite Matt over.

Eric and Charlotte talk about the new job. Oh they’re waiting for Matt. Eric shares that Matt is Charlotte’s number one fan. He shares that one song inspired him to turn down a job. Your lyrics can inspire people to make unwise financial decisions. One more stop. Jesse, the volunteer, is taking photos of A VERY GOOD AND HANDSOME BOY. This good boy was a rescue from a hurricane. The very good boy, Koa, seems to really like Jesse but Jesse is not sure he should take the dog. He’s the only dog they haven’t found a home for.

They FINALLY make it home to decorate the tree. Charlotte is wearing stiletto boots and a skirt. PERFECT outfit for decorating a tree in her childhood home. Then Matt shares that his parents died. Eric shows up. Where has he been? A card falls out of Charlotte’s coat. She says it’s an early Christmas present for her parents. She’s paid off their house! Eric and Matt feel SUUUUUUPER uncomfortable. She’s like, it’s cool. I’ll just take some of the proceeds when I sell this home soon and put you both in a retirement home. And then we have a Christmas tree decorating montage. A Santa hat comes out of nowhere. Matt is like I gotta GET OUT OF THERE. BYEEEE. Charlotte says she can help collect toys tomorrow. Her parents creep through the window.

The next morning Charlotte is in for a full day of errands with Matt. They stop at the Operation Home Front House. They are still building it but they’ve already put garland around the windows. Her dad and brother are already there. Her dad says AGAIN how glad he is that Eric is going to take the reins.

Charlotte’s manager calls. The label thinks they can get her a spot on the Country Christmas Special. And they want AN ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS SONG to sing with Taylor Robb. Wait, have I seen this movie already?

Matt and Charlotte head to the high school. He tells her he has two job opportunities but they’re both desk jobs. She is like, a special guest in her mom’s music class. She gives some tips to the students. Matt is there too for some reason. Then, while Matt and her mom are just standing there and Charlotte abruptly turns away from them and starts playing the piano. Matt says he doesn’t celebrate much when he’s deployed.

It’s 11 AM the next morning and Charlotte is finally awake. Matt is there for some reason. It’s baking time. They seem to be doing mixing, rolling and decorating all at the same time. But that’s not how it works. Matt an Eric have a quick heart to heart about the job Eric applied for. Then Matt mentions how he’s been hanging out with Charlotte. Eric is like, I couldn’t care less. Then Eric and his dad fight about who will shovel the snow. Charlotte and Matt anthropomorphize the reindeer cookies.

Outside, Eric is wondering why his dad is FINALLY asking if he actually wants to take over the business. So he’s mad at Charlotte for getting that idea in his dad’s head. That’s weird.

At the school, Charlotte and her mom watch Hadley, Dana’s daughter, practice for the tree lighting. After Hadley leaves, she and her mom have a nice moment.

It’s tree lighting time and Hadley is playing the guitar up on stage. She gives a little speech. By the way, this is Dana’s THIRD Hallmark movie of the year. Hadley lights the tree. Then Hadley invites Charlotte up on stage to sing. She feels guilty and doesn’t want to steal the spotlight. Charlotte decides to sing “Oh Christmas Tree” which I think is a weird choice. I mean, I guess it’s a tree lighting but still. Then Taylor Robb comes out of the nowhere and finishes the song with her. Matt sees thi and is like, oh dang. Charlotte is not pleased.

Charlotte and Taylor head to a coffee shop so he can explain what he’s doing there. He’s like, girl let me ride your coattails! Do that country show so I CAN MAKE SOME MONEY. It is so much better for my career if people think we’re connected or if you do something on my album. Then Matt shows up and she’s like, oh this is Taylor. We’re not dating. Matt is like cool hat earlier, Taylor. Was he just there to creep up on them? Taylor is like, oh you like him.

Back at home, Eric finally tells his parents about the job. He has a final interview scheduled. They’ve got nice parents though.

The next day, the house they’re building looks really great! Charlotte wants to talk about their relationship and Matt is like, you should just chill. We’ve been hanging out for two days. Eric tells Matt he has to go to Missoula tomorrow for the interview. They see Jesse and Koa. Jesse shares what a GOOD BOY Koa has been for him. Jesse is a veteran too and Koa seems to know when Jesse needs him. Because he is a GOOD BOY. Charlotte’s manager shows up. They’ve agreed to live stream her portion of the concert from her hometown!

Her manager and her go to a coffee shop to talk about the details. She also says that she wants to donate a portion of her album to something. Maybe a scholarship fund. She agrees to do the concert. She likes money too after all. Her manager and Taylor agree to wrap presents at the American Legion. Taylor is like GOOD PRESS!

At the Christmas present wrapping event, they share about their present opening styles. Oh, she defines their conversation from yesterday as “rough”. Oh, BLESS HER HEART. Later, Taylor is like, Matt how often do you call YOUR parents to deflect the attention away from everyone pressuring him to call his. Matt is a total bummer and is like, I’d give anything to talk to my parents again. Groan. Eric is like, boy this party really DIED.

Then the press shows up and wants to interview just Charlotte. Not Taylor. Charlotte’s mom and Taylor have a heart to heart about him talking to his family. It’s lovely but I’m not going to summarize their conversation.

Eric heads to Missoula for his big interview. Then Charlotte passes out identical thermoses to everyone. For what purpose? I don’t know. They don’t use them again in the next scene.

That night, Charlotte and Matt walk in the middle of a street instead of on the sidewalk. A paparazzi pops out of nowhere and asks some questions. Matt starts to shut it down but Charlotte says it’s okay.

Back at her house, Matt apologizes for overstepping. She’s fine. Then they have a conversation about exchanging phone numbers. And then they DON’T EXCHANGE PHONE NUMBERS. He leaves instead.

The next day, Charlotte goes to the high school and jams out with Hadley. She was supposed to meet Taylor but he bailed. Hadley can play almost all the instruments. Why do they only jam on Christmas songs though?

They head back to the lodge for “Reindeer Games.” Eric made it back from Missoula. I truly thought a car accident where he is hurt or killed would be part of this movie but I guess not. Jesse is there with his GOOD BOY Koa. Jesse has a nice chat with fellow vet, Charlotte’s dad. He says he’s talking to a therapist. He starts to get a little worked up and then Koa jumps up and licks him in the face. Jesse says Koa knows when he needs him. Yes of course he does. Because he is a GOOD BOY. The dad is like, you two pups need each other. And I agree.

Outside, Eric tells Charlotte he got the job. He thinks he’s going to accept. Then they start the Reindeer games. Are Eric and Dana a thing? How old is she? How old is Eric? How old is Hadley? WHAT IS HAPPENING. Also, Eric and Charlotte are way too nice to each other to be siblings. The games thing looks fun. I like the reindeer costumes. Everyone wins because they have a great time. It ends with a BIG hug between Charlotte and Matt. They start to talk about maybe seeing if they can make thing “thing” work in this crazy world.

Later, she meets up with Taylor to see where he’s been. Taylor is like, well I’m bailing on this concert that I forced you to be in so I can go to Paris to celebrate Christmas with my family. Is this Home Alone? Hope his power doesn’t go out tonight. They face each other and hold each other’s hands as he lives and that same sneaky paparazzi gal sees it and snaps some pics. Uh Oh. And after Charlotte was so nice to her?

The next morning Charlotte’s mom is like, boy I heard you playing the guitar all night. That was kind of rude. Charlotte was like, oh yeah sorry. I’m an artistic musician so I just can’t help it. She is stressed about having to write a BRAND NEW Christmas song for TOMORROW. She and her mom have a nice mom chat.

She runs into her manager in town. What is the manager’s Christmas plans?They walk in to the Operation Homefront HQ. She wants to do the concert in front of their new house. EVERYONE WOULD KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE DANA! Wouldn’t that be SO GREAT? She invites Hadley to play with her onstage tomorrow. Hadley is like, cool yeah. I definitely practiced enough for that. Then Charlotte walks up to Matt and just KISSES HIM. Dang girl. Get it. But then Matt tells her he made a decision about a job. Her manager interrupts their conversation.

Outside, her manager chatters away. Then Charlotte asks for another favor.

Oh great, another Hallmark original Christmas song. I SO HOPE we get to hear the whole thing. Then Gretchen calls letting her know about a tabloid article about her and Taylor. Instead of being like, cool who cares, she panics. IT’S ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

At her house, she tries to explain to Matt. He actually doesn’t care but he still breaks up with her. One tabloid article and he is DUNZO. He can’t keep up with that life.

Back at home, Eric gives his parents a puppy. Cool! People love being surprised by being asked to care for live animals! And then Eric tells them he’s taking the job. He has nice supportive parents. They all tear up. Her manager creeps through the window.

At the concert, Charlotte lets on that she and Matt broke up. She runs through the order of the show with her manager.

Matt practices his speech. Eric, Jesse and Matt bro out for a minute. Jesse makes it weird. Eric is like why aren’t you going to date my sister? Eric is like, stop being such a baby.

Inside the new house, Charlotte practices on the steps. Matt comes in and gives her a the guitar pick she gave him years ago. They stand awkwardly on the steps together. Then he kisses her. Gretchen interrupts them.

Matt comes out and introduces the show. Dana and Hadley walkup blindfolded to see their new house. It’s pretty big for two people. Especially since Hadley is just about to go to college. Now Charlotte comes out to play. Oh good. Her magical new Christmas song. It’s fine.

Charlotte says she’s going to put that song on her album so Hadley will get a songwriting credit. Then she tells her that Hadley is the recipient of her first scholarship. She hands Hadley a check for Juliard. Hadley’s response is underwhelming. Then Charlotte says she needs someone to run the scholarship fund. And then she says a bunch of gross things to Matt about who she is looking for to run it. Okay, what? I was SO sure that he was going to take over the construction business for her dad! It was lining up perfectly. He didn’t want a desk job. He wanted to stay in that town. And is running her scholarship fund really a full time job? How is she going to pay his salary? Ugh. This is ridiculous. Oh and then they KISS. That is not going to cause any conflicts at work.Oh boy. Let’s see how we did.

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