A Christmas Love Story

A Christmas Love Story premiered on Saturday, December 7 on the Hallmark Channel. This is the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie so you know its a BFD. You also know there’s going to be a BUNCH of touching Hallmark commercials. I wouldn’t know. I fast forwarded through ALL OF THEM. And there were ALOT of commercial breaks. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The movie begins with our lead, Katharine, directing a teen choir for presumably, a forthcoming Christmas concert. A teen boy coughs ominously. She sprays the rest of the choir in Lysol. They take a quick break and we learn that Katharine is very organized and punctual. She and her piano playing co teacher swap some sass back and forth. She does need to hustle out of there though because she has a fundraiser to attend. She heads to the party.

She is wearing a very lovely and very fancy dress to this school fundraiser. I guess school fundraisers in NYC are different than here. My kid did a jog a thon and I forgot to send his completed form back to the school. I think they also had a taco bar once. So anyway, here she is at this black tie fundraising Gala for the high school where she teaches. They talk about how there is a big wig music person writing the big finale number for their Christmas concert. He went to that high school and loves to give back. Apparently, each year, they write an original Christmas song, perform it on Christmas Eve live, release it on Christmas Day and earn enough money from individual song purchases to perform the next year’s concert. So, does the concert cost like, $100 to put on? You’re really making enough money from 99 cent song purchases each year? If so, get it girl. So anyway, it’s always a duet with her and a teen. We also learn that she is a former Broadway star. They ask if any of HER kids perform in the concert and she gives a great response-she says, yes; all 33 of them.

Scott Wolfe is a busy business person. He is too busy to go to Pete’s Tavern tonight with the boyz. He is focused on doing Christmas exactly how it’s always been done for his child at home. His assistant is decorating his office, sort of against his will. I am glad we get some explanation about how offices get decorated. Scott has a full on Christmas tree in his office. He’s like, okay chill out on the decor and go home. I’m not paying you for this. She’s like, I’m a salaried employee so I don’t get overtime anyway.

Back at Katharine’s gorgeous apartment, she calls Gavin, the big time music person. No answer.

The next day, Katharine is wearing a great emerald shirt. We learn that the teen boy that was coughing up a storm is out sick. She sprays the entire building with Lysol and douses each child in it. And then, we learn that Gavin is totally out for writing the song because his kids are taking him to Switzerland and he can’t do more than one thing at once. Brian, the co teacher, sends the kids all into a panic with this news. But wait. Why can’t Katharine do it? She only wrote and starred in a BROADWAY MUSICAL. But that was all in the past. She doesn’t do that anymore. Then, a tall little mouse boy shows up to volunteer. He says he can help with whatever. After rehearsal, she hears Danny singing and playing the piano. I think he is singing “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” or some other traditional Christmas carol. Katharine is like, had you ever heard that song before today? And he’s like no. I’m like, wait, what? How is that possible? Or maybe it is that particular arrangement because he is maybe playing the piano from memory or from just hearing that music that day? I hope it’s that. She gives him some music to practice at home.

Later, she goes to the toy store with her cousin and her “niece”. Honestly, it is too confusing to figure out what her actual relationship would be. Second cousin once removed? Not in this day and age! Niece is just fine. Anyway, Katharine is like, pick out ANYTHING you want in the store. A helpful elf approaches to assist in this endeavor. The two cousins talk about how they will be spending Christmas apart this year. The cousin is headed to Minnesota to be with her in laws. She is so bummed to miss the big Christmas concert. The niece returns with a GIANT reindeer unicorn. Good choice!

Back at home, Katharine tries to start work on the finale song. She sends a text. Then tries to play one note and then gives up.

Then, she goes to the costume store to pick up wings for the Christmas concert. She is about to be running late and she can’t get a cab. She’s on the phone with Brian telling him her dilemma. Why doesn’t she use that ride share app he installed on her phone? She agrees and a car with reindeer antlers shows up immediately. She accidentally picked the car pool option though so when she shoves her bags filled with angel wings into the back seat, she realizes she is in the car with someone else. The one and only Scott Wolfe. Oh, Greg. She’s in a hurry and he’s got some time. Katharine directs the driver on the best route. Doesn’t she trust Waze? Apparently not. They pull up and Greg is like, yeah this stop works for me. He says his kid has an internship at a tech start up or something around here. Shouldn’t he realize they are actually going to the same place? Maybe not. Anyway, she bustles in with the angel wings and makes it in time for warm ups. Danny is there in the mix. It sounds like Levi, the sick kid, is going to be totally out for the concert so there is room for him to stay! She talks to Danny about this during the break. Then, Greg shows up! Danny is his kid! He’s like, what? I thought you were getting internship hours at a place of business? He’s not really mad…just like, surprised? Anyway, he’s like we have to go now. Danny can’t participate because we have this other plan that involves doing business things. Katharine’s like, just keep singing Danny!

Back at her house, Katharine keeps at the Christmas song. She just wanders around her apartment for a long time. She is wearing great red pants. She stands on her piano bench and sings so high that all the glass in her apartment breaks.

Back at school, they seemingly have a little Christmas choir social. She is wearing ANOTHER fantastic sweater. There should be a little link at the end of each ep that says where all the sweaters are from. I’ll pay ANY PRICE. She stresses over Danny and writing the song.

At Greg’s house, he passes on all the work adjacent Christmas parties. Why is he at home and everyone else is at work? His son brings down some boxes of Christmas decorations. They talk more about the choir and the finance start up deception. He’s like, dude you should just talk to me. I thought you wanted to do things the way we’ve talked about.

Katharine is still working on the song. In the framed playbill on her wall from her Broadway musical, she looks like she’s been airbrushed into oblivion. She pulls out the sheet music from that show. Then she gets a text from Danny. He seems like he has something to tell her but he changes his mind. Why are there so many Christmas lights in his bedroom? He looks at a music school on his computer.

Back at work, Greg talks to his coworker about the choir. His coworker is like you guys need to have some bro time.

Katharine and Brian check out the auditorium for the CHristmas concert. I am really digging the short sleeve sweaters this year. I don’t think they are for me though. They talk about Danny. Brian is like, it’s not like you can just call up his dad and talk to him. And she’s like, well actually that’s what I should do.

At home, she pulls her phone out, which is not in a case and calls Greg. He is making some amazing hot chocolate with cookies crumbled IN IT and then there is a full plate of cookies to dip into the hot chocolate. WHERE has this idea been all my life. It is EXACTLY what I need. He declines the call from Katharine because he thinks its a telemarketer. Same, girl.

Katharine practices more with the choir with another GREAT sweater. She is just killing it. She hasn’t heard from Greg but she’s like, I’ll just drive there. It’s the weekend. She decides to full on RENT a car for this expedition.

Greg and Danny are getting ready to go get a Christmas tree. Greg is like, Danny, where is your “Finding a Christmas tree” sweater? Danny is like, no I’m all set. Greg is like, no go get it. Then, Greg finally listens to the voicemails from Katharine. Right as she is knocking on his door, he is calling her back. Convenient. He invites her in and they talk about the concert and the choir. She’s like, dude it’s just one week of his life. You can chill about this. He’s like, okay I’ll think about it. Danny eavesdrops in the hall wearing his truly ugly sweater. Greg is like, okay I’ll think about it. Then Danny invites her to go get a tree with them. That way, she’ll have more time to convince Greg to allow Danny to be in the choir. She agrees. Greg asks to think about it over the weekend.

At the tree lot, Danny uses the power of his Christmas sweater to find the right tree. They all take the time to get to know each other better. Back at the Stanton’s, she gets ready to head out. Oh no! A winter storm advisory cautions everyone to stay inside. They encourage her to just spend the night. I think if I were Katharine, I would feel so insanely uncomfortable in this situation. I barely know these people. I have no change of clothes. No toothbrush. I might have risked death instead of staying over. But she agrees to stay. They make Christmas cookies. Katharine doesnt really do much baking. She hands Danny a spatula so they can sing. She sings in her Broadway voice and he sings in his normal nice teen voice. It’s weird. I feel awkward for them. After dinner, Danny heads out to make some money shoveling snow. Greg and Katharine start decorating the tree. She talks about her life on broadway. And then she looks at the tree and says it’s beautiful but Greg is looking at her and says, yeah it is. Oh, that is quick. She says Danny is a good kid and Greg says he was their “Gift”. Danny returns in time to help them finish decorating.

The next morning, we don’t see any of the awkwardness of Katharine wearing her same clothes. She sneaks out before they even realize. Greg digs out the record player and Nat King Cole. Katharine is back at her apartment and her cousin calls and says they have tickets to something tomorrow but her daughter has a sleepover and her husband is working so they’ll have to sell their tickets.

At Greg’s work, his coworker shows up in a very festive tie and a vest under his jacket. I love the whole lewk. Good news, the coworker has purchased a similarly festive tie for Greg to wear at the Christmas party. Great work, you guys.

Katharine shows Brian what she’s got so far on the big finale song. Brian sings a little of it. Hey! I need more of that guy singing in this movie. Sadly, we won’t get it. She has worked out about two lines of the song. I just LOVE her outfit. Then, Danny shows up to sing in the choir! Yay! They do some practice and Greg watches.

After practice, Greg invites her to go get something to eat. She’s like, oh shoot I have plans. Wait, you guys should come with me. They agree but guess what, it’s not eating. It’s going to see that show with Katharine’s cousin. Did they eat on the way? I hope so. The cousin is ecstatic to see them. After the show, Greg is like, can we please eat dinner now? I am close to death. But the cousin is like, no I have to go home. And Danny is like, can I go get hot chocolate with the choir kids? And Greg acts like a peak dad and Danny panics. It is a truly great moment. WHAT ABOUT DINNER YOU GUYS. Doesn’t anyone care? I am starving on their behalf. Greg and Katharine agree to go out to eat and Katharine is like, I know a great place. She takes them to get some kind of Christmas dessert and I collapse in despair. I know Kristin Chenoweth is like a tiny little bird woman who probably weighs less than a hundred pounds but we can’t just skip dinner. And we can’t say that this tiny little desser is going to be enough! Look, I LOVE treats. I can eat my weight in almost any kind of Christmas dessert. But I cannot just SKIP dinner. And a Christmas dessert from a stand in the park is not any kind of replacement. Greg is probably dying at this point. What kind of life can he have with this little bird woman who thus far, we’ve only seen eat Christmas desserts?

They sit on a bench and learn more about each other. She panics to him about the song and he gives her some encouragement. Back at home, it all finally comes to her.

Greg stops by to check on Danny. Danny seems like he wants to tell Greg something but chickens out. Then Greg suggests they stay up all night watching Christmas movies. He suggests kettle corn which isn’t my first choice but I won’t complain.

Katharine works on the song and Brian comes in. He loves it. And I love BOTH their sweaters. Danny and Nora chat after practice and she asks if he’s coming over later to rehearse. Danny asks his dad if he really needs a wingman for his Christmas party. Danny suggests that Katharine attend in his place. Katharine is like, I’d love to go! Nice work Danny. Brian gives her a LOOK. Katharine’s cousin just FREAKS out in the best way about this Christmas party. I love her.

Greg waits outside for Katharine. She looks GREAT. I am dead over her dress. They have a great time at the party. Everyone loves her. Then he has to be Santa Claus and she dresses up as Mrs. Claus and they throw kitschy gifts to people at random. We are ALL having a great time.

They decide to walk a little bit before getting a cab. He gives her a snowglobe. She tells him that she once had a child and that she placed the baby for adoption. Then, THEY KISS. She hops in a cab and heads home. That’s good because I need to recover.

The next morning, Katharine is working on the song again. Then, she looks out the window and sees a family swinging a little girl as they cross the street and seems a little sad. She is crushing it with a burgundy sweater dress. She gets out a folder with her adoption paperwork. Then she calls her cousin. She tells her about the date. She decides she wants to find out about the baby she had adopted. The cousin yells a great line to the kids she’s sitting with-no snowballs at people over 30 and well, that is a great rule.

She calls Danny and Greg over to see the finished finale song. And Danny is going to sing it! Don’t they have like 2 days to practice. Whew that is stressing me out. Song practice montage! Are we supposed to not hear it until the end?

Katharine walks back to her house and gets a call from the adoption agency.

Greg walks in to Danny’s room where he is asleep, and turns out his light. Danny’s room is EMACULATE. He sees his computer screen open too….Berklee Music school. Look, I would be devastated too. If I am going to schill out 40k/year for my kid, they are going to earn a marketable degree.

At the auditorium, Katharine is there with Danny. And guess what, SHE IS HIS MOM. I knew it as soon as she mentioned that she had a child that was adopted. So apparently, Danny knew and part of doing the choir stuff was that he had sought her out. You guys, he is like over six feet tall. Tiny little Kristin couldn’t be his mom. They have a nice moment. She says she’s so glad Megan was his mom. And she says she’d like to be friends. I think that is really nice. But also, I do think Greg should be involved in all of this. He hasn’t told his dad. She says tell him when he’s ready but I feel like she as the adult should be encouraging him to be forthright with his dad.

Choir practice in the big auditorium. Greg stops by after and wants to take her to dinner. So now she feels weird about Danny and stuff so she’s trying to push Greg away. Danny looks over and sees her shutting him down.

That night, Danny approaches Greg at their house. He tells Greg why he went to the choir practice in the first place. He tells her that Katharine is his birth mom. Greg is stunned. Danny tells her that he told Katharine today. He says it doesn’t have to change anything for Greg and Katharine. What a nice kid.

Greg gets out his old record player and listens to Nat King Cole.

The next day, Katharine is bustling about in her apartment. She continues to use her phone without a case. It’s a rose gold iPhone so I can kind of understand but still, get a clear case girl!

Greg gives Danny a nice pep talk about college right before he goes on stage. Her co teacher gives her a good pep talk about Greg and love or whatever.

Greg’s coworker is in attendance. Does anyone else find a concert scheduled on Christmas Eve to be incredibly inconvenient? Katharine walks out in a totally GORGEOUS gold dress to conduct the choir. But, um… none of the kids are wearing the angel wings. I don’t see them ANYWHERE. Also, she was only carrying those two bags earlier which was NOT enough for all 33 kids. But still, not a single child is wearing a set. What happened to those wings!!?? Danny looks over at Nora while he sings. FOCUS GIRL. This concert lasts days. And now it is time for the big fancy money making number with Danny. He gets to sing it with Kristin. I know we’ve got to give Kristin a solo in this movie but I think if this were real life, they should have had two kids sing it. Greg is moved to tears. Danny is great. I do like this song. They get a standing ovation.

After the concert, Katharine walks over to Greg and Danny. Why didn’t Danny text Katharine already? He just tells her that he told his dad. She says thank you to him for raising him and giving him a great life. She says meeting them has been a huge blessing. She tries to be formal with him. And he’s like no. Maybe this is all kind of, like meant to be. He tries to make a joke and poor Katharine doesn’t get it again. Oh he invites her to spend Christmas in Connecticut. Isn’t that a movie too? Danny looks on.

The next morning, Katharine is over at the Stantons for Christmas. She bought pie. She loves to buy pies and she loves to buy “things.” Truer words. She buys him a Santa spatula so he can sing along with them. She is wearing a great red dress. He tries to sing and she stops him. OH they are standing under mistletoe in the middle of their living room. That is a weird place for it. Danny comes in singing with his spatula. Oh they all three have spatulas and Katharine takes the HIGH HIGH operatic harmony but it works. Well that ended up being super cute. Let’s see how we did.

  • Single parent
  • Clumsy meet cute
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Christmas baking
  • Snowball fight
  • Christmas puns
  • A sassy and wise best friend ( I think they’ve each got a couple)
  • Christmas montage

Total score: 8/20

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